Letter from July 14

Hola Hola Hola,
Primero, Gracias Sharon for the birthday present. It was awesome. I loved my pajamas. Such a cool and comfy set for the summer. Thank you so so so much! Also, Thanks to Hermana Mangum for her sweet card. It was so fun!
This week has been fun. It has been full of miracles and busy busy busy.
This week we had 3 investigators at church, which was awesome and a little stressful. It was good though. I would much rather be slightly overwhelmed at church then be bored and bummed.
One miracle of the week is that Re came to church. He was my first investigator here in Fort Morgan. He dropped us when Sister Mangum came because he was too busy but he isn’t working currently and came to church and wants to listen to the lessons again. I am so grateful for this 2nd chance to be able to teach him. It is so cool!
Robin’s baptism is currently on hold. Please pray for him. His schedule is changing all the time so he doesn’t know when he can come to church and when he can’t. It is such a bummer but I have faith that things will work out the way they need to.
We got to have exchanges this week. That was fun. I went back to the branch for a day and spent that time with Hermana England. She is awesome. We ran into a sister from the branch and I was so happy to see her. She later told the elders that I was her favorite missionary from the branch. She said “yeah, I really liked the red-headed missionary.”
I guess I really am a red headed missionary. It is so crazy. I love it!
One really cool miracle of the week is Gloria. She was a referral and we tried contacting her multiple times during the week and we finally were able to on Sunday. She first didn’t seem very interested but we tried to keep talking to her and she opened up and talked about how her husband died of cancer a few years ago and she has been really struggling to understand if there really is life after death. She became she honest and open and agreed to meet with us sometime this week. It was so neat to be able to testify and talk to her. The gospel brings so much comfort. I love the plan of salvation so much!
This week also marks one year as a missionary. I cannot believe it. This has been the most challenging, overwhelming, emotional, spiritually uplifting, and exciting year of my life. I feel like I have learned and grown so much in the last year. I think I have been able to come closer to my Savior and been able to better understand His plan for me. It has been so amazing. I think that this mission is the single greatest learning experience I have had in my life. I love it so much. It is hard. It is really overwhelming and exhausting but it is so amazing. I love it so much! I just feel like I have been able to change so much. Thank you all for your support. Thank you all for being excited for me and being willing to help and strengthen me. I am so grateful for all you all have done for me. Thanks for the emails, letters, packages and prayers. Thanks for sending me reminders and updates. You are all so great!
Also, Shout out to the Boyer family for allowing me to burn a skirt yesterday in celebration of my one year mark. They are so awesome. Pictures to follow. Don’t worry, I burned a skirt that had a giant hole in it and I did so very safely. I promise. We also continued to do missionary work throughout that day. I did not use my skirt burning as an excuse to hang out at their home.
Love you all so much!
Thanks for all you do!
Have such a great week and please keep the emails and letters coming, I love them so much!
Les quiero!
Con amor,
La Hermana Mehner
This is a picture of the Millers. They are a super sweet family that we visit. He recently had back surgery so they haven’t been able to come to church in awhile. They are great!P1010914 P1010907

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