Letter from May 5

Hola hola hola!!!!
Como estan todos? Espero que todo esta bien en sus vidas!
First, Thanks to my Hermana Vargha for the letter. It was awesome. Segunda, yall are slackers on the mother’s day thing but it is okay because I am a resourceful missionary and Sister Penn collects ensigns so I am studying the heck out of mothers and women and their influence in the world. I really love it.
Okay, So yes, I have a daughter. Her name is Abigail Miner. I don’t think our names could be more similar if we tried. She is from Missouri. She just turned 20, our 3rd day together. She is waiting for a vise to the Rio Mission in Brazil. She is so sweet. My only complaint is that introducing ourselves to people lately has been quite a challenge. hahah. In fact, one of the teachers in the ESL program where we volunteer, has now decided that I am sister Major and she is sister Miner because that is less confusing. 🙂
So, this week was pretty low key. Still busy but just not too much newsworthy stuff. On Monday, Sister Mangum said her goodbyes and then Tuesday morning we drove to Loveland. We didn’t get home until later that evening. At transfers, I also lost my truck. It was a lot of change in a short amount of time. We now have a Subaru legacy. It is great but honestly, I miss the truck.
We did see some miracles with Jo this week. We taught her last week and she said she wasn’t ready to quit smoking and she didn’t know if she would ever be ready. Then, this week, she told us she wanted to quit and she wanted to do it now. It was AWESOME! 2 days later we taught her the stop smoking program and she is doing really well. She really seems to have quit cold turkey. It is so cool. She also came to church this week and seems to be doing pretty well. I love her so much and it is so amazing to see how the gospel helps us to make big changes in our lives.
We also finally got to teach Mohamed. He is from the Sudan. (I can’t remember North or South) and He is doing wonderfully. We gave him a Book of Mormon in Arabic and he is reading in it. It is awesome. We met with him on Sunday. He seems really open and curious. We hope to be able to see miracles with him.
We talked Melvin twice this week. Let me just testify that the gift of tongues is REAL!!!! Sister Miner is learning Portuguese, not Spanish so it has been very interesting to be teaching. She can understand a lot of what is going on in our Spanish lessons but the people don’t understand her too well when she speaks because it is pretty different. On Wednesday, we taught Melvin and it was me, Sister Miner and Bro Boyer, who can understand a lot of Spanish but cannot speak it. So, I was the mouthpiece for the lesson. I taught everything. I don’t mean to say this to boast but I think the lesson went pretty well and I know it is because the Lord was helping me. I know that He has blessed me so much with the ability to speak and understand Spanish because I NEED to right now. I cant rely on a companion or a member or anyone else. I am so grateful for a loving God who is helping me along the way. We have decided to wait and have his baptism on May 18. At first, I was pretty bummed but after our most recent lesson, I realized that this was a good thing. He still has a lot to learn and this way, it wont be so rushed and we can make sure he is ready.
We also visited Hilda this week. She is doing wonderfully. We have talked for months about her being involved in Relay for Life. She is a cancer survivor and is pretty involved in Relay. I told her months ago that I would love to be here for the relay but that was back in January, when I definitely thought I wouldn’t still be here. She told me this week that she is signed up for the Survivor’s dinner and told them that she will have 2 guests with her. It was so sweet! She wants us to accompany her to the dinner. I was almost moved to tears. I feel like the Lord is so kind. He knows how important Relay for Life has been in my life and I loved that He has given me an opportunity to be involved in a bit as a missionary. It just makes me so happy.
Roxie is doing well. She is still working on quitting but she seems more and more comfortable at church. Yesterday, she stayed for relief society, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I am really hoping that we can help her prepare to be rebaptized pretty soon.
The pictures included are of some of the ESL students. I love them so much! It is so awesome! It is one of my very favorite service projects that we do. It is the best thing ever! Also, pictures of Sister Miner and Sister Penn, Grandma Nichols and Sister Thornton. We had a bit of a birthday party for Sister Miner. It was great!
P1010812 P1010810 P1010804

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