Letter from April 21 — Easter!

Hola Framily (friends and family)!
This week was good and hard and overwhelming and fantastic and great! I feel like a grew a lot this week and that was good. First off, Thank you to Mama Tiff and Glenbron for the awesome and perfectly timed easter packages! They were AMAZING! Also, thanks for Sister Webber for the cute easter card. I loved it!
  • This week started off super fun! Last P-day, we went to Sister Judd’s house and played board games with her and she showed us how to make cream puffs. It was super fun! We loved it! We just love this ward. It is just such a wonderful ward.
  • Later that evening, we had a Noche de Hogar (Family home evening) with some of our Spanish members. We went over to their house and had fhe and started teaching them English. It was really fun. The first question they asked us about English was, “What is a selfie?” I just about died laughing. It was fun explaining that one. We went back to teach them a bit more on Wednesday and they had made us chocoflan (the greatest dessert ever) as a thank you! It was so sweet!
  • On Tuesday, we visited with Melvin, our Spanish investigator. He is awesome! He just talked about how when we come and teach him, he feels so good and he feels so good at church. He talked about how he feels that there is a light or something with us and I just about cried tears of joy! We talked to him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he just loved it! We then committed him to a baptismal date of MAY 10th!!!! We couldn’t be more excited! He is so ready for this! He loves church, even though he doesn’t understand a lot and he is really trying to follow Christ more in his life.
  • On Tuesday, we also got homemade Café Rio Salad for dinner. It was the best! It made me so happy. I am so grateful for the awesome members here. They are fantastic!
  • On Wednesday, we gave Mohammed his Arabic Book of Mormom. He said, “I don’t know if I can meet with you this week but do you have a book or something I could read and we said YES!!!!! It was so great! We are hoping to meet with him this week sometime.
  • Patty (a member of the ward, I know I have talked about her before. She is amazing) gave a talk on Easter about what happened in the garden of Gethsemane. She asked us to come over a few times this week and help her prepare it. It was such a blessing for us. We were able to focus on Christ and the atonement and the reason for Easter all week! It was so great! I was so grateful that we were able to help her with that.
  • We also stopped by Sister Judd’s again on Thursday. She was having a hard day and had made cupcakes so we visited her. We shared with her a talk called “Lessons from Liberty Jail” By Jeffrey R. Holland and she was actually assigned to teach relief society on Sunday about Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Turns out she had been praying for a way to bridge the message of Easter with the lesson manual. This talk was the way. It is so humbling to find out that we are helping others all the time. I just love that the Lord helped us to help answer her prayer. I love being a tool in the Lord’s hands.
  • 2 less-active members that we have been trying really hard to work with came to church on Easter Sunday. We haven’t seen either of them in church for months and I was so grateful that they chose to come.
  • We had some really disappointing news this week. Troy and Kylie have decided not to get married. They discovered that if they got married Kylie would lose her disability check and they are not willing to lose that. This also means Troy cannot be baptized this weekend either. It was a really hard moment for both Sister Mangum and I. The wedding had been on and off multiple times but we really thought they were going to do it now. We are still teaching them both and hope that they continue to progress and come closer to the Lord until they feel ready to make this decision.
  • We found out on Friday afternoon that the wedding was off and we were very sad and a bit frustrated. We drove home to start planning and then discovered 3 boxes on the front door step. There was an easter package from home and then a box for each of us from Glenbron. He had sent us succulent plants. We were ecstatic! It could not have been more perfect timing. Also, Sister Mangum and I had worked in Sister Penn’s front yard that very day and she had thought to herself how much she wanted a succulent plant. It was the best thing ever! Thanks so much Daddio!
  • My easter basket was awesome too! I wore the bracelet and the shirt on easter and I really loved it! I loved the cd too! I am always grateful to have a little more variety to my music! Thanks so much Mom! You are awesome!
  • On Easter, we went to church and then spent the day with 3 different families. We had 3 awesome meals and just got to rejoice in Christ with some wonderful families from the ward. I am so grateful to the Nichols, Judds, and Boyers for letting us spend Easter with them.
  • I am also grateful for the Because of Him video. We watched it a lot yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! I love it so much! I encourage all of you to watch it! I feel so incredibly grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that through Him miracles happen and people change. I am so grateful to be able to be His representative during this time in my life. I know He is real. I know He lives. I know He loves us. I will put the link below. Please watch it and share it! I LOVE IT!
Because of Him video:
Lessons from Liberty Jail:
Beware of Pride:
These 3 messages have really been the theme of this week.
Les quiero mucho! Estoy tan agradecida por mi Salvador y Redentor JesuCristo! Se que El Vive! Se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera en la tierra. Se que es la iglesia de JesuCristo!
Love you all! Have an awesome week! Please keep us in your prayers this week! Transfers will be next week and we hope to be staying! We will find out on Saturday so please pray for us to have peace and strength to be ready to follow the Lord’s will.
Con carino,
La Hermana Mehner

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