Letter from May 12

Hola Hola Hola Familia y Amigos!
Como estan todos? Espero que todo esta bien!
Primero, gracias to Brittany for the letter, Brooke for the package and all the mother’s day notes (she is a gem!) and also to Shan and Deeds for sending me the biggest bag of peanut M&Ms that I have ever seen in my life. It was glorious!
Segunda, this week was loco! It was also Fabuloso! I am so grateful for the gospel and the chance to be a missionary. It is truly something very hermosa! I love love love love love it!
There were 2 big miracles this week and a bunch of little ones. On Wednesday, we went to teach Melvin. We planned to reteach him the restoration to make sure he understands everything before his baptism this weekend. We walk into the door and there is Melvin’s cousin, Robin, who has been in the USA for 3 days. As soon as we sit down, he starts talking to us and jumps right in during the lesson. We shared a couple scriptures in the bible during the lesson that he repeated back to me as I read them. He had them memorized. He loves the bible. He is awesome! We had a great lesson with all of them and I felt that the spirit was there. Again, I felt so grateful for the gift of tongues and the ability to be able to speak and understand Spanish. I get so nervous when we go to teach them because I know I will be the only teacher but then Heavenly Father blesses me with the ability to be able to say what He needs said. During the lesson, we gave Robin a Book of Mormon. He excitedly accepted it and started to read in it. We went back a few days later and both Melvin and Robin had read their assignments. Robin also came to church on Sunday. It was so awesome!
The second big miracle was at Troy and Kylie’s house. We went with Brother Boyer and only Troy was home. We were pretty frustrated but we went inside and were going to start the lesson. Skyler (Troy and Kylie’s son) kept interrupting, insisting that we wait until his mom got home to start. He is only 4 but I realized that this kid was divinely inspired in that moment. Kylie comes home and in walks another couple with her. We teach a lesson about the importance of family and focusing on strengthening our children spiritually. The husband in this couple then asks us what church we are from. We told him and start sharing some basic principles. He tells us that they just left another church because he got into a disagreement with the preacher and they were looking for another church. They asked more and we gave them our information. We are hoping to visit them this week.
On Wednesday, we had a zone meeting. It was great! We had a surprise visit from Pres and Sister Brown. That was exciting. The mission just always keeps us on our toes.
On Friday, we went to a training meeting in Fort Collins. It was great. I loved it! The best part was that we got to go to Café Rio for lunch and also I got to see… HERMANA MANGUM AND HERMANA SMITH!!!!! They came to visit and chat with us a bit! It was AWESOME! It made me so happy! I love them so much! That day was pretty crazy as we ran from appointment to appointment. We were also both very full from Café Rio and then we had a really weird dinner that evening. Sister Miner was a champ and kept going throughout the night even though she felt miserable. Fortunately, she made it until we were almost home before she got sick. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it out of the car before she threw up. However, Heavenly Father blessed me with the ability to not vomit myself as we finished the drive home and I cleaned out the car. Never underestimate the power of a hose and febreze my friends. Thankfully, the weather was also nice enough that we could leave the windows open all night and by Saturday morning, we were pretty much good to go. The things you do on a mission. I just laughed about it with Sister Penn as she tried to help me out. The tender mercy of that evening was walking in the door, covered in water, dirt and vomit, and receiving a package from Shan and Deeds. A massive bag of peanut M&Ms. It was definitely a reward after that day. Thanks for the kindness sisters. Love you!
On Saturday, we visited the Millers. They are an awesome less-active family. They read their scriptures and study general conference talks but they just don’t come to church. We talked to them and shared part of “4 Minutes” from general conference and talked about what they want to do to improve their relationship with Christ. Sister Miller instantly said, “We need to start coming to church!” It was awesome! They said that in the next week or 2, they want to start coming and our job was to find a chair that Brother Miller could use during church because he just had back surgery so he can’t sit very well in the hard seats. We came up with the idea of taking the comfy chairs from the foyer and putting them in the back of the gym. We think it will work flawlessly. We are so excited for them.
On Sunday, Grandma Nichols came to ALL 3 HOURS OF CHURCH!!!! That is especially impressive because she hasn’t done that is years. Sister Penn (her daughter) and all her kids were shocked that she did so. We just told her that we were teaching a lesson 2nd hour and a lesson 3rd hour and we really wanted her to come. She said she would because we were teaching. We visited her after church for a bit and it sounded like she might come to church again. It was awesome! I love this sweet 93 year old German Woman. She is wonderful and I hope we can get her in the habit of coming a bit more often.
We also met Liz on Sunday. She is a less-active member of the church who hasn’t stepped foot into a church in 5 years but decided to come on Sunday. We introduced ourselves to her and got talking. She has a nonmember husband and agreed to allow us to come teach her this week. We are so excited! We hope we can strengthen and support her as she tries to come back to church.
After church, we set up a scavenger hunt for Sister Penn of 29 things we love about her. We put them on sticky notes and hid them all around her house. She loved it. We loved being able to do something to celebrate our mission mom here in Fort Morgan. It was wonderful!
We taught Relief Society on Sunday. It went really well I think. We talked about the influence that one righteous woman can have. I got very emotional in the lesson as I realized how much of an influence the women in this ward here have had on me. I feel like I have learned so much from them and I truly felt so grateful to know them at that moment. I love that my mission has given me the experience to serve here in this little old town and get to know people and learn from them.
We also got to Skype with our families yesterday. It was wonderful! I am so grateful for them. We didn’t have a lot of time but it was enough until I come home in December. I love my family so much and I feel so blessed to be able to have their examples and support in my life. Special shout out to my grandparents for being there. They are such champions! I am so so so grateful to be their granddaughter and get to learn from their wisdom. Thanks you two! Cant wait to see you in December!
Alright, love you all. I invite you all to study the women in the scriptures. Maybe start with Eve, Sarah, Ruth, Esther, Mary the Mother of Christ, Mary and Martha, The 2000 stripling warriors’ mothers, Abish and Emma Smith. They are some pretty amazing women and I am glad that I had the chance for the last week or 2 to study some of their divine attributes. If you need references, let me know. 🙂
Estoy tan agradecida por el evangelio y tambien por la oportunidad para ser una misionera! Gracias por todo!
Con amor,
La Hermana Mehner
Ps. Sorry, no pictures this week but just mentally picture me studying the scriptures and eating M&Ms with a diet coke next to me. That was basically this week in a nut shell. 🙂

Letter from May 5

Hola hola hola!!!!
Como estan todos? Espero que todo esta bien en sus vidas!
First, Thanks to my Hermana Vargha for the letter. It was awesome. Segunda, yall are slackers on the mother’s day thing but it is okay because I am a resourceful missionary and Sister Penn collects ensigns so I am studying the heck out of mothers and women and their influence in the world. I really love it.
Okay, So yes, I have a daughter. Her name is Abigail Miner. I don’t think our names could be more similar if we tried. She is from Missouri. She just turned 20, our 3rd day together. She is waiting for a vise to the Rio Mission in Brazil. She is so sweet. My only complaint is that introducing ourselves to people lately has been quite a challenge. hahah. In fact, one of the teachers in the ESL program where we volunteer, has now decided that I am sister Major and she is sister Miner because that is less confusing. 🙂
So, this week was pretty low key. Still busy but just not too much newsworthy stuff. On Monday, Sister Mangum said her goodbyes and then Tuesday morning we drove to Loveland. We didn’t get home until later that evening. At transfers, I also lost my truck. It was a lot of change in a short amount of time. We now have a Subaru legacy. It is great but honestly, I miss the truck.
We did see some miracles with Jo this week. We taught her last week and she said she wasn’t ready to quit smoking and she didn’t know if she would ever be ready. Then, this week, she told us she wanted to quit and she wanted to do it now. It was AWESOME! 2 days later we taught her the stop smoking program and she is doing really well. She really seems to have quit cold turkey. It is so cool. She also came to church this week and seems to be doing pretty well. I love her so much and it is so amazing to see how the gospel helps us to make big changes in our lives.
We also finally got to teach Mohamed. He is from the Sudan. (I can’t remember North or South) and He is doing wonderfully. We gave him a Book of Mormon in Arabic and he is reading in it. It is awesome. We met with him on Sunday. He seems really open and curious. We hope to be able to see miracles with him.
We talked Melvin twice this week. Let me just testify that the gift of tongues is REAL!!!! Sister Miner is learning Portuguese, not Spanish so it has been very interesting to be teaching. She can understand a lot of what is going on in our Spanish lessons but the people don’t understand her too well when she speaks because it is pretty different. On Wednesday, we taught Melvin and it was me, Sister Miner and Bro Boyer, who can understand a lot of Spanish but cannot speak it. So, I was the mouthpiece for the lesson. I taught everything. I don’t mean to say this to boast but I think the lesson went pretty well and I know it is because the Lord was helping me. I know that He has blessed me so much with the ability to speak and understand Spanish because I NEED to right now. I cant rely on a companion or a member or anyone else. I am so grateful for a loving God who is helping me along the way. We have decided to wait and have his baptism on May 18. At first, I was pretty bummed but after our most recent lesson, I realized that this was a good thing. He still has a lot to learn and this way, it wont be so rushed and we can make sure he is ready.
We also visited Hilda this week. She is doing wonderfully. We have talked for months about her being involved in Relay for Life. She is a cancer survivor and is pretty involved in Relay. I told her months ago that I would love to be here for the relay but that was back in January, when I definitely thought I wouldn’t still be here. She told me this week that she is signed up for the Survivor’s dinner and told them that she will have 2 guests with her. It was so sweet! She wants us to accompany her to the dinner. I was almost moved to tears. I feel like the Lord is so kind. He knows how important Relay for Life has been in my life and I loved that He has given me an opportunity to be involved in a bit as a missionary. It just makes me so happy.
Roxie is doing well. She is still working on quitting but she seems more and more comfortable at church. Yesterday, she stayed for relief society, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I am really hoping that we can help her prepare to be rebaptized pretty soon.
The pictures included are of some of the ESL students. I love them so much! It is so awesome! It is one of my very favorite service projects that we do. It is the best thing ever! Also, pictures of Sister Miner and Sister Penn, Grandma Nichols and Sister Thornton. We had a bit of a birthday party for Sister Miner. It was great!
P1010812 P1010810 P1010804

Letter from April 28

Hola Hola Hola!
Okay so this week has been pretty crazy and I wrote down everything that happened and then I forgot that sticky note in the car so that is a bummer. No letters this week but everyone, I could really use your help. We are teaching Relief Society on Mother’s day and I don’t have very much time to do my research and the subject is totally open ended so if you could all print off and send me your favorite quote or story or talk about mothers or motherhood or anything related, that would be AMAZING!!! Please please please send it as soon as you can so I have lots of time to study it all up and learn everything I can so we can teach a great Mother’s day lesson. If you want to slip in a note too, I wouldn’t be upset. 🙂 My address is:      
Hermana Allyson Mehner
413 Harvard St
Brush, CO 80723
That would be awesome! Thanks in advance for the help!
So some really sad news, Sister Mangum is leaving me for Fort Collins. She will be companions with Hermana Smith. I am very very very sad. I feel like my heart is a little bit broken but I am trying to have confidence and trust in the Lord’s plan. I know that He knows better than we do what we need. Also, I will be training a new sister missionary. I am terrified and excited and nervous but I know that Heavenly Father will help me. Yep, I am going to be a teen mom here in Fort Morgan. (Sadly, there are a lot of actual teen moms so I am glad that I am just a missionary mom and not a real teen mom. Yay for the law of Chastity!) I know nothing about my new companion. I don’t know her name or anything so I hope that everything works out well. I will be training her here in Fort Morgan. So by the end of next transfer, I will have been here 6 months. It feels like home here now. I am still not quite used to the dead cow smell though.
  • Last Monday, we went to dinner and Gracee, the little 8 year old girl had made us easter baskets. They were FULL of candy and treats. It was so cute. Her mom told us it was all on her own. I thought it was so sweet.
  • Later that evening, we taught Jennifer and Cruz. They were doing well! We talked a lot about faith and how we can strengthen our faith. It was really fun. They have 4 daughters and I love visiting their family. the little girls are just so cute!
  • On Tuesday, we volunteered at Caring Ministries and visited with Melvin. He is doing really well. He is excited for his baptism on May 10 and we are working hard to prepare him for it. I hope the baptism will really motivate and excite my new companion. I really think he will be ready for that date and I couldn’t be happier!
  • On Wednesday, we headed to Greeley and I taught a training on enduring to the end. I think it went well. I think it was something I needed. Not something that other missionaries really needed. It was great though! I am glad I got to teach
  • On Thursday, we had another great visit with Bobby. His biggest challenge right now is finding the time to read the Book of Mormon. We explained that “there is an app for that!” and he downloaded the LDS Gospel app so he can listen to it while he is doing other things. We are so excited for him!
  • We visited Jo a lot this week too. She is doing well. She is really having a hard time having the desire to quit smoking but she said she is going to cut out the coffee first and then she will work on the cigarettes. We made a goal with her and she seems to be working toward it.
  • We also visited with Roxie this week. She told us that she is looking forward to our visits more and more. She talked about how it used to feel like something she should do and now it feels like something she wants to do so I liked that. We told her that we are her cheerleaders. We aren’t here to judge or condemn. We are here to love and support and cheer her on. She is doing awesome and we are hoping that she will be clean within the next week or two.
  • On Friday, we were doing weekly planning and we got a called from the senior assistant to the president. He called and asked me to train. I said yes and then promptly hung up and started crying. I am glad that Sister Mangum was there. She talked me through it and we started to understand that we wouldn’t be companions. It was a bummer but we tried to focus on all the fun times that we have had and remember that God has a plan for us.
  • That evening, we taught Dane, a member’s son, the stop smoking program. He is 18 years old and has expressed interest in serving a mission. We are helping him to quite smoking so he can start coming back and preparing to do so. He seems like a really cool kid so I really hope it all works out. He seems pretty determined and I know the Lord will help him.
  • On Saturday, we tried to help at a music festival here in town but they didn’t need much help so we headed down to Greeley. One of Sister Mangum’s former investigators was getting baptized. It was awesome! I was so glad that we could attend that together. It helped me to be excited and remain motivated to work hard and keep seeing miracles.
  • Saturday evening, we got the phone call that explained that Sister Mangum would be leaving to Fort Collins. I wish we would have videotaped it. The scene was downright comical. We started the voicemail, sitting at the kitchen table with Sister Penn, then Sister Mangum accidently dropped the phone and the battery and the back case fell off then the battery7 was underneath the fridge. Sister Mangum and I both scream and try to grab at it. She are both on the floor, in our skirts reaching for it. Then we both just start laughing uncontrollably. (we have done that A LOT the last 3 months) and then Sister Mangum started crying because she is laughing so hard. This leads her to try and wipe the tears from her eyes but then she starts screaming because she has IcyHot on her handsand it got in her eyes. (A few minutes earlier, she put it on her neck). I proceed to laugh even harder and Sister Penn springs into action, running to get eye drops. Sister Mangum is now halfway in the splits, screaming with her eyes closed and her arms reaching towards me. She needed a towel to wipe her hands. After about 3 more minutes, and with the help of some eye drops, we all calm down a bit to actually listen to the voicemail. I hope I am able to convey how funny this really is. We were all laughing a crying and It was just downright ridiculous. I am glad that Sister Mangum has helped to learn to look for the humor in the mission.
  • Sunday was full of goodbyes for Sister Mangum and some packing. I am so devastated to see her leave but I know that God has a plan here and we are hoping to do the Sister Mangum and Mehner sequel towards the end of our mission.
Anyway, I love you all. The church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God that changes lives. I know it does. I know that this book helps people to find peace and strength and comfort during their most difficult times. I know my Savior Lives. I know that God loves us and I know we should love all people too. Thanks for all your support! Have the most wonderful week ever! love you all!
Hermana Mehner
This is the Birch family. They are so so wonderful. She is from southern California and just reminds me of home. They took me in on Christmas. I love them so so so much! Bro Birch wasn’t home but they are really just an awesome family!

Letter from April 21 — Easter!

Hola Framily (friends and family)!
This week was good and hard and overwhelming and fantastic and great! I feel like a grew a lot this week and that was good. First off, Thank you to Mama Tiff and Glenbron for the awesome and perfectly timed easter packages! They were AMAZING! Also, thanks for Sister Webber for the cute easter card. I loved it!
  • This week started off super fun! Last P-day, we went to Sister Judd’s house and played board games with her and she showed us how to make cream puffs. It was super fun! We loved it! We just love this ward. It is just such a wonderful ward.
  • Later that evening, we had a Noche de Hogar (Family home evening) with some of our Spanish members. We went over to their house and had fhe and started teaching them English. It was really fun. The first question they asked us about English was, “What is a selfie?” I just about died laughing. It was fun explaining that one. We went back to teach them a bit more on Wednesday and they had made us chocoflan (the greatest dessert ever) as a thank you! It was so sweet!
  • On Tuesday, we visited with Melvin, our Spanish investigator. He is awesome! He just talked about how when we come and teach him, he feels so good and he feels so good at church. He talked about how he feels that there is a light or something with us and I just about cried tears of joy! We talked to him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he just loved it! We then committed him to a baptismal date of MAY 10th!!!! We couldn’t be more excited! He is so ready for this! He loves church, even though he doesn’t understand a lot and he is really trying to follow Christ more in his life.
  • On Tuesday, we also got homemade Café Rio Salad for dinner. It was the best! It made me so happy. I am so grateful for the awesome members here. They are fantastic!
  • On Wednesday, we gave Mohammed his Arabic Book of Mormom. He said, “I don’t know if I can meet with you this week but do you have a book or something I could read and we said YES!!!!! It was so great! We are hoping to meet with him this week sometime.
  • Patty (a member of the ward, I know I have talked about her before. She is amazing) gave a talk on Easter about what happened in the garden of Gethsemane. She asked us to come over a few times this week and help her prepare it. It was such a blessing for us. We were able to focus on Christ and the atonement and the reason for Easter all week! It was so great! I was so grateful that we were able to help her with that.
  • We also stopped by Sister Judd’s again on Thursday. She was having a hard day and had made cupcakes so we visited her. We shared with her a talk called “Lessons from Liberty Jail” By Jeffrey R. Holland and she was actually assigned to teach relief society on Sunday about Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Turns out she had been praying for a way to bridge the message of Easter with the lesson manual. This talk was the way. It is so humbling to find out that we are helping others all the time. I just love that the Lord helped us to help answer her prayer. I love being a tool in the Lord’s hands.
  • 2 less-active members that we have been trying really hard to work with came to church on Easter Sunday. We haven’t seen either of them in church for months and I was so grateful that they chose to come.
  • We had some really disappointing news this week. Troy and Kylie have decided not to get married. They discovered that if they got married Kylie would lose her disability check and they are not willing to lose that. This also means Troy cannot be baptized this weekend either. It was a really hard moment for both Sister Mangum and I. The wedding had been on and off multiple times but we really thought they were going to do it now. We are still teaching them both and hope that they continue to progress and come closer to the Lord until they feel ready to make this decision.
  • We found out on Friday afternoon that the wedding was off and we were very sad and a bit frustrated. We drove home to start planning and then discovered 3 boxes on the front door step. There was an easter package from home and then a box for each of us from Glenbron. He had sent us succulent plants. We were ecstatic! It could not have been more perfect timing. Also, Sister Mangum and I had worked in Sister Penn’s front yard that very day and she had thought to herself how much she wanted a succulent plant. It was the best thing ever! Thanks so much Daddio!
  • My easter basket was awesome too! I wore the bracelet and the shirt on easter and I really loved it! I loved the cd too! I am always grateful to have a little more variety to my music! Thanks so much Mom! You are awesome!
  • On Easter, we went to church and then spent the day with 3 different families. We had 3 awesome meals and just got to rejoice in Christ with some wonderful families from the ward. I am so grateful to the Nichols, Judds, and Boyers for letting us spend Easter with them.
  • I am also grateful for the Because of Him video. We watched it a lot yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! I love it so much! I encourage all of you to watch it! I feel so incredibly grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that through Him miracles happen and people change. I am so grateful to be able to be His representative during this time in my life. I know He is real. I know He lives. I know He loves us. I will put the link below. Please watch it and share it! I LOVE IT!
Because of Him video:
Lessons from Liberty Jail:
Beware of Pride:
These 3 messages have really been the theme of this week.
Les quiero mucho! Estoy tan agradecida por mi Salvador y Redentor JesuCristo! Se que El Vive! Se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera en la tierra. Se que es la iglesia de JesuCristo!
Love you all! Have an awesome week! Please keep us in your prayers this week! Transfers will be next week and we hope to be staying! We will find out on Saturday so please pray for us to have peace and strength to be ready to follow the Lord’s will.
Con carino,
La Hermana Mehner

 P1010745 P1010741 P1010775 (1)

Letter from April 14

Hola Hola Hola,
Nothing too exciting happened in the last 36 hours since I emailed but I will give you all a quick little run down.
  • We had 3 investigators at church. 2 of which only speak Spanish. We had translating for sacrament and gospel principles. It was so great!
  • A member of the stake presidency got up and bore his testimony in church yesterday and talked about how Sister Mangum and I were great young ladies and how we really were working really hard. (That was awesome because we thought he really didn’t like us).
  • Also, it snowed all day yesterday. Gotta love Colorado.
  • We had dinner with the Wolff family. She is the Relief Society President in the ward and we LOVE her. It was fantastic!
  • We had a baptism on Saturday for 2 little girls in part member families. That was awesome! Great opportunity for us to show our support
  • On Saturday morning, we also helped to strip out an old trailer. It was probably the most disgusting and physically challenging thing I have done on my mission but it was a really interesting experience. Our investigator is helping her friend strip the trailer and sell parts of it. (Don’t worry it is all totally legal. we checked.) They needed help so we pitched in a bit. It was so crazy. I am glad Sister Mangum was there with me. We tried to make it fun.  
  • On Sunday, we visited with Roxie and her Sister Patty. We read in 2 Nephi 2 and talked about the plan of salvation. It was great!
  • We had a really good week! We are both excited for Easter!
  • Thanks for all your love and support!
  • Congrats to Madison and Megan Mittleman for their mission calls!!!! I am so excited for them! They are going to be some AMAZING missionaries! Also, congrats to Megan Baker! Thanks Sister Webber for the update!
Les quiero mucho mucho mucho!
Con carino,
La Hermana Mehner

Letter from April 12

First, thanks to Mama Diane and Hermana Snow for the letters. They were super fun. Everyone, please keep sending them. Letters are the best! So I have almost 2 weeks to write about and so much has happened that I just have no idea how in the world I will write about it all but I will certainly try.
First, last week we made Tortas with Hilda. She is so amazing and her tortas were soooooo good! I know how to make them now and I will make them for Everyone when I get home, along with homemade tortillas because soy Mexicana. 🙂 I am so grateful that she was willing to teach us how to make them. It was awesome. I took pictures so they will be sent your way soon.
Also, We had a really good visit with Jo last week and she accepted a baptismal date of May 10! We are so excited for her and she seems so excited. As soon as she said yes, she pulled out her calendar and wrote BAPTISM on May 10th with a little heart on it. I LOVED IT! She and David also attended the Saturday morning session of General Conference. Nothing is better than watching general conference with your investigators. 🙂
We had one of the famous Hildegard dinners. It was another overwhelmingly large dinner. We took pictures so I will send some. Keep in mind. This dinner was made for just Sister Mangum and I and Hildegard (who eats like a bird). We were so so so sick and full by the time we left, but the food was so yummy!
We had 2 lessons with Bobby in the last 2 weeks. He is so awesome! He is a new investigator who was a referral from a MEMBER!!! It is great! He is searching for truth and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to teach with him. He is such a sweet guy. Our first visit, Bro Boyer came with us and the 2nd one, Patty came with us. They went splendidly.
We visited Grandma Nichols this week. We love her! She loves having us visit and we fully enjoy our visits. This week, as we were about to leave she said, “I really like you girls!” We just beamed with joy. She is great! We also visited the Cuylers. (They are gma Nichols’ friends) and they offered to take us out to dinner. It was sooo cute!!! We love them too!
General Conference was awesome! Very very few people (5 members) watched it at the church but on Saturday, 2 investigators came and on Sunday, 1 investigator and 3 potential investigators came. It was awesome! We really loved it! I loved being able to listen and learn from the Prophet. It was so wonderful! Love love love it!
So Last week, we recommitted Roxie to the Stop smoking program and she is making leaps and bounds! When we most recently talked to her, she had cut down to 3 cigarettes a day (from a whole pack a day!). She is doing awesome and she only has to be clean for 2 weeks before she can start the rebaptism process. We couldn’t be more happy for her and she is so anxious to get the process going. She knows the church is true and is so ready to be more of a part of it. We could not be more happy. Both Sister Mangum and I feel that she is a huge miracle of our missions. We are so so close to her and her sister Patty and just feel like this was such a part of our plan. We truly truly love them. In fact, just a few days ago we stopped by to visit Patty and help her prepare a talk. She an Roxie had bought us Fort Morgan sweatshirts from the high school! It was so so so sweet! We just feel so loved by them and we love them so so much too! The spirit is so strong in our lessons and we just feel like this is right! It is exactly what the Lord wants us to be doing right now. It is so amazing!
Troy and Kylie are definitely getting married!!! In Fact, their marriage license is currently sitting in our room. They gave it to us for safe keeping until the wedding. We couldn’t be more excited for them! We are still hoping that Troy will be ready to be baptized on the same day. Please keep them in your prayers. they are really coming along and we really hope that the gospel will be able to help them change their lives and strengthen their families.
We visited Hilda this week as well. She told us that she is making us necklaces because she wants us to always remember her. It was such a tender thing and is so kind of her. We really feel so loved in this ward. Hilda is really one of my favorite people. She is so loving and kind and I just feel that she is meant to be apart of my life.
On Thursday, we were at Caring Ministries and I mentioned that I wanted an Ice cream sandwich. (I have this habit of stating aloud any food that sounds good at any moment.) Then, 20 minutes later, Rusty (one of the volunteers there) come back with an ice cream sandwich for each of us. It was so sweet. He told us that he heard what I said and figured that we deserved a treat for all our hard work. It was really nice of him.
This week we also got our ARABIC Book of Mormon. We are hoping to begin teach Mohamed this week. He is from Sudan and wants to learn more. He is super smart and seems like such a nice guy. We are really excited to start teaching him and even more excited to be able to give him a Book of Mormon in his native language. It is so awesome!!! We are really excited!
Of course, the climax of the last 2 weeks was the temple yesterday. It was such a wonderful experience and I felt so very blessed to be able to go. Sister Penn and Sister Thornton took us. We also saw Elder Miller and Elder Maciel at the temple! We got to go to deseret book and get scripture cases for our Spanish scriptures and some other things. It was so fun! We got to go to a really good Asian Café too and that was fantastic. When we got back, the libraries were closed so we couldn’t email yesterday. I was so grateful for the opportunity to go to the temple and especially to go with Sister Mangum. It was the greatest experience and strengthened me and motivated me to work even harder in service of God. I am so grateful for the temple and for the chance to become closer to God through this service.
I love you all and so greatly appreciate your support and prayers! Thanks for all you do! Please keep our investigators in your prayers and also, please pray that Sister Mangum and I might get one more transfer together. (We still got 2 weeks of this one but we are really hoping for one more and it continues to seem more and more possible).
Tengan una bonita semana!
Les quiero mucho!
La Hermana Mehner P1010708 IMG_0954 IMG_0949 IMG_0847 P1010655

Letter from March 31

Hola hola hola!!

This week has been the most exhausting week of my whole life. Legitimately, I have never been so tired in my life but I am also so so so very happy. It has been a truly wonderful week. 
Primero, Muchas Gracias Zach y Mama Mehner for the letter and package. They were great! I loved it. Also, Mom, you may have sent me the exact same skirt that Diane sent Hannah like 2 weeks ago. What can I say Great moms think a like. 🙂
Segundo, I am going to brag for like 30 seconds. I know I shouldn’t but I am really proud of Sister Mangum and I. We got 30 LESSONS this week. We nearly killed ourselves in the process but it was so worth it. With some help from the ward and certainly a lot of help from Heavenly Father, we were able to really push ourselves and teach 30 lessons. It was awesome. I think we are going to start to focus less on the number of lessons. The gospel isn’t a numbers game and also it is really exhausting to try and get 30 lessons so we are just going to focus more and more on how we can strengthen this area.
I think most of the miracles this week came with our lessons so I am just going to go down the list of all the people I love and our experiences with them this week.
Hilda- She is a less-active that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I feel like I was meant to meet her. We visit her every week. She can’t come to church hardly ever because she has to work every Sunday but she has a lot of faith. I love her so much and I feel like I learn so much from her all the time. We visited her this week and we just cried together. She was talking about some challenges in her life and I just cried for her. My heart was breaking for her and then I was so so so grateful that I am blessed enough to serve in this area and get to know her. It is so wonderful. 
Merna- She is an active member with an inactive son. She is so awesome. She invited us over to see her son do his spray paint art. He then offered to do paintings for us. He is going to paint me a beach scene so I can remember California when I am hating the weather here. She is so great!
Patty and Roxie and Chuck- We took Sister Penn with us to a lesson with Roxie and Chuck (her husband) and Patty (her sister). We decided to just read through alma 32 with them. It was the coolest thing EVER!! I was so happy. The lesson was just so filled with the spirit and everyone learned what they themselves needed to learn. It is so amazing how the spirit can help us each learn individually as we read together. The Book of Mormon has so much power to it. It was awesome! We also recommitted Roxie to the stop smoking program. It was such a great lesson. They are so sweet. I really love love love them so much. Last week we told Patty and Roxie that we love stopping at McDonald’s and getting ice cream cones or the $1 soda. They gave us a gift card for $20 so we could go whenever we wanted. It was really kind of them. They are just the most wonderful people. I feel so so so very blessed to have their examples in my life.
Jo and David- Jo (Joellen) is doing really well. We had two lessons with her and her friend David this week. I am so so so grateful to know them. They are both awesome and progressing so much. They love reading in the the book of mormon and they both have such a desire to do what is right. It is so amazing! During the first visit, the Bishop and Bro Boyer (Ward Mission Leader) gave Jo a blessing because she has really severe back problems. The spirit was so strong. I love the priesthood. They had also talked about baptism a lot, which she didn’t seem to keen on. However, during our second visit, she told me that she had been praying for 6 months to find truth and then one day the elders showed up at her door. She told me that she kind of felt like that was God’s sign to her. She also told us that she would be willing to give up smoking to be baptized! We kept talking and then she said, “Yeah, thats just like what I was reading this morning in Jacob Chapter 2.” She then proceeded to read me a scripture in the Book of Mormon and apply it to her own life. I nearly started crying tears of joy. She is applying the scriptures to her own life. She is reading in the Book of Mormon and praying about it. She is so awesome!
Grandma Nichols- We visited her this week. She loves us. Its awesome! We invited her to our weddings. She is 93 but she is tough so we hope she will be around for the next couple of years. She totally kept her cool when we found a spider in her house and almost freaked out. Also, when we were leaving, she told us that we need to remember to eat lunch and then proceeded to give us $20 to go buy lunch. It was the sweetest thing ever. I love this woman so much. She is just so sweet and always tells Sister Penn how much she loves us coming over. It is so great!
Troy and Kylie- So last week Troy and Kylie told us they wanted to get married while we were still here. It was crazy because they were talking about getting married a year from june and then they just texted us last week telling us they wanted to plan the wedding for sometime in the next 6 weeks. Then, 2 days later, they told us they couldn’t get married. Then on Saturday, Kylie called us and told us they were definitely getting married during this transfer. On Sunday, we took the bishop over there with us and made a game plan. He challenged Troy to be baptized the same day as the wedding and he said YES! Troy is going to get baptized! It is going to be so awesome! I am so excited for their family. There are so many blessings that come as we try to live the gospel. I know the Lord will strengthen them. Now, we just have to teach Troy everything he needs to know before becoming a member and plan a wedding and a baptism. It is going to be a crazy couple of weeks but I am super excited!
Cuylers- They are a super old less-active couple that we visit. I love them. He is really sarcastic and he inspired the subject line. His wife asked him to pray. He hates praying in front of us but occasionally he will do it. We brought a brother from the ward with us that he knows semi-well but he couldnt remember his name so he said that during the prayer. It took all my effort not to giggle through the rest of it. 
Women’s Conference- It was awesome. I loved it so much! I love feeling so unified with the sisters of the church. It is so awesome. I cant wait for general conference next week.
Diana- so on sunday, we had a goal of getting 7 lessons in one day and we were planning on 5 investigators at church. By the time sacrament started, half of our lessons had cancelled on us and none of our investigators were at church. We were so bummed. However, at the end of sacrament, we met Diana. She is friends with a member and she came up to visit him and came to church. She loved it! She came to our lesson in gospel principles and was participating in the class. It was awesome. We are hoping to meet with her this week and we are so very happy to know her.
Sharon- so after church on sunday, we were trying to figure out how in the world we were going to get in our 7 lessons to meet our goal. We tried contacting a referral but they weren’t home so we visited Sharon. She works with a lot of member and loves when we come by. We had so much fun with her and got to share a message with her. I really love and appreciate her so much. I am really glad we got to visit her. 
Gospel Principles- We taught gospel principles this week. It was all about sacrificing for the gospel. We shared excerpts from the talk “It is true, isn’t it? Then what else matters?” and “In search of Treasure.” We talked about Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his son. I realized how very blessed I am to be able to sacrifice this time and dedicate it to the Lord. I know that as we sacrifice and “give up things we love to the God we love even more,” we are so so very blessed. Before my mission, I really struggled to think about giving up my time with my family and friends for my mission. However, I know the Lord has blessed me with stronger family relationships as I am out here. I feel so very grateful that I have a chance to dedicate myself and sacrifice of my time to the Lord. 
So, after a really long day yesterday and Sister Penn being willing to listen to a message at 9:30pm last night, we did it. We reached our goal and we saw lots of miracles along the way. I know this email is like a million years long but I just feel like I have so much to be grateful for right now. I am so grateful for the gospel and for this chance I have to serve the Lord right now. I am so grateful for my family and friends and their amazing support.  I am so grateful to be serving in this area with Sister Mangum. Fort Morgan seems to be getting smellier and smellier but I love it so much! I would be happy staying here for the rest of my mission. 
ALSO, Next monday I will NOT be emailing. I wont be emailing until next FRIDAY because we get to go to the TEMPLE next friday! We are so excited! We are taking our preparation day next friday so we can go to the temple and we will be emailing after that. I could not be more excited! I love the temple so much. It is such a place of peace and I am very excited to feel that next week. It has been far too long. 🙂
Love love love you all! Los quiero mucho mucho mucho y les extrano mucho tambien pero estoy muy agradecida por esta chance para servir Dios. 
Mosiah 24:14-15. Mosiah 2:20-21
Con amor, 
Hermana Mehner

Letter from March 24

Hola hola hola!
This week has been INSANE!!! It has been crazy crazy busy, like go go
go all the day long and by the time we get home, plan, get ready for
bed, and then write in our journals, I just crash on my pillow. I
could not ask for anything better. Being busy is the best feeling in
the world as a missionary.
Thank you to Aunt Laura and Megan Mittleman for their letters this
week. They were awesome!
Okay so we started off the week with some sad news. Our beautiful
silver 2014 Nissan Frontier was taken away from us. Apparently, some
zone leaders needed it more than we did. So, we started off the week
sharing the truck with the elders. On Tuesday, there was a random,
freak blizzard thing but we recieved a blessed tender mercy and then
elders who took our truck let us use their jeep for the day. We were
really grateful because the weather was insane and we probably would
have nearly died trying to walk around in it. God was really kind to
On wednesday, we were on foot and we had a bit of a rough day. That
happens sometimes. Almost all the appointments we had that day
canceled so that was a bummer but we persevered and kept working. On
Wednesday night, we got some shocking news. The elders were being
pulled out of Fort Morgan. President needed them to help fill in
somewhere else so they got pulled out. They were not being replaced.
That meant all of their work fell to us. We know how to do the work of
2 sets of missionaries on our own. The good news is, we got to take
the truck they were using. So in the matter of 24 hours, we acquired 5
new investigators and challenges to work with new less-active members.
Thankfully, we didnt have to cover 2 dinner appointments.
So the weekend was focused on trying to meet and become more familiar
with our new investigators and trying to figure out how we are going
to make this all work. We did lots of planning and worked really hard.
On Saturday, we taught 7 lessons. It was a personal best for the both
of us. It was mostly out of necessity. We need to try and develop
trust and relationships with a lot of new people so we have to visit
them. We didn’t even realize until the end of the day that we taught
that much. It felt good though.

We taught Melvin on Saturday. He is our spanish investigator. He is
from Guatemala so it was rather challening for us to understand his
accent. It is very different from Mexican spanish but we survived with
the help of a very fluent member.

On Friday, we taught Troy. He is the boyfriend/partner of a
less-active woman in the ward. We have been meeting with her weekly
and the elders have been teaching Troy. We met him on friday and had a
lesson with him. We felt like the lesson didn’t go very well but then
they texted us that evening and asked us to come for lunch the next
day. We have also been working on trying to get them to commit to a
marriage date so he can get baptized. They also texted us after the
lesson telling us that they wanted us to be there for the wedding so
they wanted to get married in the next 6 weeks. That was really cool
to hear. It was definitely the spirit working on them. We are really
grateful to just be able to be apart of that.

On Sunday, we visited with Roxy and her sister Patty. We just stopped
by Patty’s  house because she was on our mind. They were both there
and they invited us right in. We had a long talk with them and it just
felt right. It felt like we were supposed to go there at that time. I
felt strengthened and I think they felt so too. I love visiting with
them because I feel like we are all 4 growing together when we visit.
I feel like I learn so much from the 2 of them and I hope the spirit
helps them to learn from the messages we share. Roxy is also coming
along with not smoking. It was really challenging for her but she
didnt smoke at all when we were there. That was really nice.

On Sunday evening, we visited with our new investigator Fernie. He is
a less-active member’s uncle. He told us that he was praying and
praying because he wanted to find the true church. He was raised
Catholic but didnt feel that was right for him. He kept asking God to
help him find the true church and then he noticed that he kept running
into these young boys in suits in Fort Morgan. He finally asked them
if they were mormons and they said yes! They gave him a book of mormon
and set up a lesson with him. They then left. We are really grateful
for the elder’s example and the work they put in. Fernie is awesome
and he is seeking for truth. I know the spirit led him to us. We are
so excited to be teaching him.

We also met Joe (Joellen) this week. She was one of the elders’
investigators. She was really heartbroken that the elders were leaving
and we felt really inadequate. We visited her on saturday afternoon
and just listened to her. She told us of some of the challenges she
has faced in her life. She has had health problems and family problems
and addiction issues. And to be honest, when we first met her I kept
wondering why the elders were teaching her. However, when we finally
sat down and started talking to her, started listening to her, I
realized how loved she is. She is a wonderful wonderful person. She is
trying so hard to make the world better. She is trying so hard to be
happy, despite the challenges in her life. She is trying to forgive
others. She is trying to come unto Christ and most importantly, she is
Heavenly Father’s daughter and He loves her. As we sat with her, my
heart broke and I was so sad that I had judged her when I first met
her and I was so grateful for this chance to really get to know her.
She is really such a sweet person and I am really humbled that I get
to be working with her.

We had dinner with Aric this week. He is the pastor of another church.
(I feel terrible but I cannot for the life of me remember what church
it is). Anyway, it was a great experience and I feel really blessed
that I get to learn from all the people here. They are so awesome! I
feel like I am learning so much from everyone around me. It is so

Overall, this week was really exhausting and it has been a challenge
to try and not feel overwhelmed by all the things we are trying to
balance. However, I feel so grateful that I am so blessed to be able
to have work to do. Being busy is really the most wonderful thing and
I am so happy. I feel so grateful that I am so tired. I feel so
grateful that I really can try to put all my energy and focus into
serving the Lord. It is the most wonderful feeling ever. I could not
be happier.

So, I love you all. I am so grateful for all your support and prayers.
You are all such a wonderful example to me. I hope you have the most
wonderful week. Remember Mosiah 24:14-15
The Lord does strengthen us in our afflictions. He gives us what we
need to keep going. I am so grateful for that. Love you tons!!!
Con Carino,
Hermana Mehner

Letter from March 17

Hola hola hola!!!!
My goodness, this week. This week has been wonderful and busy and hard and surprising and everything that a mission should be. TO START, HERMANA MANGUM AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER IN FORT MORGAN!!!!!! Prayers are answered. We get to stay here and work hard together another transfer. In fact, it could even be possible we could get a 3rd transfer together (we wont get ahead of ourselves but President is keeping some companionships together for 3 transfers so woohoo!)
Sister Mangum and I could not be more excited to be working here together again. I am so so so so so very grateful for this opportunity. We saw so many miracles last transfer and we know even more will come as we try to work hard and be obedient together this transfer.
  • We started off the week with a dinner and lesson with Roxy and her member Sister. It was one of the most fun and most pleasant dinners I have ever attended. Roxy is really being open with us and we couldn’t ask for anything more. We read the quote about the Atonement by Chieko Okazaki to them and they loved it! It was awesome! I am so so so very grateful for the Atonement in my life. It is the best thing ever.
  • Tuesday, we had a zone conference. I had to bear my testimony. I bawled through the whole thing. I thought I wouldn’t have to because I was called upon last zone conference but I was called upon and it was really hard but a good growing experience for me. We also felt like we recieved so much revelation on behalf of our less active members and our investigators. It was so wonderful. I also felt a lot of peace. That was really nice.
  • On Wednesday, we visited with Kylie. She is really progressing and is officially engaged to her boyfriend/partner guyfriend. She is really excited to get married and we are excited to help her get on track to keep the Lord’s commandments.
  • We also visited with Simon that night. He is a bit stubborn but he really has a great desire to learn and know the truth. The sister who came with us to the lesson said she cannot wait until he becomes a member because he will be such a strong member. I know it is true. We will continue to pray for him and work with him and hopefully he will come to the truth.
  • On Thursday, we had another lesson with Roxy. We talked about the Restoration. It is amazing how the basic doctrines of the Gospel can really heal and strengthen us. She is still struggling a lot to stop smoking but her faith is growing and that is helping strengthen her resolve and desire to quit smoking. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. I think she can really tell that God loves her and that we love her. We really do love her so so so much. She is such a wonderful person.
  • After our lesson with Roxy, we couldnt go home for lunch and it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside so we went to a park and had a picnic in the bed of the truck. I happened to have a blanket in the car and so we had a lovely lovely lunch. It was awesome! We love finding fun little ways to enjoy life.
  • After lunch, we helped translate parent teacher conferences at a school in Wiggins. The Prinicipal of the school is the Ward Mission Leader’s wife and she is AWESOME! Apparently, she tried to have missionaries translate a few months ago and the whole school was against it but she got them to come and help and this time, they were totally on board. It was awesome. We didnt end up translating too much but we got to talk to a lot of the teachers and help them to learn a little more about who we are. It was a great opportunity.
  • On Friday, I was very very ill. The sickest I have ever been on my mission. Sister Mangum was a champion and worked hard on things at home as I tried to sleep off my sickness. I did muster up enough energy to go to dinner, a visit with a less-active member and then a lesson with Brittany, our new investigator that night. The Lord gave me the health to survive those lessons.
  • Our lesson with Brittany was AMAZING! She has been attending church for the last 2 months but didnt want to meet with us. Finally, she agreed. She told us she has been reading in the book of mormon and trying to teach herself how to pray. She has felt the spirit so strong in the last 2 months and I know the Lord is really working with her. We had a great first lesson with her and then she asked the question every missionaries loves to hear. “So, when can I get baptized?” It was the greatest thing ever in the whole world!!! I wanted to start crying right there but I kept my cool. We explained to her about baptism and we will be setting her with a baptismal date next week. We are so excited!!!!!
  • On Saturday, I was even more sick that Friday. We never left the house. It was pretty bad but that night, the elders came over and gave me a blessing. It was awesome! Also, we probably could have gone out later in the evening but around 4pm we got a call that we would both be staying here as companions and I got so excited I started jumping on my bed and may have gotten super dizzy and then felt worse the rest of the evening. hahahah
  • Sunday, I wasn’t feeling great but missionaries have to be at church so we can be there to support our investigators at church so we went. We also had translating in sacrament meeting for the first time since I have been here. It was a really happy moment for me because we have been working so hard to get translating to happen. We finally did it! Granted, there was only one person who needed it but that is okay because know we can tell all of our spanish friends to come because they will be able to understand! 
  • After sacrament, our new spanish friend (the one who needed the translating) wanted us to teach him the first lesson so we did during the 2nd hour. It was great. We gave him a book of mormon and are going to visit him again this week. His name is Melvin. (pronounced Melveen because he is Spanish). He is great!
  • During 3rd hour, we taught relief society and it was awesome because Roxy came to Relief Society for the first time in a long time because we told her we were teaching. We were really excited! 
  • Later on Sunday, we had a cancelled appointment so we visited Sharon. She is teachnically an investigator but is really really busy so we have only visited her once before and it was last transfer. We just stopped by and she let us right in. We had a great chat with her and a really good spiritual discussion. It was so great because she hadn’t been apart of our plan that day but the Lord guided us to her. She had a really hard week last week so we were really grateful that we could be there to support her a little bit. 
  • Oh yeah, and when we told Sister Wolff, the RSP, that we were staying in the ward, she literally screamed in excitement! It was so awesome! We are so happy to be staying and it seems the ward is happy to keep us. We are so pumped!!!
  • Okay, to explain the subject- Sister Mangum and I both now have unofficially less than 9 months before we return home. Because we will be returning in December, we are on the downhill and that song has been in my head a lot lately. hahah Our official 9 month on the mission mark is April 9th. We are super pumped. Any ideas on how to celebrate?
  • Oh, also because we are staying together, we get to go to the temple for our halfway mark together. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing in the whole world!?!?!?! We are really really excited
  • Thank you Haylie and Elder Webber for the letters. They were awesome!
  • Thank you all for your love and support and prayers. I could not be more excited. I am the happiest I have even been on my mission. I truly want to work hard and serve the Lord. It is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world and it is so great to be sharing it with one of my best friends. God is so good. I feel so overwhelmed by His love.
Los Queremos Muchisimos. Yo se que el libro de Mormon es verdadero. Se que Dios nos ama todos de nosotros. Se que La Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias es Verdadero y es la iglesia de JesuCristo.
Tengan una buena semana familia y amigos. Voy a trabajar muy duro.
-La Hermana Mehner


24 LESSONS! Yep, thats right. Personal best! –Letter from March 10

Hola hola hola familia y amigos!
Como estan ustedes? Espero que todo esta bien! Estoy muy muy feliz para estar aqui con la hermana mangum!
Okay this week has been chalk full of miracles and I am so so so happy to be here this week. I love serving here with Sister Mangum in Fort Morgan. It is just wonderful. I will do bullet points to try and keep it all clear.
  • Thanks to Zach and Hermana Cropper for the letters this week. They were awesome!
  • Last monday, we found catching fire nail polish and flame stickers for our fingers at walmart. It was 3 dollars and since we were pretty bummed we still cant watch catching fire, we now have catching fire toe nails. It is so fun! It is all about the little things. 🙂
  • We had exchanges this week with our sister training leaders as well. Sister Seaborn came up here and worked with me. She gave me some great ideas to help put together a group here. We are really excited to try and put them into play.
  • Okay, Roxy. She is a miracle. She is such an awesome woman. I love her so much. This week, we taught our investigator Roxy the stop smoking program. She grew up in the church but is not currently a member. We also asked a sister in the ward to join us for the lesson. When Sister Korf got there (our member) she told us she had used this very program to quit smoking. We had no idea. We both just felt this member would be a good match for Roxy. It was such a miracle. We taught her the stop smoking program. It is an awesome program by the way! It was probably the most spiritually uplifting lesson I have ever been in. At one point, She had to break all her cigarettes and put them in the dumpster. It was the coolest thing ever. I just really felt so much love for Roxy. I know the Lord loves her so so much. At the end of the lesson, we asked to end with a prayer. She asked Sister Korf to say it and Sis Korf turned around and asked her to say it. We had a quiet moment and then she said she thought she wasnt allowed to pray at the church because she wasn’t a member. It was the greatest thing in the world to be able to testify to her that God loves her and she can ALWAYS PRAY! GOD WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO PRAYERS. She offered a simple and sincere prayer. It was so wonderful. I can see the spirit testifying to her. I feel so happy to be able to work with her. It is the best blessing ever. I love her so much.
  • We had dinner at Sister Korby’s on Thursday. It was legitimately 15 courses of awesome german food. I nearly threw up I was so full but it was so fun! She is such an awesome member. She is so great. She realized when we were there that my last name is german so she got excited and I think she likes us even more now. It was so awesome. I love sweet members.
  • We are still teaching english at cargill. On Thursday, we worked with the highest english class. They are getting closer and closer to fluency. We had never worked with them before so we had to explain why we are called Sister and we told them we were missiarionaries. Two of the students specifically asked for our phone numbers so we could teach them about the church. One is from Sudan and the other is from Ethiopia. We really hope we can start to teach them. We are so excited. We just love our students so so much! Who knew volunteering at the beef plant would be such a rewarding experience. I love love love it!
  • By the end of the day on Thursday, we had 10 lessons. That is pretty good. We didnt know if we could get 20 by the end of the week though and we still had talks to finish and a gospel principles lesson to complete. We were a little stressed. However, we planned our day on Friday and realized we could get four lessons. Then we decided to make a goal to have 20 lessons by the end of the day Saturday. That meant we needed to get 6 lessons on Saturday. We planned and confirmed 6 lessons and we were so excited. On saturday morning, we were so ready to teach. Then 2 of our investigators cancelled on us. The first 2 lessons of the day were suddenly gone and we were close to losing hope to reach our goal. Sis Korf was at the church with us when one investigator cancelled. She called and said she was sick. So, kindly, Sis Korf allowed us to teach her a lesson. Then we tried to contact a potential and a less-active member with no luck. So we called Sister West. She is an active member but she is elderly and lives alone. She said we should come over right then and help her finish up a puzzle. We said, why not? and headed over.
  • After Sister West, we had lunch with Maria (less-active, spanish speaking member) and she brought a former investigator over so we got to teach both of them. It was awesome! We were so pumped! Then the rest of our lessons for the day worked out and we got 20 lessons by the end of the day on Saturday! It was awesome! The Lord really does provide a way when you have a righteous goal and are willing to work hard. It was so great!
  • On Sunday, both Sister Mangum and I spoke in church. It went well I think. We talked about Hastening of the work. I actually used most of Deidre’s letter to me at the beginning of my mission. It was really cool to share her story.
  • Also, Roxy and Simon and….. GRANDMA NICHOLS came to church. She hasn’t been to church in a long time but we told her we were speaking and her grandson was speaking and she just couldn’t say no. It was so awesome! we were so happy to see her there.
  • At church, we also finally set up an appointment with Brittany. She is a young woman who is not a member but has been coming to church and actively participating for the last 2 months. She was hesitant to meet with us but she has since agreed and we are teaching her this coming weekend. We are so excited!
  • So, in the end- We got 24 LESSONS! We are really really proud of ourselves and yes, the lessons are important but really I am mostly proud this week because we can see that our efforts really are helping others come to Christ and that is the greatest feeling in the whole world. I could not be happier. I really feel like I am meant to be here and to learn and grow with these people.
  • Just a few more things, Transfers are a week from tomorrow. That means we need everyone to pray really hard that Sister Mangum and I will stay here together. We both just feel that our work here is not done. I will accept whatever the Lord has in store for me but I would absolutely be ecstatic if I got to stay here with Sister Mangum one more transfer. Also, because of transfers, if you are going to send anything. Send it through the mission office or just wait until next week when I know where I am going. That would be awesome! keep us in your prayers!
  • As we were driving home last night, we got a voicemail from Roxy’s sister. She is in the ward. She just wanted to tell us how grateful she was for us and our efforts to help her sister. We could hear her get emotional on the phone and it was the most humbling feeling. I just know this is God’s work. He wants families to be together forever and that is why we are here. We are here so we can help people prepare for those ordinances. It was the most wonderful end to the week. I am so grateful to be here. I am so grateful to be able to work hard and see miracles as one of God’s servants.
  • Miracles are real. People can change. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is powerful. GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN!
love you all so so so much! Alma 7:11-13
Con Carino,
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