Letter from March 24

Hola hola hola!
This week has been INSANE!!! It has been crazy crazy busy, like go go
go all the day long and by the time we get home, plan, get ready for
bed, and then write in our journals, I just crash on my pillow. I
could not ask for anything better. Being busy is the best feeling in
the world as a missionary.
Thank you to Aunt Laura and Megan Mittleman for their letters this
week. They were awesome!
Okay so we started off the week with some sad news. Our beautiful
silver 2014 Nissan Frontier was taken away from us. Apparently, some
zone leaders needed it more than we did. So, we started off the week
sharing the truck with the elders. On Tuesday, there was a random,
freak blizzard thing but we recieved a blessed tender mercy and then
elders who took our truck let us use their jeep for the day. We were
really grateful because the weather was insane and we probably would
have nearly died trying to walk around in it. God was really kind to
On wednesday, we were on foot and we had a bit of a rough day. That
happens sometimes. Almost all the appointments we had that day
canceled so that was a bummer but we persevered and kept working. On
Wednesday night, we got some shocking news. The elders were being
pulled out of Fort Morgan. President needed them to help fill in
somewhere else so they got pulled out. They were not being replaced.
That meant all of their work fell to us. We know how to do the work of
2 sets of missionaries on our own. The good news is, we got to take
the truck they were using. So in the matter of 24 hours, we acquired 5
new investigators and challenges to work with new less-active members.
Thankfully, we didnt have to cover 2 dinner appointments.
So the weekend was focused on trying to meet and become more familiar
with our new investigators and trying to figure out how we are going
to make this all work. We did lots of planning and worked really hard.
On Saturday, we taught 7 lessons. It was a personal best for the both
of us. It was mostly out of necessity. We need to try and develop
trust and relationships with a lot of new people so we have to visit
them. We didn’t even realize until the end of the day that we taught
that much. It felt good though.

We taught Melvin on Saturday. He is our spanish investigator. He is
from Guatemala so it was rather challening for us to understand his
accent. It is very different from Mexican spanish but we survived with
the help of a very fluent member.

On Friday, we taught Troy. He is the boyfriend/partner of a
less-active woman in the ward. We have been meeting with her weekly
and the elders have been teaching Troy. We met him on friday and had a
lesson with him. We felt like the lesson didn’t go very well but then
they texted us that evening and asked us to come for lunch the next
day. We have also been working on trying to get them to commit to a
marriage date so he can get baptized. They also texted us after the
lesson telling us that they wanted us to be there for the wedding so
they wanted to get married in the next 6 weeks. That was really cool
to hear. It was definitely the spirit working on them. We are really
grateful to just be able to be apart of that.

On Sunday, we visited with Roxy and her sister Patty. We just stopped
by Patty’s  house because she was on our mind. They were both there
and they invited us right in. We had a long talk with them and it just
felt right. It felt like we were supposed to go there at that time. I
felt strengthened and I think they felt so too. I love visiting with
them because I feel like we are all 4 growing together when we visit.
I feel like I learn so much from the 2 of them and I hope the spirit
helps them to learn from the messages we share. Roxy is also coming
along with not smoking. It was really challenging for her but she
didnt smoke at all when we were there. That was really nice.

On Sunday evening, we visited with our new investigator Fernie. He is
a less-active member’s uncle. He told us that he was praying and
praying because he wanted to find the true church. He was raised
Catholic but didnt feel that was right for him. He kept asking God to
help him find the true church and then he noticed that he kept running
into these young boys in suits in Fort Morgan. He finally asked them
if they were mormons and they said yes! They gave him a book of mormon
and set up a lesson with him. They then left. We are really grateful
for the elder’s example and the work they put in. Fernie is awesome
and he is seeking for truth. I know the spirit led him to us. We are
so excited to be teaching him.

We also met Joe (Joellen) this week. She was one of the elders’
investigators. She was really heartbroken that the elders were leaving
and we felt really inadequate. We visited her on saturday afternoon
and just listened to her. She told us of some of the challenges she
has faced in her life. She has had health problems and family problems
and addiction issues. And to be honest, when we first met her I kept
wondering why the elders were teaching her. However, when we finally
sat down and started talking to her, started listening to her, I
realized how loved she is. She is a wonderful wonderful person. She is
trying so hard to make the world better. She is trying so hard to be
happy, despite the challenges in her life. She is trying to forgive
others. She is trying to come unto Christ and most importantly, she is
Heavenly Father’s daughter and He loves her. As we sat with her, my
heart broke and I was so sad that I had judged her when I first met
her and I was so grateful for this chance to really get to know her.
She is really such a sweet person and I am really humbled that I get
to be working with her.

We had dinner with Aric this week. He is the pastor of another church.
(I feel terrible but I cannot for the life of me remember what church
it is). Anyway, it was a great experience and I feel really blessed
that I get to learn from all the people here. They are so awesome! I
feel like I am learning so much from everyone around me. It is so

Overall, this week was really exhausting and it has been a challenge
to try and not feel overwhelmed by all the things we are trying to
balance. However, I feel so grateful that I am so blessed to be able
to have work to do. Being busy is really the most wonderful thing and
I am so happy. I feel so grateful that I am so tired. I feel so
grateful that I really can try to put all my energy and focus into
serving the Lord. It is the most wonderful feeling ever. I could not
be happier.

So, I love you all. I am so grateful for all your support and prayers.
You are all such a wonderful example to me. I hope you have the most
wonderful week. Remember Mosiah 24:14-15
The Lord does strengthen us in our afflictions. He gives us what we
need to keep going. I am so grateful for that. Love you tons!!!
Con Carino,
Hermana Mehner


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