Letter from July 21

Hola Hola Hola!
Well, this week has been an adventure and a half. It has been loco pero tambien excellente! 

First off, Thank you to Madison Mittleman for the awesome letter! I loved it so much! You are so wonderful!
Okay, so this week was really good. It was busy and we worked hard and I can’t really remember much of it because there has just been too much going on but the most exciting news of the week is…. TRANSFERS! I am being transferred to Boulder. I will be serving with Hermana Cropper (my mtc companion and one of my favorite missionaries in this mission). We also was called to be a sister training leaders, meaning that we are to support and strengthen the sisters serving in the Boulder Colorado zone. I am terrified and excited and really nervous but I know it will be great. 
I am really sad to leave Fort Morgan. It is kind of my home now. I know I said that about the spanish branch too and that is true too but my time in Fort Morgan has just been really sacred to me. I feel that I have really learned and grown so so so much during my time here. I also realized that I know so so many people here and I will miss them dearly. I think this will be a challenging but excited time of change for me and I am just excited to throw myself into even more of the work. 
Lots of miracles happened this week. That was exciting. Many of them don’t need too much explanation so I will try to keep this short.
  • We ate at a super sketchy chinese-american buffet with Sister Penn. I was nervous throughout the dinner that I would get food poisoning but we didn’t. We were totally fine. It was fun to have a dinner with Sister Penn. She is so wonderful
  • We taught 10 lessons yesterday and were able to say goodbye to almost everyone that I wanted to say goodbye to. We will have to teach 6 lessons tonight to get the rest of the people in but I think it is possible. 🙂
  • Brother Boyer, the ward mission leader, was released and Brother Bill Nichols was called. He has so much desire to serve the Lord. He is really nervous about this calling but I think he is going to be awesome too. I know that God qualifies those whom He calls.
  • We got to have a lesson with Jesse. He is struggling to understand the differences between this church and others but he has a lot of real intent.
  • We had ward conference on Sunday and it was so powerful! I loved it! I felt like it was such a great opportunity for me to be able to be comforted and strengthened during this time. It was so great!
  • Okay, so the big miracle of this week, We found out that the new sister coming to replace me was a visa waiter who decided to stay here. She was supposed to serve in Brazil (just like Sister Miner) but her visa never came so she decided to stay here. I was freaking out when I found out she was coming here because we have so many that we teach in spanish and now there is so spanish speaking missionary here to teach them. My heart was hurting and I didn’t understand why Heavenly Father didn’t seem to be aware of these spanish speakers. I was really bummed. However, on Sunday, all my questions were answered. On Sundayat church, in walks Simon Peter. I taught him for awhile when I first got to Fort Morgan but we lost contact when he was considering moving to Denver. Simon Peter is a native Portuguese speaker. He will now be able to take the lessons in his native language. My jaw dropped when I saw him in the church building and I began to understand that God really is in charge. I feel like He was telling me, “Sister Mehner, this is my work. I know how to take care of it.” I still dont know how our spanish speakers will be taught. It will require a lot of member involvement and a lot of patience but I know that God has a plan here. I know that things will work out the way that they are supposed to and I will just have to let that be.
  • I am so glad for the miracle to know that God is in charge. I know He is in the details of our lives. This week has been shocking and surprising and exhausting but my mission is so important to me. I just feel like this has been the best growing opportunity for me. I am so glad to be a mormon missionary. It is the best!

Okay everyone, Thanks for the prayers and support. Here comes the picture train!

Oh.. explanation of the title. Old companion, new area. When I told Brother Nichols (and quite a few other Fort Morgan members) that I was serving in Boulder, they all said that I will turn into a Yuppie. I looked at him surprised and told him that I didn’t know what that meant. He rolled his eyes and walked away. Anyone know what a yuppie is?
Con mucho amor, 
La Hermana Mehner

Letter from July 14

Hola Hola Hola,
Primero, Gracias Sharon for the birthday present. It was awesome. I loved my pajamas. Such a cool and comfy set for the summer. Thank you so so so much! Also, Thanks to Hermana Mangum for her sweet card. It was so fun!
This week has been fun. It has been full of miracles and busy busy busy.
This week we had 3 investigators at church, which was awesome and a little stressful. It was good though. I would much rather be slightly overwhelmed at church then be bored and bummed.
One miracle of the week is that Re came to church. He was my first investigator here in Fort Morgan. He dropped us when Sister Mangum came because he was too busy but he isn’t working currently and came to church and wants to listen to the lessons again. I am so grateful for this 2nd chance to be able to teach him. It is so cool!
Robin’s baptism is currently on hold. Please pray for him. His schedule is changing all the time so he doesn’t know when he can come to church and when he can’t. It is such a bummer but I have faith that things will work out the way they need to.
We got to have exchanges this week. That was fun. I went back to the branch for a day and spent that time with Hermana England. She is awesome. We ran into a sister from the branch and I was so happy to see her. She later told the elders that I was her favorite missionary from the branch. She said “yeah, I really liked the red-headed missionary.”
I guess I really am a red headed missionary. It is so crazy. I love it!
One really cool miracle of the week is Gloria. She was a referral and we tried contacting her multiple times during the week and we finally were able to on Sunday. She first didn’t seem very interested but we tried to keep talking to her and she opened up and talked about how her husband died of cancer a few years ago and she has been really struggling to understand if there really is life after death. She became she honest and open and agreed to meet with us sometime this week. It was so neat to be able to testify and talk to her. The gospel brings so much comfort. I love the plan of salvation so much!
This week also marks one year as a missionary. I cannot believe it. This has been the most challenging, overwhelming, emotional, spiritually uplifting, and exciting year of my life. I feel like I have learned and grown so much in the last year. I think I have been able to come closer to my Savior and been able to better understand His plan for me. It has been so amazing. I think that this mission is the single greatest learning experience I have had in my life. I love it so much. It is hard. It is really overwhelming and exhausting but it is so amazing. I love it so much! I just feel like I have been able to change so much. Thank you all for your support. Thank you all for being excited for me and being willing to help and strengthen me. I am so grateful for all you all have done for me. Thanks for the emails, letters, packages and prayers. Thanks for sending me reminders and updates. You are all so great!
Also, Shout out to the Boyer family for allowing me to burn a skirt yesterday in celebration of my one year mark. They are so awesome. Pictures to follow. Don’t worry, I burned a skirt that had a giant hole in it and I did so very safely. I promise. We also continued to do missionary work throughout that day. I did not use my skirt burning as an excuse to hang out at their home.
Love you all so much!
Thanks for all you do!
Have such a great week and please keep the emails and letters coming, I love them so much!
Les quiero!
Con amor,
La Hermana Mehner
This is a picture of the Millers. They are a super sweet family that we visit. He recently had back surgery so they haven’t been able to come to church in awhile. They are great!P1010914 P1010907

Letter from July 7

Hola Hola Hola Familia! (no amigos porque en realidad, todos de ustedes son parte de mi familia!)
Truly though, this week was a miracle in general. It was just AMAZING!! I am just going to bullet point the miracles and I know that won’t even begin to cover it all but I will certainly try.
  • Primero, Thanks to Haylie for her wonderful letter! I loved it! She is the bomb.com
  • So last Monday, we had a lesson with Hilda. She is awesome. I love her to death. Anyway, I felt like we should talk about the Atonement, which is interesting because she has a really powerful testimony of the Atonement but I still felt that we should. We shared a scripture and I think it was really for her brother. He isn’t very religious but she had found out earlier that day that he had been reading the scriptures on his phone. We shared this scripture with her and invited her to share it with him. I love that Heavenly Father was able to use us as a tool to help her brother, a man we hardly even know. It was so awesome. I love it!
  • On Tuesday, we got to share a quick lesson with Irene. She is so sweet and we just love her. I know she feels something when we are over  there. I hope and pray that we can continue to help her and she can keep feeling the testimony that God loves her and is aware of her.
  • Tuesday evening, we had a lesson fall through, which was a bummer but that gave us time to visit Sister Cuyler in the hospital. She had fallen the night before and had cracked a few ribs. I am grateful that we were given an opportunity to show her how much we love her and visit her in the hospital. We didn’t stay for long but it was nice to just get to see her.
  • Tuesday night, we had English class with Pablo, Melvin and Robin. English class was so fun. They are so eager to learn and have such a desire to work hard and grow. After English class, we had a lesson with them. Robin was scheduled to be baptized tomorrow (Tuesday the 8th) but he told us during that lesson that his boss switched his schedule and now he could not come to church for awhile and he didn’t know when he would be able to come again. My heart sank and I struggled to hold back the tears. I just wanted my friend Robin to be able to be baptized so bad, not because I wanted to say that I had a baptism but because I wanted him to be able to have the joy and happiness that baptism can bring. As he was talking, our lesson plan slowly but surely got thrown out the window. I just knew that was not what he needed to hear at that moment. A few scriptures came to mind, which we shared and then I felt that I just needed to bear my testimony. I didn’t know what else to do. I just said what I knew to be true. I told Robin that I knew he was loved by God and that God existed and was aware of him. I told him that I knew Christ was my savior and I knew the Book of Mormon was true, it was a book truly written by servants of God. I told him that I know the work that happens in the temple is real. I told him that I knew sacrifice brings blessings. I cried as I shared this testimony because I really do know it. I know this is all true. I know, really I know, that Jesus Christ is my Savior and yours. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know it. I wouldn’t be here if I just believed it. I KNOW IT and that is the best blessing in my life here and forever. It was such a neat lesson and I knew as we all talked that Robin knew it too and that he was going to figure out a way to make this all happen. We decided to fast on Wednesday for Robin to be able to figure out what to do with his job. It was such an amazing lesson, not because of anything we did or said, but because the spirit was testifying to each of us. Each of us was having the opportunity to feel the spirit testify to us of truth and strengthen our faith. It was so amazing.
  • On Wednesday, we were doing service and running around and we had about 30 minutes before we needed to be at dinner. We had one thing planned but one of our investigator’s names kept coming to mind. We decided to stop by the nursing home that she is currently in. she just had knee surgery and they found cancer. she is 82 and pretty sick. we stopped by and shared a quick message with her. She just kept saying thank you. She told us that she had been having a really hard day and had just felt really sad so she was glad that we were able to come by and cheer her up. It was so great!
  • Wednesday evening was really chaotic but I know it happened the way it was supposed to. We didn’t end up getting a chance to visit the people we wanted to that night but we had a great lesson with a member who is working on getting her patriarchal blessing. I think that was exactly where Heavenly Father wanted us to be that night.
  • We had a really good lesson with Jo this week. We really love her and know that God really loves her too. It was awesome!
  • On Friday, it was kind of a slow day. No one really wanted to visit because it was the 4th but we didn’t let that stop us. We decided to make flyers for our English class and pass them around to all the Hispanic stores in Fort Morgan. It was awesome! Also, many of them were bakeries so we got to snack as we talked to people. We stopped at one and got to have a great discussion with one woman. She was so interested in what we did as missionaries. It was awesome. I loved it. It was such a testimony  to me that there is ALWAYS work to be done as a missionary. We can ALWAYS find something effective to do if we try hard enough.
  • That evening, we got to have dinner with the Nichols family and WATCH them light sparklers and fireworks. Don’t worry family, I am an obedient missionary and DID NOT light any fireworks. I promise, but I did enjoy watching these teenage boys (and some adult men) take a handful of sparklers and light them with a blow torch. I thought that was pretty funny.
  • On Saturday, we had a visit with Jesse. He is a really interesting guy. He has a lot of faith and a lot of desire to follow God. We are really excited that we get to work with him.
  • Saturday evening, we got to have dinner with George and his family. George is one of the teachers at Cargill and Sister Penn’s long time friend. He is very familiar with the church and has even played Santa Claus at the ward Christmas party before. He invited us to dinner to meet his family. It was so fun! He is so kind and we really hope that we can help them become even more familiar with the church. His family is awesome. Service is such a blessing! We may not have ever met George if it hadn’t been for the service we get to do at Cargill. I love it!
  • Sunday was CRAZY!!! It was without a doubt, the most stressful sacrament meeting of my mission but also so filled of miracles. We got to church, saw Melvin, set up the translation equipment and then realized there was no one from the ward that could translate. Sister Miner looked at me and I knew that I had to do it if I wanted Melvin to be able to understand anything during sacrament meeting. One of the blessings was that it was fast and testimony meeting. That is a lot easier because many people talk for a shorter amount of time so if I get behind, I can always catch up with the next person. Another blessing was that most people say similar things during their testimonies which are pretty basic missionary statements so I knew I could do that stuff. It was really challenging but I know Heavenly Father helped me to be able to accomplish the task. My head was pounding by the time I finished and I felt so exhausted. It was a really cool growing experience though.
  • After sacrament, I had to translate a Law of Chastity lesson into Spanish. Usually the law of chastity doesn’t really phase me. I know how to teach it pretty well but this lesson wasn’t following the missionary handbook, it was following the gospel principles book, which is much more in depth. It was quite an awkward and hilarious thing. I just had to laugh it off. I love the situations we get into as missionaries. I think they are so funny.
  • Okay, so the grand finale miracle. We got a call from Robin on Saturday night and he was talking so quickly that I could hardly understand him. However, after asking him to repeat himself several times, I realized that he was telling me that he will be able to come to church next Sunday!!!! His boss approached him and asked him to change his schedule and Robin gladly agreed!!!! This means that he will be able to be baptized really soon!!! We are hoping that he will be able to before the end of the transfer!!!!!! Faith, prayer and fasting!!!! I have such a testimony of it! I know that God has a plan and I know He helps us so much every day!!! I am so grateful for this experience! It will be one that I never forget!
  • Dios es real! El nos ama! La iglesia de JesuCristo de Los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es verdadera! El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Este Libro puede cambiar su vida! Yo creo en Milagros!
I love you all. Have an awesome week! Remember that God loves you and so do I!
Les quiero!
La Hermana Mehner
Ps. This is Amelia and I in the corn. It is supposed to be Knee-high by the 4th of July but it is even taller so that means it is a good corn year. haha. #farmgirl
#byucougars   #AmeliahascougarprideandsodoI

Letter from June 30

Hello Hello Hello Family and Friends!
Mi Corazon esta llena de emocion esta semana! Esta llena de gratitude y amor y pastel. hahaha
This week has been really cool. Really busy and really cool.
To Start,
  • Last Monday we had dinner at the Judds. They had a balloon filled with surprises for every hour of the day for my birthday. She made red velvet cheesecake for us and they remembered that I love Café Rio so they drove to Vernal Utah to bring me Café Rio that I could have for my birthday. (Okay, they didn’t drive there just for the café rio but they remembered that I had mentioned it once about a month ago so they brought it back for me.) It was the sweetest birthday present ever. I felt so loved.
  • Later that day, we went to visit Grandma Nichols. We had gotten in the habit of just calling her Grandma because everyone does. Anyway, we were there and she interrupts us mid visit and says, “I need to call Shirley (Sister Penn) right now.” She calls her and tells us we are there and then hangs up. I was so confused until about 15 minutes later when Sister Penn and her brother and his family show up with a giant ice cream cake. It was so sweet. I loved it! I really feel that Fort Morgan is like my home now. I feel like I have a ward family that is so loving and kind. I could not have asked for a better birthday. It was awesome!
  • On Tuesday, we got to teach Melvin and Robin. They are so sweet. We usually teach them an hour of English class and then have about a 45 minute lesson. We were running late that day though and trying to sneak in a couple of extra lessons so we asked them if we could do a half hour of both. We still got there about 15 minutes late. We pulled out the English stuff and Melvin says, “I don’t want you to feel rushed during the lesson, why don’t we just do a church lesson and we can do English class next week?” It was so awesome. I just know they have their priorities straight. It was awesome. Later in the week, we asked them if we could have a lesson outside because we didn’t have a member with us and so we couldn’t enter their home. They were champs about it and brought out a bunch of chairs for us. Also, we had a lesson with them on missionary work and the very next lesson, they had a new friend with them for us to teach. So awesome!
  • We had an awesome Zone Meeting this week. I love the Greeley East Zone. I feel so blessed to work side by side with so many of these missionaries. They are such great examples and have such a great desire to serve the Lord. I want to become more like each of them. I am the only missionary who has been in the zone since its creation in November. I have been in the same zone my entire mission, which is pretty crazy but I don’t mind it at all. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I will stay in the Greeley area my whole mission. ahaha
  • We had a great lesson with Roxie this week. She told us she wants to be baptized by the end of August. She said she is going to just cut cold turkey with the cigarettes. We couldn’t be more pleased and excited! I hope more than anything that I will be able to attend that baptism. I would be willing to walk the whole way there if needed.
  • We had a lesson with Jesse this week. He is really sweet. He says he feels the spirit so strong when we visit with him. He is excited to be baptized at the end of July and we are going to do everything we can so he can be ready to do that then. It will be great!
  • We met with Jo a few times this week too. She is struggling a lot with the smoking but I think she has a sincere desire to come closer to Christ. We are excited to keep working with her and hope that it starts to click a little more and she feels like she has the strength to overcome her addiction.
  • We visited with Patty for a few minutes this week. She asked us to stop by and pick something up from her. Turns out it was these awesome birthday gifts for both me and Sister Miner (her birthday was beginning of May). It was so fun! She and Roxie are so sweet.
  • We helped the Judds pack up and move this week. We were there on Saturday morning with a couple of the members of the Elders quorum. They packed up the back of the trailer and then there was still a pile of stuff that they thought wouldn’t fit. The Judds were bummed that they would have to make the 7 hour trip twice but then the women in the group (Sister Judd and the 2 of us) decided that a miracle was possible. We did some rearranging and disassembled some things and it all fit! We were so excited for them. I am grateful for the elders quorum and the work they did but I am also grateful that we were there. I know men and women are different and have different strengths. I know that when we were together, we can accomplish great things!
  • After helping the Judds move, we raced to Brother Cuyler’s funeral. It was a small, simple but powerful funeral. We felt so blessed that we were able to go and participate in the funeral. I was asked to say the closing prayer and Sister Miner was asked to lead the music. We just felt so honored that we were able to show our love for Brother Cuyler in some small way. It was a really neat thing for us.
  • On Sunday, Robin came to church! We are so excited! He is planning to get baptized on July 8th! We are really excited for him! We know that this will be such a blessing in his life. I could not be happier for him and Melvin. They are both learning and growing so much!
  • After church, we got to go visit Barbara. She is the sister of a member and one of our investigators. She is 82 years old and recently fell and broke her hip. When they were prepping her for her surgery, they found lung cancer that had spread through most of her body. We have been trying to help her and her sister during this difficult time. We went over to the nursing home where she is with some of the members of the bishopric so she could receive a blessing. She was given the blessing and after the fact, she had the most intense gaze. She wasn’t responding to any of us as we tried to talk to her. After a few minutes, she said she was fine and we shared a little message with her. As we were about to leave, she said in the strongest voice I have ever heard from her. “I know God loves me. I know He does because I am His Child.” It was so amazing. This came from a woman who was so weak, she couldn’t even hold a phone to her head. She was barely holding her eyes open but she knew, without a shadow of a doubt that God loved her. She wanted us to know it too. It was such a neat experience.
  • Overall, this week has been great. Challenging, busy, overwhelming, so funny and mostly just wonderful.
  • Also, Thank you so so so so so so so so much to Mom and Dad, Brooke, Shanny, Deeds, Hermana Vargha, Hermana Mangum, Sister Webber, The Judds, Leydie Cruz, Sister Penn, Patty and Roxie, and everyone who made my birthday so special. I am sure that I am forgetting someone but I am so grateful for you all. I am grateful that I have such a big loving wonderful group of people in my life that love me and support me. It is the best blessing ever! I am also tan agradecida por el evangelio! It is the best cosa en my vida!
  • I know we are all loved and important to God because we are His children! I know it so much! I know it as much as Barbara does. I know it. I love it. I am so grateful for that knowledge. I love you all so much! Thanks for being such awesome examples!
Con mucho Amor,
La Hermana Mehner
Ps. The subject is from the 5th sunday lesson we had yesterday. It was a lesson on indexing for Family History. It was awesome. a 14 year old youth taught most of it. This was my favorite thing that he said about it. So my invitation to all of you is to do your family history! It is the coolest thing ever! I cant wait to work on it when I get home! It will be the best thing ever! I am so pumped!
Love you tons!
This picture is the balloons for every hour of the day of my birthday!

Letter from June 16

Hola Hola Hola todos!!!!
Como Estan? This week has been awesome! We have been working hard and seeing miracles. It is awesome! I am loving things. First off, Thanks to Zach and Tiff for the letters this week. That was awesome! So sweet!
So this week, we got 35 lessons. It was awesome and somehow not very stressful. I think it was because we weren’t focusing on a lesson count, we were focusing on the people that we wanted to teach this week. There are so many people here that I know and love and that are important to me that we just had to squeeze most of them in this week. The crazy thing is, there are still others that I would like to teach too so I just think we are going to have to start teaching 40 lessons a week to get everyone in. I don’t quite know how we are going to do it but there are too many important and loved people here so we are just going to have to find a way to work harder and smarter.
  • First and biggest miracle of the week, we were visiting a member this week. She lives in an apartment complex and mentioned that someone in the complex told her that he was scared to die. She said she wasn’t and talked to him a bit about the plan of salvation. We gave her a pamphlet and invited her to share it with him. He called us about 20 minutes after he had received it and asked to meet with us. We are so excited to meet with him. Members really are the best missionaries!
  • Another big miracle, Hilda came to church this week! I haven’t seen her have a Sunday off since I have been here but she finally had one off and she was at church. Sister Miner and I both screamed when we saw her in the hall. It was awesome! I loved it! So awesome!
  • Sweet thing. We taught Melvin and Robin this week on Tuesday. They mentioned that they wanted to feed us sometime. I thought I said that on Thursday we could plan a day to eat (because I didn’t have the dinner calendar with us) but I must have sounded like we would come eat with them on Thursday. I also confused the time so we showed up an hour later than they expected. When we showed up, they weren’t upset at all. They were so patient and kind with us. Then, even though we had been so rude and it was all my fault because I still struggle with Spanish, then sliced a watermelon in half and gave it to us. It was so sweet. They are so kind. I am so grateful to know them.
  • We had an awesome lesson with Roxie this week. She told us she is going to just give up smoking cold turkey. I don’t know what her quit date is but I know she wants this and can’t wait to be rebaptized. I am so excited for her.
  • We had our scripture study class this week. It went alright. We are not sure if it is the best way for us to spend our time but we are thinking that it might need sometime to build and grow a little bit.
  • We met with Jennifer and her girls this week. We talked about the plan of salvation. It was so much fun. They are so sweet! I love them so much! We also sat next to them in church this week. That was also tons of fun.
  • We met with Irene and were able to teach her all about the restoration. She seems pretty interested. We are hoping to seeing her progress and grow. She always loves our prayers and that is really neat.
  • We helped the Judds this week. We helped Sister Judd wash her windows. It was actually really fun. In the process, we found an exercise orb that she said we could have. Then, when we told Sister Penn, she told us that she had one we could use too. Companion Study and Weekly Planning are about to get way more fun and way more fit! We love it! hahaha.
  • Oh, I had a grand revelation this week. Relay for Life was in Fort Morgan this last weekend. Hilda invited us to go with her. I really really really wanted to go. You all know how much I love Relay for Life. It is my favorite thing ever and I could have totally gone and enjoyed dinner with her and all the relay people and I probably could have justified it as a finding activity. We decided not to go. We had some lessons planned (some of which fell through) and a dinner and I just felt it wouldn’t be right to go to the Relay. I realized when I made that decision that right now is not my time to do Relay. Right now is my time to serve God. I realized that I have already given up a lot to come and serve faithfully on my mission and I realized that Relay was one more little thing that I could give up. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful for the chance I had to sacrifice something I love for the God I love even more. It was a simple little thing but I am grateful I did it. Yay for Sacrifice! It is a really beautiful thing! I am really grateful for this opportunity to sacrifice.
  • I think those are all the highlights from the week. Tomorrow, I will get to see Sister Mangum! Thank Heaven for Zone Conference! All is well here.
Thanks to all of you for being awesome and so supportive! I love you tons! I am so grateful for your support and examples in my life! The church is True! God is real and He loves you!
Now, I am off to go enjoy my last week of teenagehood! (By enjoy it, I mean, work super hard to show my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the chance to spend my 20th birthday as a missionary!)
Les quiero mucho!
Con Amor,
Hermana Mehner

Letter from June 9

Como estan todos? So I am STAYING here in Fort Morgan, at least until July 22nd. I cannot believe it. I have already been here for 6 months and now I am blessed to have another 6 weeks. Sister Miner will stay here too. I will be able to finish her training. I am so excited! This is going to be a great transfer! I am really excited for the miracles that we know will come to pass here as we work hard. I could not be happier for this exciting adventure! It is so awesome!
  • This week started off great! Last Monday, we had a lesson with Jessica. She is our new investigator. She has 2 beautiful daughters and is so sweet. She said when she came to know this was true that she would be baptized and she said she wanted to learn and study more about joseph smith and his experience. Our lesson with her went really well. We are excited to start teaching her 8 year old daughter too! It is going to be so awesome!
  • On Tuesday, we had a lesson with Irene. She is awesome! We really love here. She just seems so open.
  • Then on Tuesday afternoon, I got to go home! Home meaning the Spanish branch obviously!!!!! I got to stay in the branch for 2 days on exchanges and it was the best thing ever! I got to see so many of the people that I adore and I loved it! I cried when I saw the Leos family. They made me flan and Sister Leos and I just hugged for forever. I really felt like I was at home.
  • I was so grateful that I had a chance to go to Greeley and see the branch. It was so wonderful! I also got to work with Sister Snow and Sister Ferrell. Sister Snow was in my district in the mtc and Sister Ferrell is awesome! I love them both. I hope one day I can be companions with them both.
  • I came back on Thursday afternoon and we had a dinner in Wiggins. We didn’t want to drive all the way to Fort Morgan because we were already essentially in Wiggins from switching back for the exchange so we tried to think of a few people we could contact. We tried some former investigators with no luck. Then, a name of a family came into my mind. They haven’t come to church in a long time and I have never even technically met them but we had tried visiting them about 2 months ago with no luck. I felt like we needed to go there right then. We went. We went the family. They let us right in without even a question and we were able to share the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. It was amazing. I was so grateful for the spirit “bringing this to my remembrance.” I know the Lord wanted us to visit them that day.
  • We also started having a scripture study class this week. It is for the women in the ward and the community. This week, we only had 3 people there but it went really well. We hope to keep building it up little by little. There is such a power in the scriptures. I couldn’t be happier being able to study and learn from the Bible and Book of Mormon each day. It is the best thing ever!
  • On Friday, we had a scheduled lesson with someone but they weren’t there so we decided to go tracting. We had 3 places to tract on a list and we couldn’t decide where to go. After discussing it a bit, both Sister Miner and I felt that we should go to a specific street. We only had time to knock about 10 doors but in that time we met Reyna! She scheduled an appointment with us for the next day and it awesome! We think she is so cool. She has a family and a strong faith in Jesus Christ. It was just so neat to see God guide us to her. To knock the doors on her street. She is so great! I love finding new people to teach. We went back on Saturday to teach her and we were able to teach her and her stepdaughter about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Both listened intently and invited us back. Yay Tracting!!
  • That same day, we visited a member in this apartment complex. We met a man in the lobby and started talking to him. We shared a message with him and hopefully will teach him again tomorrow. It was awesome! His name is Armando.
  • On Saturday, we stayed really busy. That is the only way to stay focused when transfers come out. We knew we wouldn’t get a phone call until 9pm so we decided to stay as busy as possible until then. It worked out pretty well. We taught 6 lessons that day, including 3 investigators. It was awesome. I loved it. Being busy in the best thing in the world.
  • Sunday was pretty low key. We had a bunch of plans of things to do and they all fell through so we decided to go tracting. It was raining and windy and just a few hours earlier, there had been a tornado warning so the weather was pretty crazy. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t going outside in a tornado, they said it was fine to leave the house by that point). So we tracted a bit in the rain but didn’t have any success. However, I realized as we tried to huddle under my umbrella, looking like wet dogs, trying to keep all of our stuff from getting wet, that I was so happy. I was so happy even though all these people were saying no and I was pretty cold and tired. I was just happy because I knew that I was doing what Heavenly Father wanted me to be doing. I knew that I was proving my faith to myself and to God. I am now able to say that I am so sure that this church is true that I am willing to walk through the rain to try and share it with people. I am proud that I can say that.
  • Overall, things are going great! I am loving my mission. I am loving being here. I am loving working hard with Sister Miner. She is a gem!
Thanks for all your love and support! Have the greatest week ever! Se que la iglesia de JesuCristo es verdadera! Pictures to follow!
les quiero mucho!
Hermana Mehner
Ps. My address is still (and will be for the next 6 weeks)
413 Harvard St
Brush CO 80723
You can also send letters through the mission office if you like:
5285 McWhinney blvd Suite 100
Loveland CO 80538

Letter from June 2

Hola Hola Hola,

Hello Family and Friends!!! How are all of your today? This week was wonderful! It was just a really neat week chalk full of cool new learning experiences. First off, Thanks to Madison Mittleman for her letter and good luck to her and Megan Mittleman as they go through the temple. It will be such an awesome experience for you two. I am so excited for both of you!
  • So I will start off explaining the subject line. We went to contact this woman on the ward list that the Bishop’s wife asked us to contact. She hasn’t been to church in a really long time and lives in a sketchy part of town. Well, as sketchy as Brush! can get, which really isn’t very sketchy. Anyway, There was a man outside her house and a teenage boy too. We asked them if Glenda was home and they said yes. It was the boy’s mom so he went to get her. Then the other man started to ask us if we had weapons. I was a little surprised by this comment. Turns out he was on drugs and we are pretty sure this man was Glenda’s ex-husband. We are thinking that Glenda may have scared him a bit once or twice and he thought she was crazy. She was pretty nice though so the man was just nuts. I just never thought that I would be asked if I had a weapon as a missionary. I thought that was funny. I am pretty sure this man was about as high as a kite at that point.
  • Anyway, on a more uplifting note. Leydie and Soledad came to church!!!!! I have literally been working with them throughout my entire mission and they would never come to the ward here in fort morgan (or really church at all) but on sunday they came and we had someone to translate and they said they would come next week and we were so excited! It was the best!
  • Also, this week we had some flash flood warnings and tons of rain. Unfortunately, the windows in the basement leaked and water got all over our floor in our room. The good news is that Sister Penn has some cool vacuum things that suck up the water so we did that for a good portion of Friday and Saturday. The best news was that none of our stuff got too wet so we were saved. Now, we have a bunch of candles in our room to help with the wet carpet smell so the whole house smells like blueberry muffin and orange vanilla. It is pretty fun. 
  • We also felt very blessed during the flash flood warnings because we were able to go and visit someone who lives kind of far out. We definitely felt the Lord’s protection as we traveled. I love the rain!
  • We had a really good lesson with Kylie this week. We have been feeling kind of stuck lately. We didn’t know how we could help her stuff but this week, it started to become a little bit more clear and we feel like she is really starting to progress. It is slow moving but progression is progression! I know that Heavenly Father really loves her and wants her to be happy in life. I know that if we help her along, she can have so much happiness in her life. 
  • On Thursday of this week, we went and stopped by the Judd’s house. They are one of my favorite families in this ward. Brother Judd is a ward missionary and Sister Judd is an amazing chef! We love her cooking so much. She asked us when we visited with her where we were going for dinner. We said we didnt have a dinner for that night but we weren’t worried about it. We would figure something out. She insisted that we eat with them. Then Brother Judd walks in and decides we are going to get chinese food. Sister Judd says, “what should we get?” Brother Judd responds “The most expensive thing on the menu. You and the sisters are worth it!” It was really sweet. We ate a ton of chinese food. They are just such a great family!
  • The last thing I wanted to share was this AMAZING MIRACLE of the week. We found Irene last week at the Maverik gas station. We started talking to her. We ran into her again this week while we were there and we asked if we could come by the next day. She said yes. We came by the next day and she showed us around her farm and showed us all these pictures of her family. She even made us some lunch. It was so sweet. We kept trying to teach a lesson but it seemed like she wasn’t really interested. She agreed to take the lessons though. Then, just as we were about to leave, I asked if we could leave her with a prayer. She agreed and I offered a simple prayer. We opened our eyes to discover that she was crying. She just kept saying; “That was so powerful. Thank you.” It was so neat. We were able to share a scripture with her from the Book of Mormon and it was so amazing. Her whole countenance changed. Prayer is powerful and real. I know the spirit was testifying to her that God love hers. I cannot wait to go back and teach her. I think that Heavenly Father wants this for her so so so much. I cannot wait to help her to learn and better understand the gospel. It i so so so neat. It was probably one of the coolest experiences I have had on my mission. I LOVE PRAYER!
  • Sister Miner is doing great. We are just laughing a lot together and I think that is wonderful. She is also a super hard worker. I love it!
That is everything that I can think of for the week. Transfers come out on Saturday so if you are going to send something, send it to the mission office or send it to make sure it gets here before next Tuesday. I hope I am staying for one more transfer here in Fort Morgan but I have no idea so you will all find out next week. 
Love you all tons! The Church is true! the Gospel is real. God Loves us! We can communicate with Him through prayer!
Les quiero muchisisisisisiisisisimo!
Con Amor,
La Hermana Mehner

Letter from May 28

Hola hola hola!
So, this past week has been nuts but I don’t even know where to start. I was a slacker and didn’t keep notes on things I wanted to talk about for home so hopefully something will come to me as I write.
  • the most exciting thing this week was that Melvin was confirmed. In his native language. He is doing GREAT! He wore a shirt with an inappropriate saying on it to church and at first I was really disappointed and then I remembered that he doesn’t speak English and probably doesn’t even know what his shirt says. Oh the adventures of living in America.
  • We are still doing English Classes. We do not have as many students as we would like to but we are getting there, hopefully the class will grow with time.
  • On Thursday of last week, I was invited to a Missionary Leadership Conference. Usually that only includes zone leaders and sister training leaders but this meeting included all district leaders and trainers as well. It was awesome. Elder Allen of the missionary department spoke to us and I loved it! It was the coolest thing ever. I just felt like I have so much to do to become a better missionary but I really do think I can grow. I was so grateful for the experience and the chance to learn and grow from these leaders. Also, I got to see Sister Snow and Sister Cropper from the CCM and Sister Vargha (my trainer)! It was awesome!
  • JoEllen and Jennifer and Melvin came to church this last week! They are all progressing and doing well. We were so excited to see them there! Jo is working hard to quit smoking. It is slow progress but she is definitely getting there.
  • Roxie is coming along too. She is cutting back bit by bit and I couldn’t be happier. She is so awesome! I love her so much!
  • We have also decided to start a scripture study class in the community. It will mostly be women in the ward who want to learn more about the scriptures. We are trying to use this class as a way to develop more friendship and unity with women in the ward and also strengthen them spiritually. Many women have expressed that they don’t know the scriptures like they would like to and so we are going to try and help them. Some of our investigators have expressed interest in coming as well so we are really excited for that.
  • On Monday, we visited Melvin and Robin. They are both doing well. Robin has to work a lot of Sundays so he has only been to church once but we are hoping his schedule will free up so he can come more and grow more spiritually. Melvin has been able to come almost every week.
  • Oh, a little miracle. On Sunday, we were contacting a former investigator. She wasn’t home but her neighbor was outside watching his daughters play. The little girls started to talk to us and we are going back next Sunday to teach them and they speak Spanish! We are so excited. They seem like such a sweet family!
  • Yesterday, we visited Jennifer. We had a great lesson with her. Please keep her in your prayers. She is trying so hard to prepare for baptism but her long-time boyfriend is not ready to get married yet. Please pray for her to know what to do and how to help her family.
  • On Monday, since we didn’t email, we had all this extra time on our hands and Sister Penn was home. So, we decided to have a picnic party because it was memorial day. Sister Thornton and Grandma Nichols came over. It was the best! We had tons of fun.
  • Also, sorry this is being sent out on Wednesday. I know I said Tuesday but we went to the library yesterday when we had scheduled email time and it was totally full and then the other place was closing and we weren’t able to email. Instead, we went to Hope Roth’s (She is 80) and helped her in her garden. When we got there, she was trying to chop down a tree. Keep in mind, this is an 80 year old with lung issues. We are glad we showed up when we did.
  • Not much else happened that I can think of. Today is Sister Penn’s birthday so we are trying to put together something awesome for her to show her our appreciation!
  • Sorry this is a bit of a boring email. The church is true! So is the Book of Mormon! Have the Best week of your life!
Les quiero mucho mucho mucho!
Se que Dios nos ama!
Gracias por su apoya!
Con Amor,
La Hermana MehnerP1010824

Letter from May 19

Hola Hola hola!!!!!
This week was just plain crazy but it was good too. I feel like I am learning and growing every day and couldn’t be happier. It is so awesome! I love being able to be 100% focused and dedicated to this work. It is so awesome! Primero, Muchisimas Gracias to Sister Hulme for the postcard and to Mama Diane for the awesome package. I am so excited to you my new conference ensign and study the words of the prophets and the card definitely held me over on Sunday during our meetings and such. It was perfect!
So this week started off a little rough. We were supposed to meet with a potential investigator named Josh. We met him when we stopped by a member’s work for lunch. He was there and gave us his phone number right away and told us he would love to have us visit. We planned to meet with him on Tuesday. He then texted us and asked us to bring board games. We were a little concerned that he didn’t really understand our purpose in visiting him. He didn’t. But, before we had a chance to visit him, we found out that he lived outside of our area. I think it was actually a blessing in disguise. We sent the elders to him. He didn’t sound too interested in that but maybe they will touch his heart. Anyway, that got us down a bit because we were really excited to teach him. Then, we bunch of people cancelled so Tuesday started with some discouragement. However, there was a bright shiny moment to the day when we started our English Classes at the church and 2 investigators came and 4 less-active members came. It was so exciting to have them all in the church, all so eager to learn. That definitely made my day! I was so excited to be teaching English and I think it is something so wonderful that we get to do.
The rest of the week went much better. On Thursday, Melvin had his baptismal interview and it went great! Simultaneously, we were teaching his cousin Robin. This wouldn’t have been a problem except this interview was being conducted in the kitchen and we were sitting in the living room, which is essentially one room. It was so hard to try and focus on the lesson as I hear the interview in the background. Then to add to the chaos, my other zone leaders started to translate what I was saying into English so the member that was with us could understand. He was doing a great job and it was very nice of him but it was definitely the most stressful lesson of my life. However, miracles happen! During that lesson, I was able to commit Robin to being baptized on June 22. I was so excited! It was such a neat experience, even though it was really challenging and I am so glad that Robin was able to feel the spirit, even though it was a really chaotic lesson. Heavenly Father is so amazing. I also think it will be the best birthday present in the world to be able to have Robin baptized the day before my birthday. I really hope I am still here to be able to see it happen.
We also started teaching Liz this week. She hasn’t come to church in 5 years and came last Sunday. She is so sweet and I just love her. I feel like we can really support her and make an impact in her life. I am excited excited to be working with her. She has the cutest son and it is so fun going to visit her.
We visited Grandma Nichols this week. She mentioned that she didn’t want to live to be 100. (She is 93). I told her she had to stick around for quite a bit longer because I want her to come to my wedding. She asked if I had a boyfriend. I said no. She said, “Maybe you go to byu and get a boyfriend after your mission.” I laughed. I love Grandma Nichols. She is so wise.
So the definite highlight of this week was the BAPTISM!!!!!! Melvin was baptized yesterday and it was awesome! I was so so happy for him. I think the best moment for me about the experience was when we visited him on Friday just to make sure everything was set for the baptism. He just talked and talked about how he felt this was God’s plan for him and how grateful he was that we taught him. He said he was grateful for Sister Mangum too and the spirit that he felt and feels when he is around us. He was just so full of joy and I almost started laughing I was so excited. Now, he is a baptized member. He will be confirmed next sunday and he just seems so happy. I am so excited for him and I know he will be such a great example to Robin as he prepares to be baptized. I am so grateful for the chance to be apart of this experience for Melvin and I am so glad that he made this decision. I know it will bring so much joy and happiness into his life.
Later on Sunday, we visited Sharon. She said that she had been thinking about us and didn’t seem at all surprised when we came over. It was great! We committed her to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and we know that it will help her with her desire to seek truth. She is so sweet. I love her so much!
At the end of the day on Sunday, we visited with Patty, Roxie and her husband, and their brother Cody and his family. We read 2 Nephi 31 together and it was so neat. The spirit was so strong and I think we all left feeling uplifted. We are still working with Roxie and hoping that she will be done smoking by no later than June 23. (That is what I told her that I wanted for my birthday and she seemed on board). It was a great lesson and I think it really helped everyone. I hope it did. We were glad to be able to end the week that way.
We also ended up getting 8 lessons on Saturday with a total of 30 this week. I feel so blessed because I wasn’t very optimistic after Monday and Tuesday but miracles happen!
Oh, and a fun little tidbit. I spent almost 2 hours chopping up meat at Caring Ministries on Friday. They needed some help and we are always looking for ways to serve. It was the weirdest service project I have ever done but that’s okay. Thought you would get a kick out of picturing me slicing raw meat while discussing what we learned in personal study that morning. haha.
Well, I love you all. I probably wont be on next Monday because it is memorial day but I should probably be on next Tuesday. Things are going great. Thanks for the prayers and support. I love you tons! Have a great week! The church is true! The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I am so grateful for the chance to be a missionary.
Se que baustismo es el primer paso para seguir JesuCristo! Se que el Espiritu Santo es REAL!
Con todo el amor de mi Corazon,
Hermana Mehner