Letter from April 28

Hola Hola Hola!
Okay so this week has been pretty crazy and I wrote down everything that happened and then I forgot that sticky note in the car so that is a bummer. No letters this week but everyone, I could really use your help. We are teaching Relief Society on Mother’s day and I don’t have very much time to do my research and the subject is totally open ended so if you could all print off and send me your favorite quote or story or talk about mothers or motherhood or anything related, that would be AMAZING!!! Please please please send it as soon as you can so I have lots of time to study it all up and learn everything I can so we can teach a great Mother’s day lesson. If you want to slip in a note too, I wouldn’t be upset. 🙂 My address is:      
Hermana Allyson Mehner
413 Harvard St
Brush, CO 80723
That would be awesome! Thanks in advance for the help!
So some really sad news, Sister Mangum is leaving me for Fort Collins. She will be companions with Hermana Smith. I am very very very sad. I feel like my heart is a little bit broken but I am trying to have confidence and trust in the Lord’s plan. I know that He knows better than we do what we need. Also, I will be training a new sister missionary. I am terrified and excited and nervous but I know that Heavenly Father will help me. Yep, I am going to be a teen mom here in Fort Morgan. (Sadly, there are a lot of actual teen moms so I am glad that I am just a missionary mom and not a real teen mom. Yay for the law of Chastity!) I know nothing about my new companion. I don’t know her name or anything so I hope that everything works out well. I will be training her here in Fort Morgan. So by the end of next transfer, I will have been here 6 months. It feels like home here now. I am still not quite used to the dead cow smell though.
  • Last Monday, we went to dinner and Gracee, the little 8 year old girl had made us easter baskets. They were FULL of candy and treats. It was so cute. Her mom told us it was all on her own. I thought it was so sweet.
  • Later that evening, we taught Jennifer and Cruz. They were doing well! We talked a lot about faith and how we can strengthen our faith. It was really fun. They have 4 daughters and I love visiting their family. the little girls are just so cute!
  • On Tuesday, we volunteered at Caring Ministries and visited with Melvin. He is doing really well. He is excited for his baptism on May 10 and we are working hard to prepare him for it. I hope the baptism will really motivate and excite my new companion. I really think he will be ready for that date and I couldn’t be happier!
  • On Wednesday, we headed to Greeley and I taught a training on enduring to the end. I think it went well. I think it was something I needed. Not something that other missionaries really needed. It was great though! I am glad I got to teach
  • On Thursday, we had another great visit with Bobby. His biggest challenge right now is finding the time to read the Book of Mormon. We explained that “there is an app for that!” and he downloaded the LDS Gospel app so he can listen to it while he is doing other things. We are so excited for him!
  • We visited Jo a lot this week too. She is doing well. She is really having a hard time having the desire to quit smoking but she said she is going to cut out the coffee first and then she will work on the cigarettes. We made a goal with her and she seems to be working toward it.
  • We also visited with Roxie this week. She told us that she is looking forward to our visits more and more. She talked about how it used to feel like something she should do and now it feels like something she wants to do so I liked that. We told her that we are her cheerleaders. We aren’t here to judge or condemn. We are here to love and support and cheer her on. She is doing awesome and we are hoping that she will be clean within the next week or two.
  • On Friday, we were doing weekly planning and we got a called from the senior assistant to the president. He called and asked me to train. I said yes and then promptly hung up and started crying. I am glad that Sister Mangum was there. She talked me through it and we started to understand that we wouldn’t be companions. It was a bummer but we tried to focus on all the fun times that we have had and remember that God has a plan for us.
  • That evening, we taught Dane, a member’s son, the stop smoking program. He is 18 years old and has expressed interest in serving a mission. We are helping him to quite smoking so he can start coming back and preparing to do so. He seems like a really cool kid so I really hope it all works out. He seems pretty determined and I know the Lord will help him.
  • On Saturday, we tried to help at a music festival here in town but they didn’t need much help so we headed down to Greeley. One of Sister Mangum’s former investigators was getting baptized. It was awesome! I was so glad that we could attend that together. It helped me to be excited and remain motivated to work hard and keep seeing miracles.
  • Saturday evening, we got the phone call that explained that Sister Mangum would be leaving to Fort Collins. I wish we would have videotaped it. The scene was downright comical. We started the voicemail, sitting at the kitchen table with Sister Penn, then Sister Mangum accidently dropped the phone and the battery and the back case fell off then the battery7 was underneath the fridge. Sister Mangum and I both scream and try to grab at it. She are both on the floor, in our skirts reaching for it. Then we both just start laughing uncontrollably. (we have done that A LOT the last 3 months) and then Sister Mangum started crying because she is laughing so hard. This leads her to try and wipe the tears from her eyes but then she starts screaming because she has IcyHot on her handsand it got in her eyes. (A few minutes earlier, she put it on her neck). I proceed to laugh even harder and Sister Penn springs into action, running to get eye drops. Sister Mangum is now halfway in the splits, screaming with her eyes closed and her arms reaching towards me. She needed a towel to wipe her hands. After about 3 more minutes, and with the help of some eye drops, we all calm down a bit to actually listen to the voicemail. I hope I am able to convey how funny this really is. We were all laughing a crying and It was just downright ridiculous. I am glad that Sister Mangum has helped to learn to look for the humor in the mission.
  • Sunday was full of goodbyes for Sister Mangum and some packing. I am so devastated to see her leave but I know that God has a plan here and we are hoping to do the Sister Mangum and Mehner sequel towards the end of our mission.
Anyway, I love you all. The church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God that changes lives. I know it does. I know that this book helps people to find peace and strength and comfort during their most difficult times. I know my Savior Lives. I know that God loves us and I know we should love all people too. Thanks for all your support! Have the most wonderful week ever! love you all!
Hermana Mehner
This is the Birch family. They are so so wonderful. She is from southern California and just reminds me of home. They took me in on Christmas. I love them so so so much! Bro Birch wasn’t home but they are really just an awesome family!

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