Letter from June 2

Hola Hola Hola,

Hello Family and Friends!!! How are all of your today? This week was wonderful! It was just a really neat week chalk full of cool new learning experiences. First off, Thanks to Madison Mittleman for her letter and good luck to her and Megan Mittleman as they go through the temple. It will be such an awesome experience for you two. I am so excited for both of you!
  • So I will start off explaining the subject line. We went to contact this woman on the ward list that the Bishop’s wife asked us to contact. She hasn’t been to church in a really long time and lives in a sketchy part of town. Well, as sketchy as Brush! can get, which really isn’t very sketchy. Anyway, There was a man outside her house and a teenage boy too. We asked them if Glenda was home and they said yes. It was the boy’s mom so he went to get her. Then the other man started to ask us if we had weapons. I was a little surprised by this comment. Turns out he was on drugs and we are pretty sure this man was Glenda’s ex-husband. We are thinking that Glenda may have scared him a bit once or twice and he thought she was crazy. She was pretty nice though so the man was just nuts. I just never thought that I would be asked if I had a weapon as a missionary. I thought that was funny. I am pretty sure this man was about as high as a kite at that point.
  • Anyway, on a more uplifting note. Leydie and Soledad came to church!!!!! I have literally been working with them throughout my entire mission and they would never come to the ward here in fort morgan (or really church at all) but on sunday they came and we had someone to translate and they said they would come next week and we were so excited! It was the best!
  • Also, this week we had some flash flood warnings and tons of rain. Unfortunately, the windows in the basement leaked and water got all over our floor in our room. The good news is that Sister Penn has some cool vacuum things that suck up the water so we did that for a good portion of Friday and Saturday. The best news was that none of our stuff got too wet so we were saved. Now, we have a bunch of candles in our room to help with the wet carpet smell so the whole house smells like blueberry muffin and orange vanilla. It is pretty fun. 
  • We also felt very blessed during the flash flood warnings because we were able to go and visit someone who lives kind of far out. We definitely felt the Lord’s protection as we traveled. I love the rain!
  • We had a really good lesson with Kylie this week. We have been feeling kind of stuck lately. We didn’t know how we could help her stuff but this week, it started to become a little bit more clear and we feel like she is really starting to progress. It is slow moving but progression is progression! I know that Heavenly Father really loves her and wants her to be happy in life. I know that if we help her along, she can have so much happiness in her life. 
  • On Thursday of this week, we went and stopped by the Judd’s house. They are one of my favorite families in this ward. Brother Judd is a ward missionary and Sister Judd is an amazing chef! We love her cooking so much. She asked us when we visited with her where we were going for dinner. We said we didnt have a dinner for that night but we weren’t worried about it. We would figure something out. She insisted that we eat with them. Then Brother Judd walks in and decides we are going to get chinese food. Sister Judd says, “what should we get?” Brother Judd responds “The most expensive thing on the menu. You and the sisters are worth it!” It was really sweet. We ate a ton of chinese food. They are just such a great family!
  • The last thing I wanted to share was this AMAZING MIRACLE of the week. We found Irene last week at the Maverik gas station. We started talking to her. We ran into her again this week while we were there and we asked if we could come by the next day. She said yes. We came by the next day and she showed us around her farm and showed us all these pictures of her family. She even made us some lunch. It was so sweet. We kept trying to teach a lesson but it seemed like she wasn’t really interested. She agreed to take the lessons though. Then, just as we were about to leave, I asked if we could leave her with a prayer. She agreed and I offered a simple prayer. We opened our eyes to discover that she was crying. She just kept saying; “That was so powerful. Thank you.” It was so neat. We were able to share a scripture with her from the Book of Mormon and it was so amazing. Her whole countenance changed. Prayer is powerful and real. I know the spirit was testifying to her that God love hers. I cannot wait to go back and teach her. I think that Heavenly Father wants this for her so so so much. I cannot wait to help her to learn and better understand the gospel. It i so so so neat. It was probably one of the coolest experiences I have had on my mission. I LOVE PRAYER!
  • Sister Miner is doing great. We are just laughing a lot together and I think that is wonderful. She is also a super hard worker. I love it!
That is everything that I can think of for the week. Transfers come out on Saturday so if you are going to send something, send it to the mission office or send it to make sure it gets here before next Tuesday. I hope I am staying for one more transfer here in Fort Morgan but I have no idea so you will all find out next week. 
Love you all tons! The Church is true! the Gospel is real. God Loves us! We can communicate with Him through prayer!
Les quiero muchisisisisisiisisisimo!
Con Amor,
La Hermana Mehner

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