Letter from July 7

Hola Hola Hola Familia! (no amigos porque en realidad, todos de ustedes son parte de mi familia!)
Truly though, this week was a miracle in general. It was just AMAZING!! I am just going to bullet point the miracles and I know that won’t even begin to cover it all but I will certainly try.
  • Primero, Thanks to Haylie for her wonderful letter! I loved it! She is the bomb.com
  • So last Monday, we had a lesson with Hilda. She is awesome. I love her to death. Anyway, I felt like we should talk about the Atonement, which is interesting because she has a really powerful testimony of the Atonement but I still felt that we should. We shared a scripture and I think it was really for her brother. He isn’t very religious but she had found out earlier that day that he had been reading the scriptures on his phone. We shared this scripture with her and invited her to share it with him. I love that Heavenly Father was able to use us as a tool to help her brother, a man we hardly even know. It was so awesome. I love it!
  • On Tuesday, we got to share a quick lesson with Irene. She is so sweet and we just love her. I know she feels something when we are over  there. I hope and pray that we can continue to help her and she can keep feeling the testimony that God loves her and is aware of her.
  • Tuesday evening, we had a lesson fall through, which was a bummer but that gave us time to visit Sister Cuyler in the hospital. She had fallen the night before and had cracked a few ribs. I am grateful that we were given an opportunity to show her how much we love her and visit her in the hospital. We didn’t stay for long but it was nice to just get to see her.
  • Tuesday night, we had English class with Pablo, Melvin and Robin. English class was so fun. They are so eager to learn and have such a desire to work hard and grow. After English class, we had a lesson with them. Robin was scheduled to be baptized tomorrow (Tuesday the 8th) but he told us during that lesson that his boss switched his schedule and now he could not come to church for awhile and he didn’t know when he would be able to come again. My heart sank and I struggled to hold back the tears. I just wanted my friend Robin to be able to be baptized so bad, not because I wanted to say that I had a baptism but because I wanted him to be able to have the joy and happiness that baptism can bring. As he was talking, our lesson plan slowly but surely got thrown out the window. I just knew that was not what he needed to hear at that moment. A few scriptures came to mind, which we shared and then I felt that I just needed to bear my testimony. I didn’t know what else to do. I just said what I knew to be true. I told Robin that I knew he was loved by God and that God existed and was aware of him. I told him that I knew Christ was my savior and I knew the Book of Mormon was true, it was a book truly written by servants of God. I told him that I know the work that happens in the temple is real. I told him that I knew sacrifice brings blessings. I cried as I shared this testimony because I really do know it. I know this is all true. I know, really I know, that Jesus Christ is my Savior and yours. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know it. I wouldn’t be here if I just believed it. I KNOW IT and that is the best blessing in my life here and forever. It was such a neat lesson and I knew as we all talked that Robin knew it too and that he was going to figure out a way to make this all happen. We decided to fast on Wednesday for Robin to be able to figure out what to do with his job. It was such an amazing lesson, not because of anything we did or said, but because the spirit was testifying to each of us. Each of us was having the opportunity to feel the spirit testify to us of truth and strengthen our faith. It was so amazing.
  • On Wednesday, we were doing service and running around and we had about 30 minutes before we needed to be at dinner. We had one thing planned but one of our investigator’s names kept coming to mind. We decided to stop by the nursing home that she is currently in. she just had knee surgery and they found cancer. she is 82 and pretty sick. we stopped by and shared a quick message with her. She just kept saying thank you. She told us that she had been having a really hard day and had just felt really sad so she was glad that we were able to come by and cheer her up. It was so great!
  • Wednesday evening was really chaotic but I know it happened the way it was supposed to. We didn’t end up getting a chance to visit the people we wanted to that night but we had a great lesson with a member who is working on getting her patriarchal blessing. I think that was exactly where Heavenly Father wanted us to be that night.
  • We had a really good lesson with Jo this week. We really love her and know that God really loves her too. It was awesome!
  • On Friday, it was kind of a slow day. No one really wanted to visit because it was the 4th but we didn’t let that stop us. We decided to make flyers for our English class and pass them around to all the Hispanic stores in Fort Morgan. It was awesome! Also, many of them were bakeries so we got to snack as we talked to people. We stopped at one and got to have a great discussion with one woman. She was so interested in what we did as missionaries. It was awesome. I loved it. It was such a testimony  to me that there is ALWAYS work to be done as a missionary. We can ALWAYS find something effective to do if we try hard enough.
  • That evening, we got to have dinner with the Nichols family and WATCH them light sparklers and fireworks. Don’t worry family, I am an obedient missionary and DID NOT light any fireworks. I promise, but I did enjoy watching these teenage boys (and some adult men) take a handful of sparklers and light them with a blow torch. I thought that was pretty funny.
  • On Saturday, we had a visit with Jesse. He is a really interesting guy. He has a lot of faith and a lot of desire to follow God. We are really excited that we get to work with him.
  • Saturday evening, we got to have dinner with George and his family. George is one of the teachers at Cargill and Sister Penn’s long time friend. He is very familiar with the church and has even played Santa Claus at the ward Christmas party before. He invited us to dinner to meet his family. It was so fun! He is so kind and we really hope that we can help them become even more familiar with the church. His family is awesome. Service is such a blessing! We may not have ever met George if it hadn’t been for the service we get to do at Cargill. I love it!
  • Sunday was CRAZY!!! It was without a doubt, the most stressful sacrament meeting of my mission but also so filled of miracles. We got to church, saw Melvin, set up the translation equipment and then realized there was no one from the ward that could translate. Sister Miner looked at me and I knew that I had to do it if I wanted Melvin to be able to understand anything during sacrament meeting. One of the blessings was that it was fast and testimony meeting. That is a lot easier because many people talk for a shorter amount of time so if I get behind, I can always catch up with the next person. Another blessing was that most people say similar things during their testimonies which are pretty basic missionary statements so I knew I could do that stuff. It was really challenging but I know Heavenly Father helped me to be able to accomplish the task. My head was pounding by the time I finished and I felt so exhausted. It was a really cool growing experience though.
  • After sacrament, I had to translate a Law of Chastity lesson into Spanish. Usually the law of chastity doesn’t really phase me. I know how to teach it pretty well but this lesson wasn’t following the missionary handbook, it was following the gospel principles book, which is much more in depth. It was quite an awkward and hilarious thing. I just had to laugh it off. I love the situations we get into as missionaries. I think they are so funny.
  • Okay, so the grand finale miracle. We got a call from Robin on Saturday night and he was talking so quickly that I could hardly understand him. However, after asking him to repeat himself several times, I realized that he was telling me that he will be able to come to church next Sunday!!!! His boss approached him and asked him to change his schedule and Robin gladly agreed!!!! This means that he will be able to be baptized really soon!!! We are hoping that he will be able to before the end of the transfer!!!!!! Faith, prayer and fasting!!!! I have such a testimony of it! I know that God has a plan and I know He helps us so much every day!!! I am so grateful for this experience! It will be one that I never forget!
  • Dios es real! El nos ama! La iglesia de JesuCristo de Los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es verdadera! El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Este Libro puede cambiar su vida! Yo creo en Milagros!
I love you all. Have an awesome week! Remember that God loves you and so do I!
Les quiero!
La Hermana Mehner
Ps. This is Amelia and I in the corn. It is supposed to be Knee-high by the 4th of July but it is even taller so that means it is a good corn year. haha. #farmgirl
#byucougars   #AmeliahascougarprideandsodoI

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