Letter from May 28

Hola hola hola!
So, this past week has been nuts but I don’t even know where to start. I was a slacker and didn’t keep notes on things I wanted to talk about for home so hopefully something will come to me as I write.
  • the most exciting thing this week was that Melvin was confirmed. In his native language. He is doing GREAT! He wore a shirt with an inappropriate saying on it to church and at first I was really disappointed and then I remembered that he doesn’t speak English and probably doesn’t even know what his shirt says. Oh the adventures of living in America.
  • We are still doing English Classes. We do not have as many students as we would like to but we are getting there, hopefully the class will grow with time.
  • On Thursday of last week, I was invited to a Missionary Leadership Conference. Usually that only includes zone leaders and sister training leaders but this meeting included all district leaders and trainers as well. It was awesome. Elder Allen of the missionary department spoke to us and I loved it! It was the coolest thing ever. I just felt like I have so much to do to become a better missionary but I really do think I can grow. I was so grateful for the experience and the chance to learn and grow from these leaders. Also, I got to see Sister Snow and Sister Cropper from the CCM and Sister Vargha (my trainer)! It was awesome!
  • JoEllen and Jennifer and Melvin came to church this last week! They are all progressing and doing well. We were so excited to see them there! Jo is working hard to quit smoking. It is slow progress but she is definitely getting there.
  • Roxie is coming along too. She is cutting back bit by bit and I couldn’t be happier. She is so awesome! I love her so much!
  • We have also decided to start a scripture study class in the community. It will mostly be women in the ward who want to learn more about the scriptures. We are trying to use this class as a way to develop more friendship and unity with women in the ward and also strengthen them spiritually. Many women have expressed that they don’t know the scriptures like they would like to and so we are going to try and help them. Some of our investigators have expressed interest in coming as well so we are really excited for that.
  • On Monday, we visited Melvin and Robin. They are both doing well. Robin has to work a lot of Sundays so he has only been to church once but we are hoping his schedule will free up so he can come more and grow more spiritually. Melvin has been able to come almost every week.
  • Oh, a little miracle. On Sunday, we were contacting a former investigator. She wasn’t home but her neighbor was outside watching his daughters play. The little girls started to talk to us and we are going back next Sunday to teach them and they speak Spanish! We are so excited. They seem like such a sweet family!
  • Yesterday, we visited Jennifer. We had a great lesson with her. Please keep her in your prayers. She is trying so hard to prepare for baptism but her long-time boyfriend is not ready to get married yet. Please pray for her to know what to do and how to help her family.
  • On Monday, since we didn’t email, we had all this extra time on our hands and Sister Penn was home. So, we decided to have a picnic party because it was memorial day. Sister Thornton and Grandma Nichols came over. It was the best! We had tons of fun.
  • Also, sorry this is being sent out on Wednesday. I know I said Tuesday but we went to the library yesterday when we had scheduled email time and it was totally full and then the other place was closing and we weren’t able to email. Instead, we went to Hope Roth’s (She is 80) and helped her in her garden. When we got there, she was trying to chop down a tree. Keep in mind, this is an 80 year old with lung issues. We are glad we showed up when we did.
  • Not much else happened that I can think of. Today is Sister Penn’s birthday so we are trying to put together something awesome for her to show her our appreciation!
  • Sorry this is a bit of a boring email. The church is true! So is the Book of Mormon! Have the Best week of your life!
Les quiero mucho mucho mucho!
Se que Dios nos ama!
Gracias por su apoya!
Con Amor,
La Hermana MehnerP1010824

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