Letter from June 9

Como estan todos? So I am STAYING here in Fort Morgan, at least until July 22nd. I cannot believe it. I have already been here for 6 months and now I am blessed to have another 6 weeks. Sister Miner will stay here too. I will be able to finish her training. I am so excited! This is going to be a great transfer! I am really excited for the miracles that we know will come to pass here as we work hard. I could not be happier for this exciting adventure! It is so awesome!
  • This week started off great! Last Monday, we had a lesson with Jessica. She is our new investigator. She has 2 beautiful daughters and is so sweet. She said when she came to know this was true that she would be baptized and she said she wanted to learn and study more about joseph smith and his experience. Our lesson with her went really well. We are excited to start teaching her 8 year old daughter too! It is going to be so awesome!
  • On Tuesday, we had a lesson with Irene. She is awesome! We really love here. She just seems so open.
  • Then on Tuesday afternoon, I got to go home! Home meaning the Spanish branch obviously!!!!! I got to stay in the branch for 2 days on exchanges and it was the best thing ever! I got to see so many of the people that I adore and I loved it! I cried when I saw the Leos family. They made me flan and Sister Leos and I just hugged for forever. I really felt like I was at home.
  • I was so grateful that I had a chance to go to Greeley and see the branch. It was so wonderful! I also got to work with Sister Snow and Sister Ferrell. Sister Snow was in my district in the mtc and Sister Ferrell is awesome! I love them both. I hope one day I can be companions with them both.
  • I came back on Thursday afternoon and we had a dinner in Wiggins. We didn’t want to drive all the way to Fort Morgan because we were already essentially in Wiggins from switching back for the exchange so we tried to think of a few people we could contact. We tried some former investigators with no luck. Then, a name of a family came into my mind. They haven’t come to church in a long time and I have never even technically met them but we had tried visiting them about 2 months ago with no luck. I felt like we needed to go there right then. We went. We went the family. They let us right in without even a question and we were able to share the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. It was amazing. I was so grateful for the spirit “bringing this to my remembrance.” I know the Lord wanted us to visit them that day.
  • We also started having a scripture study class this week. It is for the women in the ward and the community. This week, we only had 3 people there but it went really well. We hope to keep building it up little by little. There is such a power in the scriptures. I couldn’t be happier being able to study and learn from the Bible and Book of Mormon each day. It is the best thing ever!
  • On Friday, we had a scheduled lesson with someone but they weren’t there so we decided to go tracting. We had 3 places to tract on a list and we couldn’t decide where to go. After discussing it a bit, both Sister Miner and I felt that we should go to a specific street. We only had time to knock about 10 doors but in that time we met Reyna! She scheduled an appointment with us for the next day and it awesome! We think she is so cool. She has a family and a strong faith in Jesus Christ. It was just so neat to see God guide us to her. To knock the doors on her street. She is so great! I love finding new people to teach. We went back on Saturday to teach her and we were able to teach her and her stepdaughter about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Both listened intently and invited us back. Yay Tracting!!
  • That same day, we visited a member in this apartment complex. We met a man in the lobby and started talking to him. We shared a message with him and hopefully will teach him again tomorrow. It was awesome! His name is Armando.
  • On Saturday, we stayed really busy. That is the only way to stay focused when transfers come out. We knew we wouldn’t get a phone call until 9pm so we decided to stay as busy as possible until then. It worked out pretty well. We taught 6 lessons that day, including 3 investigators. It was awesome. I loved it. Being busy in the best thing in the world.
  • Sunday was pretty low key. We had a bunch of plans of things to do and they all fell through so we decided to go tracting. It was raining and windy and just a few hours earlier, there had been a tornado warning so the weather was pretty crazy. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t going outside in a tornado, they said it was fine to leave the house by that point). So we tracted a bit in the rain but didn’t have any success. However, I realized as we tried to huddle under my umbrella, looking like wet dogs, trying to keep all of our stuff from getting wet, that I was so happy. I was so happy even though all these people were saying no and I was pretty cold and tired. I was just happy because I knew that I was doing what Heavenly Father wanted me to be doing. I knew that I was proving my faith to myself and to God. I am now able to say that I am so sure that this church is true that I am willing to walk through the rain to try and share it with people. I am proud that I can say that.
  • Overall, things are going great! I am loving my mission. I am loving being here. I am loving working hard with Sister Miner. She is a gem!
Thanks for all your love and support! Have the greatest week ever! Se que la iglesia de JesuCristo es verdadera! Pictures to follow!
les quiero mucho!
Hermana Mehner
Ps. My address is still (and will be for the next 6 weeks)
413 Harvard St
Brush CO 80723
You can also send letters through the mission office if you like:
5285 McWhinney blvd Suite 100
Loveland CO 80538

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