Letter from May 12

Hola Hola Hola Familia y Amigos!
Como estan todos? Espero que todo esta bien!
Primero, gracias to Brittany for the letter, Brooke for the package and all the mother’s day notes (she is a gem!) and also to Shan and Deeds for sending me the biggest bag of peanut M&Ms that I have ever seen in my life. It was glorious!
Segunda, this week was loco! It was also Fabuloso! I am so grateful for the gospel and the chance to be a missionary. It is truly something very hermosa! I love love love love love it!
There were 2 big miracles this week and a bunch of little ones. On Wednesday, we went to teach Melvin. We planned to reteach him the restoration to make sure he understands everything before his baptism this weekend. We walk into the door and there is Melvin’s cousin, Robin, who has been in the USA for 3 days. As soon as we sit down, he starts talking to us and jumps right in during the lesson. We shared a couple scriptures in the bible during the lesson that he repeated back to me as I read them. He had them memorized. He loves the bible. He is awesome! We had a great lesson with all of them and I felt that the spirit was there. Again, I felt so grateful for the gift of tongues and the ability to be able to speak and understand Spanish. I get so nervous when we go to teach them because I know I will be the only teacher but then Heavenly Father blesses me with the ability to be able to say what He needs said. During the lesson, we gave Robin a Book of Mormon. He excitedly accepted it and started to read in it. We went back a few days later and both Melvin and Robin had read their assignments. Robin also came to church on Sunday. It was so awesome!
The second big miracle was at Troy and Kylie’s house. We went with Brother Boyer and only Troy was home. We were pretty frustrated but we went inside and were going to start the lesson. Skyler (Troy and Kylie’s son) kept interrupting, insisting that we wait until his mom got home to start. He is only 4 but I realized that this kid was divinely inspired in that moment. Kylie comes home and in walks another couple with her. We teach a lesson about the importance of family and focusing on strengthening our children spiritually. The husband in this couple then asks us what church we are from. We told him and start sharing some basic principles. He tells us that they just left another church because he got into a disagreement with the preacher and they were looking for another church. They asked more and we gave them our information. We are hoping to visit them this week.
On Wednesday, we had a zone meeting. It was great! We had a surprise visit from Pres and Sister Brown. That was exciting. The mission just always keeps us on our toes.
On Friday, we went to a training meeting in Fort Collins. It was great. I loved it! The best part was that we got to go to Café Rio for lunch and also I got to see… HERMANA MANGUM AND HERMANA SMITH!!!!! They came to visit and chat with us a bit! It was AWESOME! It made me so happy! I love them so much! That day was pretty crazy as we ran from appointment to appointment. We were also both very full from Café Rio and then we had a really weird dinner that evening. Sister Miner was a champ and kept going throughout the night even though she felt miserable. Fortunately, she made it until we were almost home before she got sick. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it out of the car before she threw up. However, Heavenly Father blessed me with the ability to not vomit myself as we finished the drive home and I cleaned out the car. Never underestimate the power of a hose and febreze my friends. Thankfully, the weather was also nice enough that we could leave the windows open all night and by Saturday morning, we were pretty much good to go. The things you do on a mission. I just laughed about it with Sister Penn as she tried to help me out. The tender mercy of that evening was walking in the door, covered in water, dirt and vomit, and receiving a package from Shan and Deeds. A massive bag of peanut M&Ms. It was definitely a reward after that day. Thanks for the kindness sisters. Love you!
On Saturday, we visited the Millers. They are an awesome less-active family. They read their scriptures and study general conference talks but they just don’t come to church. We talked to them and shared part of “4 Minutes” from general conference and talked about what they want to do to improve their relationship with Christ. Sister Miller instantly said, “We need to start coming to church!” It was awesome! They said that in the next week or 2, they want to start coming and our job was to find a chair that Brother Miller could use during church because he just had back surgery so he can’t sit very well in the hard seats. We came up with the idea of taking the comfy chairs from the foyer and putting them in the back of the gym. We think it will work flawlessly. We are so excited for them.
On Sunday, Grandma Nichols came to ALL 3 HOURS OF CHURCH!!!! That is especially impressive because she hasn’t done that is years. Sister Penn (her daughter) and all her kids were shocked that she did so. We just told her that we were teaching a lesson 2nd hour and a lesson 3rd hour and we really wanted her to come. She said she would because we were teaching. We visited her after church for a bit and it sounded like she might come to church again. It was awesome! I love this sweet 93 year old German Woman. She is wonderful and I hope we can get her in the habit of coming a bit more often.
We also met Liz on Sunday. She is a less-active member of the church who hasn’t stepped foot into a church in 5 years but decided to come on Sunday. We introduced ourselves to her and got talking. She has a nonmember husband and agreed to allow us to come teach her this week. We are so excited! We hope we can strengthen and support her as she tries to come back to church.
After church, we set up a scavenger hunt for Sister Penn of 29 things we love about her. We put them on sticky notes and hid them all around her house. She loved it. We loved being able to do something to celebrate our mission mom here in Fort Morgan. It was wonderful!
We taught Relief Society on Sunday. It went really well I think. We talked about the influence that one righteous woman can have. I got very emotional in the lesson as I realized how much of an influence the women in this ward here have had on me. I feel like I have learned so much from them and I truly felt so grateful to know them at that moment. I love that my mission has given me the experience to serve here in this little old town and get to know people and learn from them.
We also got to Skype with our families yesterday. It was wonderful! I am so grateful for them. We didn’t have a lot of time but it was enough until I come home in December. I love my family so much and I feel so blessed to be able to have their examples and support in my life. Special shout out to my grandparents for being there. They are such champions! I am so so so grateful to be their granddaughter and get to learn from their wisdom. Thanks you two! Cant wait to see you in December!
Alright, love you all. I invite you all to study the women in the scriptures. Maybe start with Eve, Sarah, Ruth, Esther, Mary the Mother of Christ, Mary and Martha, The 2000 stripling warriors’ mothers, Abish and Emma Smith. They are some pretty amazing women and I am glad that I had the chance for the last week or 2 to study some of their divine attributes. If you need references, let me know. 🙂
Estoy tan agradecida por el evangelio y tambien por la oportunidad para ser una misionera! Gracias por todo!
Con amor,
La Hermana Mehner
Ps. Sorry, no pictures this week but just mentally picture me studying the scriptures and eating M&Ms with a diet coke next to me. That was basically this week in a nut shell. 🙂

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