Letter from March 31

Hola hola hola!!

This week has been the most exhausting week of my whole life. Legitimately, I have never been so tired in my life but I am also so so so very happy. It has been a truly wonderful week. 
Primero, Muchas Gracias Zach y Mama Mehner for the letter and package. They were great! I loved it. Also, Mom, you may have sent me the exact same skirt that Diane sent Hannah like 2 weeks ago. What can I say Great moms think a like. 🙂
Segundo, I am going to brag for like 30 seconds. I know I shouldn’t but I am really proud of Sister Mangum and I. We got 30 LESSONS this week. We nearly killed ourselves in the process but it was so worth it. With some help from the ward and certainly a lot of help from Heavenly Father, we were able to really push ourselves and teach 30 lessons. It was awesome. I think we are going to start to focus less on the number of lessons. The gospel isn’t a numbers game and also it is really exhausting to try and get 30 lessons so we are just going to focus more and more on how we can strengthen this area.
I think most of the miracles this week came with our lessons so I am just going to go down the list of all the people I love and our experiences with them this week.
Hilda- She is a less-active that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I feel like I was meant to meet her. We visit her every week. She can’t come to church hardly ever because she has to work every Sunday but she has a lot of faith. I love her so much and I feel like I learn so much from her all the time. We visited her this week and we just cried together. She was talking about some challenges in her life and I just cried for her. My heart was breaking for her and then I was so so so grateful that I am blessed enough to serve in this area and get to know her. It is so wonderful. 
Merna- She is an active member with an inactive son. She is so awesome. She invited us over to see her son do his spray paint art. He then offered to do paintings for us. He is going to paint me a beach scene so I can remember California when I am hating the weather here. She is so great!
Patty and Roxie and Chuck- We took Sister Penn with us to a lesson with Roxie and Chuck (her husband) and Patty (her sister). We decided to just read through alma 32 with them. It was the coolest thing EVER!! I was so happy. The lesson was just so filled with the spirit and everyone learned what they themselves needed to learn. It is so amazing how the spirit can help us each learn individually as we read together. The Book of Mormon has so much power to it. It was awesome! We also recommitted Roxie to the stop smoking program. It was such a great lesson. They are so sweet. I really love love love them so much. Last week we told Patty and Roxie that we love stopping at McDonald’s and getting ice cream cones or the $1 soda. They gave us a gift card for $20 so we could go whenever we wanted. It was really kind of them. They are just the most wonderful people. I feel so so so very blessed to have their examples in my life.
Jo and David- Jo (Joellen) is doing really well. We had two lessons with her and her friend David this week. I am so so so grateful to know them. They are both awesome and progressing so much. They love reading in the the book of mormon and they both have such a desire to do what is right. It is so amazing! During the first visit, the Bishop and Bro Boyer (Ward Mission Leader) gave Jo a blessing because she has really severe back problems. The spirit was so strong. I love the priesthood. They had also talked about baptism a lot, which she didn’t seem to keen on. However, during our second visit, she told me that she had been praying for 6 months to find truth and then one day the elders showed up at her door. She told me that she kind of felt like that was God’s sign to her. She also told us that she would be willing to give up smoking to be baptized! We kept talking and then she said, “Yeah, thats just like what I was reading this morning in Jacob Chapter 2.” She then proceeded to read me a scripture in the Book of Mormon and apply it to her own life. I nearly started crying tears of joy. She is applying the scriptures to her own life. She is reading in the Book of Mormon and praying about it. She is so awesome!
Grandma Nichols- We visited her this week. She loves us. Its awesome! We invited her to our weddings. She is 93 but she is tough so we hope she will be around for the next couple of years. She totally kept her cool when we found a spider in her house and almost freaked out. Also, when we were leaving, she told us that we need to remember to eat lunch and then proceeded to give us $20 to go buy lunch. It was the sweetest thing ever. I love this woman so much. She is just so sweet and always tells Sister Penn how much she loves us coming over. It is so great!
Troy and Kylie- So last week Troy and Kylie told us they wanted to get married while we were still here. It was crazy because they were talking about getting married a year from june and then they just texted us last week telling us they wanted to plan the wedding for sometime in the next 6 weeks. Then, 2 days later, they told us they couldn’t get married. Then on Saturday, Kylie called us and told us they were definitely getting married during this transfer. On Sunday, we took the bishop over there with us and made a game plan. He challenged Troy to be baptized the same day as the wedding and he said YES! Troy is going to get baptized! It is going to be so awesome! I am so excited for their family. There are so many blessings that come as we try to live the gospel. I know the Lord will strengthen them. Now, we just have to teach Troy everything he needs to know before becoming a member and plan a wedding and a baptism. It is going to be a crazy couple of weeks but I am super excited!
Cuylers- They are a super old less-active couple that we visit. I love them. He is really sarcastic and he inspired the subject line. His wife asked him to pray. He hates praying in front of us but occasionally he will do it. We brought a brother from the ward with us that he knows semi-well but he couldnt remember his name so he said that during the prayer. It took all my effort not to giggle through the rest of it. 
Women’s Conference- It was awesome. I loved it so much! I love feeling so unified with the sisters of the church. It is so awesome. I cant wait for general conference next week.
Diana- so on sunday, we had a goal of getting 7 lessons in one day and we were planning on 5 investigators at church. By the time sacrament started, half of our lessons had cancelled on us and none of our investigators were at church. We were so bummed. However, at the end of sacrament, we met Diana. She is friends with a member and she came up to visit him and came to church. She loved it! She came to our lesson in gospel principles and was participating in the class. It was awesome. We are hoping to meet with her this week and we are so very happy to know her.
Sharon- so after church on sunday, we were trying to figure out how in the world we were going to get in our 7 lessons to meet our goal. We tried contacting a referral but they weren’t home so we visited Sharon. She works with a lot of member and loves when we come by. We had so much fun with her and got to share a message with her. I really love and appreciate her so much. I am really glad we got to visit her. 
Gospel Principles- We taught gospel principles this week. It was all about sacrificing for the gospel. We shared excerpts from the talk “It is true, isn’t it? Then what else matters?” and “In search of Treasure.” We talked about Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his son. I realized how very blessed I am to be able to sacrifice this time and dedicate it to the Lord. I know that as we sacrifice and “give up things we love to the God we love even more,” we are so so very blessed. Before my mission, I really struggled to think about giving up my time with my family and friends for my mission. However, I know the Lord has blessed me with stronger family relationships as I am out here. I feel so very grateful that I have a chance to dedicate myself and sacrifice of my time to the Lord. 
So, after a really long day yesterday and Sister Penn being willing to listen to a message at 9:30pm last night, we did it. We reached our goal and we saw lots of miracles along the way. I know this email is like a million years long but I just feel like I have so much to be grateful for right now. I am so grateful for the gospel and for this chance I have to serve the Lord right now. I am so grateful for my family and friends and their amazing support.  I am so grateful to be serving in this area with Sister Mangum. Fort Morgan seems to be getting smellier and smellier but I love it so much! I would be happy staying here for the rest of my mission. 
ALSO, Next monday I will NOT be emailing. I wont be emailing until next FRIDAY because we get to go to the TEMPLE next friday! We are so excited! We are taking our preparation day next friday so we can go to the temple and we will be emailing after that. I could not be more excited! I love the temple so much. It is such a place of peace and I am very excited to feel that next week. It has been far too long. 🙂
Love love love you all! Los quiero mucho mucho mucho y les extrano mucho tambien pero estoy muy agradecida por esta chance para servir Dios. 
Mosiah 24:14-15. Mosiah 2:20-21
Con amor, 
Hermana Mehner

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