Letter from June 30

Hello Hello Hello Family and Friends!
Mi Corazon esta llena de emocion esta semana! Esta llena de gratitude y amor y pastel. hahaha
This week has been really cool. Really busy and really cool.
To Start,
  • Last Monday we had dinner at the Judds. They had a balloon filled with surprises for every hour of the day for my birthday. She made red velvet cheesecake for us and they remembered that I love Café Rio so they drove to Vernal Utah to bring me Café Rio that I could have for my birthday. (Okay, they didn’t drive there just for the café rio but they remembered that I had mentioned it once about a month ago so they brought it back for me.) It was the sweetest birthday present ever. I felt so loved.
  • Later that day, we went to visit Grandma Nichols. We had gotten in the habit of just calling her Grandma because everyone does. Anyway, we were there and she interrupts us mid visit and says, “I need to call Shirley (Sister Penn) right now.” She calls her and tells us we are there and then hangs up. I was so confused until about 15 minutes later when Sister Penn and her brother and his family show up with a giant ice cream cake. It was so sweet. I loved it! I really feel that Fort Morgan is like my home now. I feel like I have a ward family that is so loving and kind. I could not have asked for a better birthday. It was awesome!
  • On Tuesday, we got to teach Melvin and Robin. They are so sweet. We usually teach them an hour of English class and then have about a 45 minute lesson. We were running late that day though and trying to sneak in a couple of extra lessons so we asked them if we could do a half hour of both. We still got there about 15 minutes late. We pulled out the English stuff and Melvin says, “I don’t want you to feel rushed during the lesson, why don’t we just do a church lesson and we can do English class next week?” It was so awesome. I just know they have their priorities straight. It was awesome. Later in the week, we asked them if we could have a lesson outside because we didn’t have a member with us and so we couldn’t enter their home. They were champs about it and brought out a bunch of chairs for us. Also, we had a lesson with them on missionary work and the very next lesson, they had a new friend with them for us to teach. So awesome!
  • We had an awesome Zone Meeting this week. I love the Greeley East Zone. I feel so blessed to work side by side with so many of these missionaries. They are such great examples and have such a great desire to serve the Lord. I want to become more like each of them. I am the only missionary who has been in the zone since its creation in November. I have been in the same zone my entire mission, which is pretty crazy but I don’t mind it at all. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I will stay in the Greeley area my whole mission. ahaha
  • We had a great lesson with Roxie this week. She told us she wants to be baptized by the end of August. She said she is going to just cut cold turkey with the cigarettes. We couldn’t be more pleased and excited! I hope more than anything that I will be able to attend that baptism. I would be willing to walk the whole way there if needed.
  • We had a lesson with Jesse this week. He is really sweet. He says he feels the spirit so strong when we visit with him. He is excited to be baptized at the end of July and we are going to do everything we can so he can be ready to do that then. It will be great!
  • We met with Jo a few times this week too. She is struggling a lot with the smoking but I think she has a sincere desire to come closer to Christ. We are excited to keep working with her and hope that it starts to click a little more and she feels like she has the strength to overcome her addiction.
  • We visited with Patty for a few minutes this week. She asked us to stop by and pick something up from her. Turns out it was these awesome birthday gifts for both me and Sister Miner (her birthday was beginning of May). It was so fun! She and Roxie are so sweet.
  • We helped the Judds pack up and move this week. We were there on Saturday morning with a couple of the members of the Elders quorum. They packed up the back of the trailer and then there was still a pile of stuff that they thought wouldn’t fit. The Judds were bummed that they would have to make the 7 hour trip twice but then the women in the group (Sister Judd and the 2 of us) decided that a miracle was possible. We did some rearranging and disassembled some things and it all fit! We were so excited for them. I am grateful for the elders quorum and the work they did but I am also grateful that we were there. I know men and women are different and have different strengths. I know that when we were together, we can accomplish great things!
  • After helping the Judds move, we raced to Brother Cuyler’s funeral. It was a small, simple but powerful funeral. We felt so blessed that we were able to go and participate in the funeral. I was asked to say the closing prayer and Sister Miner was asked to lead the music. We just felt so honored that we were able to show our love for Brother Cuyler in some small way. It was a really neat thing for us.
  • On Sunday, Robin came to church! We are so excited! He is planning to get baptized on July 8th! We are really excited for him! We know that this will be such a blessing in his life. I could not be happier for him and Melvin. They are both learning and growing so much!
  • After church, we got to go visit Barbara. She is the sister of a member and one of our investigators. She is 82 years old and recently fell and broke her hip. When they were prepping her for her surgery, they found lung cancer that had spread through most of her body. We have been trying to help her and her sister during this difficult time. We went over to the nursing home where she is with some of the members of the bishopric so she could receive a blessing. She was given the blessing and after the fact, she had the most intense gaze. She wasn’t responding to any of us as we tried to talk to her. After a few minutes, she said she was fine and we shared a little message with her. As we were about to leave, she said in the strongest voice I have ever heard from her. “I know God loves me. I know He does because I am His Child.” It was so amazing. This came from a woman who was so weak, she couldn’t even hold a phone to her head. She was barely holding her eyes open but she knew, without a shadow of a doubt that God loved her. She wanted us to know it too. It was such a neat experience.
  • Overall, this week has been great. Challenging, busy, overwhelming, so funny and mostly just wonderful.
  • Also, Thank you so so so so so so so so much to Mom and Dad, Brooke, Shanny, Deeds, Hermana Vargha, Hermana Mangum, Sister Webber, The Judds, Leydie Cruz, Sister Penn, Patty and Roxie, and everyone who made my birthday so special. I am sure that I am forgetting someone but I am so grateful for you all. I am grateful that I have such a big loving wonderful group of people in my life that love me and support me. It is the best blessing ever! I am also tan agradecida por el evangelio! It is the best cosa en my vida!
  • I know we are all loved and important to God because we are His children! I know it so much! I know it as much as Barbara does. I know it. I love it. I am so grateful for that knowledge. I love you all so much! Thanks for being such awesome examples!
Con mucho Amor,
La Hermana Mehner
Ps. The subject is from the 5th sunday lesson we had yesterday. It was a lesson on indexing for Family History. It was awesome. a 14 year old youth taught most of it. This was my favorite thing that he said about it. So my invitation to all of you is to do your family history! It is the coolest thing ever! I cant wait to work on it when I get home! It will be the best thing ever! I am so pumped!
Love you tons!
This picture is the balloons for every hour of the day of my birthday!

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