Letter from March 17

Hola hola hola!!!!
My goodness, this week. This week has been wonderful and busy and hard and surprising and everything that a mission should be. TO START, HERMANA MANGUM AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER IN FORT MORGAN!!!!!! Prayers are answered. We get to stay here and work hard together another transfer. In fact, it could even be possible we could get a 3rd transfer together (we wont get ahead of ourselves but President is keeping some companionships together for 3 transfers so woohoo!)
Sister Mangum and I could not be more excited to be working here together again. I am so so so so so very grateful for this opportunity. We saw so many miracles last transfer and we know even more will come as we try to work hard and be obedient together this transfer.
  • We started off the week with a dinner and lesson with Roxy and her member Sister. It was one of the most fun and most pleasant dinners I have ever attended. Roxy is really being open with us and we couldn’t ask for anything more. We read the quote about the Atonement by Chieko Okazaki to them and they loved it! It was awesome! I am so so so very grateful for the Atonement in my life. It is the best thing ever.
  • Tuesday, we had a zone conference. I had to bear my testimony. I bawled through the whole thing. I thought I wouldn’t have to because I was called upon last zone conference but I was called upon and it was really hard but a good growing experience for me. We also felt like we recieved so much revelation on behalf of our less active members and our investigators. It was so wonderful. I also felt a lot of peace. That was really nice.
  • On Wednesday, we visited with Kylie. She is really progressing and is officially engaged to her boyfriend/partner guyfriend. She is really excited to get married and we are excited to help her get on track to keep the Lord’s commandments.
  • We also visited with Simon that night. He is a bit stubborn but he really has a great desire to learn and know the truth. The sister who came with us to the lesson said she cannot wait until he becomes a member because he will be such a strong member. I know it is true. We will continue to pray for him and work with him and hopefully he will come to the truth.
  • On Thursday, we had another lesson with Roxy. We talked about the Restoration. It is amazing how the basic doctrines of the Gospel can really heal and strengthen us. She is still struggling a lot to stop smoking but her faith is growing and that is helping strengthen her resolve and desire to quit smoking. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. I think she can really tell that God loves her and that we love her. We really do love her so so so much. She is such a wonderful person.
  • After our lesson with Roxy, we couldnt go home for lunch and it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside so we went to a park and had a picnic in the bed of the truck. I happened to have a blanket in the car and so we had a lovely lovely lunch. It was awesome! We love finding fun little ways to enjoy life.
  • After lunch, we helped translate parent teacher conferences at a school in Wiggins. The Prinicipal of the school is the Ward Mission Leader’s wife and she is AWESOME! Apparently, she tried to have missionaries translate a few months ago and the whole school was against it but she got them to come and help and this time, they were totally on board. It was awesome. We didnt end up translating too much but we got to talk to a lot of the teachers and help them to learn a little more about who we are. It was a great opportunity.
  • On Friday, I was very very ill. The sickest I have ever been on my mission. Sister Mangum was a champion and worked hard on things at home as I tried to sleep off my sickness. I did muster up enough energy to go to dinner, a visit with a less-active member and then a lesson with Brittany, our new investigator that night. The Lord gave me the health to survive those lessons.
  • Our lesson with Brittany was AMAZING! She has been attending church for the last 2 months but didnt want to meet with us. Finally, she agreed. She told us she has been reading in the book of mormon and trying to teach herself how to pray. She has felt the spirit so strong in the last 2 months and I know the Lord is really working with her. We had a great first lesson with her and then she asked the question every missionaries loves to hear. “So, when can I get baptized?” It was the greatest thing ever in the whole world!!! I wanted to start crying right there but I kept my cool. We explained to her about baptism and we will be setting her with a baptismal date next week. We are so excited!!!!!
  • On Saturday, I was even more sick that Friday. We never left the house. It was pretty bad but that night, the elders came over and gave me a blessing. It was awesome! Also, we probably could have gone out later in the evening but around 4pm we got a call that we would both be staying here as companions and I got so excited I started jumping on my bed and may have gotten super dizzy and then felt worse the rest of the evening. hahahah
  • Sunday, I wasn’t feeling great but missionaries have to be at church so we can be there to support our investigators at church so we went. We also had translating in sacrament meeting for the first time since I have been here. It was a really happy moment for me because we have been working so hard to get translating to happen. We finally did it! Granted, there was only one person who needed it but that is okay because know we can tell all of our spanish friends to come because they will be able to understand! 
  • After sacrament, our new spanish friend (the one who needed the translating) wanted us to teach him the first lesson so we did during the 2nd hour. It was great. We gave him a book of mormon and are going to visit him again this week. His name is Melvin. (pronounced Melveen because he is Spanish). He is great!
  • During 3rd hour, we taught relief society and it was awesome because Roxy came to Relief Society for the first time in a long time because we told her we were teaching. We were really excited! 
  • Later on Sunday, we had a cancelled appointment so we visited Sharon. She is teachnically an investigator but is really really busy so we have only visited her once before and it was last transfer. We just stopped by and she let us right in. We had a great chat with her and a really good spiritual discussion. It was so great because she hadn’t been apart of our plan that day but the Lord guided us to her. She had a really hard week last week so we were really grateful that we could be there to support her a little bit. 
  • Oh yeah, and when we told Sister Wolff, the RSP, that we were staying in the ward, she literally screamed in excitement! It was so awesome! We are so happy to be staying and it seems the ward is happy to keep us. We are so pumped!!!
  • Okay, to explain the subject- Sister Mangum and I both now have unofficially less than 9 months before we return home. Because we will be returning in December, we are on the downhill and that song has been in my head a lot lately. hahah Our official 9 month on the mission mark is April 9th. We are super pumped. Any ideas on how to celebrate?
  • Oh, also because we are staying together, we get to go to the temple for our halfway mark together. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing in the whole world!?!?!?! We are really really excited
  • Thank you Haylie and Elder Webber for the letters. They were awesome!
  • Thank you all for your love and support and prayers. I could not be more excited. I am the happiest I have even been on my mission. I truly want to work hard and serve the Lord. It is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world and it is so great to be sharing it with one of my best friends. God is so good. I feel so overwhelmed by His love.
Los Queremos Muchisimos. Yo se que el libro de Mormon es verdadero. Se que Dios nos ama todos de nosotros. Se que La Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias es Verdadero y es la iglesia de JesuCristo.
Tengan una buena semana familia y amigos. Voy a trabajar muy duro.
-La Hermana Mehner



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