Letter from July 21

Hola Hola Hola!
Well, this week has been an adventure and a half. It has been loco pero tambien excellente! 

First off, Thank you to Madison Mittleman for the awesome letter! I loved it so much! You are so wonderful!
Okay, so this week was really good. It was busy and we worked hard and I can’t really remember much of it because there has just been too much going on but the most exciting news of the week is…. TRANSFERS! I am being transferred to Boulder. I will be serving with Hermana Cropper (my mtc companion and one of my favorite missionaries in this mission). We also was called to be a sister training leaders, meaning that we are to support and strengthen the sisters serving in the Boulder Colorado zone. I am terrified and excited and really nervous but I know it will be great. 
I am really sad to leave Fort Morgan. It is kind of my home now. I know I said that about the spanish branch too and that is true too but my time in Fort Morgan has just been really sacred to me. I feel that I have really learned and grown so so so much during my time here. I also realized that I know so so many people here and I will miss them dearly. I think this will be a challenging but excited time of change for me and I am just excited to throw myself into even more of the work. 
Lots of miracles happened this week. That was exciting. Many of them don’t need too much explanation so I will try to keep this short.
  • We ate at a super sketchy chinese-american buffet with Sister Penn. I was nervous throughout the dinner that I would get food poisoning but we didn’t. We were totally fine. It was fun to have a dinner with Sister Penn. She is so wonderful
  • We taught 10 lessons yesterday and were able to say goodbye to almost everyone that I wanted to say goodbye to. We will have to teach 6 lessons tonight to get the rest of the people in but I think it is possible. 🙂
  • Brother Boyer, the ward mission leader, was released and Brother Bill Nichols was called. He has so much desire to serve the Lord. He is really nervous about this calling but I think he is going to be awesome too. I know that God qualifies those whom He calls.
  • We got to have a lesson with Jesse. He is struggling to understand the differences between this church and others but he has a lot of real intent.
  • We had ward conference on Sunday and it was so powerful! I loved it! I felt like it was such a great opportunity for me to be able to be comforted and strengthened during this time. It was so great!
  • Okay, so the big miracle of this week, We found out that the new sister coming to replace me was a visa waiter who decided to stay here. She was supposed to serve in Brazil (just like Sister Miner) but her visa never came so she decided to stay here. I was freaking out when I found out she was coming here because we have so many that we teach in spanish and now there is so spanish speaking missionary here to teach them. My heart was hurting and I didn’t understand why Heavenly Father didn’t seem to be aware of these spanish speakers. I was really bummed. However, on Sunday, all my questions were answered. On Sundayat church, in walks Simon Peter. I taught him for awhile when I first got to Fort Morgan but we lost contact when he was considering moving to Denver. Simon Peter is a native Portuguese speaker. He will now be able to take the lessons in his native language. My jaw dropped when I saw him in the church building and I began to understand that God really is in charge. I feel like He was telling me, “Sister Mehner, this is my work. I know how to take care of it.” I still dont know how our spanish speakers will be taught. It will require a lot of member involvement and a lot of patience but I know that God has a plan here. I know that things will work out the way that they are supposed to and I will just have to let that be.
  • I am so glad for the miracle to know that God is in charge. I know He is in the details of our lives. This week has been shocking and surprising and exhausting but my mission is so important to me. I just feel like this has been the best growing opportunity for me. I am so glad to be a mormon missionary. It is the best!

Okay everyone, Thanks for the prayers and support. Here comes the picture train!

Oh.. explanation of the title. Old companion, new area. When I told Brother Nichols (and quite a few other Fort Morgan members) that I was serving in Boulder, they all said that I will turn into a Yuppie. I looked at him surprised and told him that I didn’t know what that meant. He rolled his eyes and walked away. Anyone know what a yuppie is?
Con mucho amor, 
La Hermana Mehner

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