Letter from June 16

Hola Hola Hola todos!!!!
Como Estan? This week has been awesome! We have been working hard and seeing miracles. It is awesome! I am loving things. First off, Thanks to Zach and Tiff for the letters this week. That was awesome! So sweet!
So this week, we got 35 lessons. It was awesome and somehow not very stressful. I think it was because we weren’t focusing on a lesson count, we were focusing on the people that we wanted to teach this week. There are so many people here that I know and love and that are important to me that we just had to squeeze most of them in this week. The crazy thing is, there are still others that I would like to teach too so I just think we are going to have to start teaching 40 lessons a week to get everyone in. I don’t quite know how we are going to do it but there are too many important and loved people here so we are just going to have to find a way to work harder and smarter.
  • First and biggest miracle of the week, we were visiting a member this week. She lives in an apartment complex and mentioned that someone in the complex told her that he was scared to die. She said she wasn’t and talked to him a bit about the plan of salvation. We gave her a pamphlet and invited her to share it with him. He called us about 20 minutes after he had received it and asked to meet with us. We are so excited to meet with him. Members really are the best missionaries!
  • Another big miracle, Hilda came to church this week! I haven’t seen her have a Sunday off since I have been here but she finally had one off and she was at church. Sister Miner and I both screamed when we saw her in the hall. It was awesome! I loved it! So awesome!
  • Sweet thing. We taught Melvin and Robin this week on Tuesday. They mentioned that they wanted to feed us sometime. I thought I said that on Thursday we could plan a day to eat (because I didn’t have the dinner calendar with us) but I must have sounded like we would come eat with them on Thursday. I also confused the time so we showed up an hour later than they expected. When we showed up, they weren’t upset at all. They were so patient and kind with us. Then, even though we had been so rude and it was all my fault because I still struggle with Spanish, then sliced a watermelon in half and gave it to us. It was so sweet. They are so kind. I am so grateful to know them.
  • We had an awesome lesson with Roxie this week. She told us she is going to just give up smoking cold turkey. I don’t know what her quit date is but I know she wants this and can’t wait to be rebaptized. I am so excited for her.
  • We had our scripture study class this week. It went alright. We are not sure if it is the best way for us to spend our time but we are thinking that it might need sometime to build and grow a little bit.
  • We met with Jennifer and her girls this week. We talked about the plan of salvation. It was so much fun. They are so sweet! I love them so much! We also sat next to them in church this week. That was also tons of fun.
  • We met with Irene and were able to teach her all about the restoration. She seems pretty interested. We are hoping to seeing her progress and grow. She always loves our prayers and that is really neat.
  • We helped the Judds this week. We helped Sister Judd wash her windows. It was actually really fun. In the process, we found an exercise orb that she said we could have. Then, when we told Sister Penn, she told us that she had one we could use too. Companion Study and Weekly Planning are about to get way more fun and way more fit! We love it! hahaha.
  • Oh, I had a grand revelation this week. Relay for Life was in Fort Morgan this last weekend. Hilda invited us to go with her. I really really really wanted to go. You all know how much I love Relay for Life. It is my favorite thing ever and I could have totally gone and enjoyed dinner with her and all the relay people and I probably could have justified it as a finding activity. We decided not to go. We had some lessons planned (some of which fell through) and a dinner and I just felt it wouldn’t be right to go to the Relay. I realized when I made that decision that right now is not my time to do Relay. Right now is my time to serve God. I realized that I have already given up a lot to come and serve faithfully on my mission and I realized that Relay was one more little thing that I could give up. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful for the chance I had to sacrifice something I love for the God I love even more. It was a simple little thing but I am grateful I did it. Yay for Sacrifice! It is a really beautiful thing! I am really grateful for this opportunity to sacrifice.
  • I think those are all the highlights from the week. Tomorrow, I will get to see Sister Mangum! Thank Heaven for Zone Conference! All is well here.
Thanks to all of you for being awesome and so supportive! I love you tons! I am so grateful for your support and examples in my life! The church is True! God is real and He loves you!
Now, I am off to go enjoy my last week of teenagehood! (By enjoy it, I mean, work super hard to show my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the chance to spend my 20th birthday as a missionary!)
Les quiero mucho!
Con Amor,
Hermana Mehner

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