Letter from April 14

Hola Hola Hola,
Nothing too exciting happened in the last 36 hours since I emailed but I will give you all a quick little run down.
  • We had 3 investigators at church. 2 of which only speak Spanish. We had translating for sacrament and gospel principles. It was so great!
  • A member of the stake presidency got up and bore his testimony in church yesterday and talked about how Sister Mangum and I were great young ladies and how we really were working really hard. (That was awesome because we thought he really didn’t like us).
  • Also, it snowed all day yesterday. Gotta love Colorado.
  • We had dinner with the Wolff family. She is the Relief Society President in the ward and we LOVE her. It was fantastic!
  • We had a baptism on Saturday for 2 little girls in part member families. That was awesome! Great opportunity for us to show our support
  • On Saturday morning, we also helped to strip out an old trailer. It was probably the most disgusting and physically challenging thing I have done on my mission but it was a really interesting experience. Our investigator is helping her friend strip the trailer and sell parts of it. (Don’t worry it is all totally legal. we checked.) They needed help so we pitched in a bit. It was so crazy. I am glad Sister Mangum was there with me. We tried to make it fun.  
  • On Sunday, we visited with Roxie and her Sister Patty. We read in 2 Nephi 2 and talked about the plan of salvation. It was great!
  • We had a really good week! We are both excited for Easter!
  • Thanks for all your love and support!
  • Congrats to Madison and Megan Mittleman for their mission calls!!!! I am so excited for them! They are going to be some AMAZING missionaries! Also, congrats to Megan Baker! Thanks Sister Webber for the update!
Les quiero mucho mucho mucho!
Con carino,
La Hermana Mehner

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