Letter from April 12

First, thanks to Mama Diane and Hermana Snow for the letters. They were super fun. Everyone, please keep sending them. Letters are the best! So I have almost 2 weeks to write about and so much has happened that I just have no idea how in the world I will write about it all but I will certainly try.
First, last week we made Tortas with Hilda. She is so amazing and her tortas were soooooo good! I know how to make them now and I will make them for Everyone when I get home, along with homemade tortillas because soy Mexicana. 🙂 I am so grateful that she was willing to teach us how to make them. It was awesome. I took pictures so they will be sent your way soon.
Also, We had a really good visit with Jo last week and she accepted a baptismal date of May 10! We are so excited for her and she seems so excited. As soon as she said yes, she pulled out her calendar and wrote BAPTISM on May 10th with a little heart on it. I LOVED IT! She and David also attended the Saturday morning session of General Conference. Nothing is better than watching general conference with your investigators. 🙂
We had one of the famous Hildegard dinners. It was another overwhelmingly large dinner. We took pictures so I will send some. Keep in mind. This dinner was made for just Sister Mangum and I and Hildegard (who eats like a bird). We were so so so sick and full by the time we left, but the food was so yummy!
We had 2 lessons with Bobby in the last 2 weeks. He is so awesome! He is a new investigator who was a referral from a MEMBER!!! It is great! He is searching for truth and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to teach with him. He is such a sweet guy. Our first visit, Bro Boyer came with us and the 2nd one, Patty came with us. They went splendidly.
We visited Grandma Nichols this week. We love her! She loves having us visit and we fully enjoy our visits. This week, as we were about to leave she said, “I really like you girls!” We just beamed with joy. She is great! We also visited the Cuylers. (They are gma Nichols’ friends) and they offered to take us out to dinner. It was sooo cute!!! We love them too!
General Conference was awesome! Very very few people (5 members) watched it at the church but on Saturday, 2 investigators came and on Sunday, 1 investigator and 3 potential investigators came. It was awesome! We really loved it! I loved being able to listen and learn from the Prophet. It was so wonderful! Love love love it!
So Last week, we recommitted Roxie to the Stop smoking program and she is making leaps and bounds! When we most recently talked to her, she had cut down to 3 cigarettes a day (from a whole pack a day!). She is doing awesome and she only has to be clean for 2 weeks before she can start the rebaptism process. We couldn’t be more happy for her and she is so anxious to get the process going. She knows the church is true and is so ready to be more of a part of it. We could not be more happy. Both Sister Mangum and I feel that she is a huge miracle of our missions. We are so so close to her and her sister Patty and just feel like this was such a part of our plan. We truly truly love them. In fact, just a few days ago we stopped by to visit Patty and help her prepare a talk. She an Roxie had bought us Fort Morgan sweatshirts from the high school! It was so so so sweet! We just feel so loved by them and we love them so so much too! The spirit is so strong in our lessons and we just feel like this is right! It is exactly what the Lord wants us to be doing right now. It is so amazing!
Troy and Kylie are definitely getting married!!! In Fact, their marriage license is currently sitting in our room. They gave it to us for safe keeping until the wedding. We couldn’t be more excited for them! We are still hoping that Troy will be ready to be baptized on the same day. Please keep them in your prayers. they are really coming along and we really hope that the gospel will be able to help them change their lives and strengthen their families.
We visited Hilda this week as well. She told us that she is making us necklaces because she wants us to always remember her. It was such a tender thing and is so kind of her. We really feel so loved in this ward. Hilda is really one of my favorite people. She is so loving and kind and I just feel that she is meant to be apart of my life.
On Thursday, we were at Caring Ministries and I mentioned that I wanted an Ice cream sandwich. (I have this habit of stating aloud any food that sounds good at any moment.) Then, 20 minutes later, Rusty (one of the volunteers there) come back with an ice cream sandwich for each of us. It was so sweet. He told us that he heard what I said and figured that we deserved a treat for all our hard work. It was really nice of him.
This week we also got our ARABIC Book of Mormon. We are hoping to begin teach Mohamed this week. He is from Sudan and wants to learn more. He is super smart and seems like such a nice guy. We are really excited to start teaching him and even more excited to be able to give him a Book of Mormon in his native language. It is so awesome!!! We are really excited!
Of course, the climax of the last 2 weeks was the temple yesterday. It was such a wonderful experience and I felt so very blessed to be able to go. Sister Penn and Sister Thornton took us. We also saw Elder Miller and Elder Maciel at the temple! We got to go to deseret book and get scripture cases for our Spanish scriptures and some other things. It was so fun! We got to go to a really good Asian Café too and that was fantastic. When we got back, the libraries were closed so we couldn’t email yesterday. I was so grateful for the opportunity to go to the temple and especially to go with Sister Mangum. It was the greatest experience and strengthened me and motivated me to work even harder in service of God. I am so grateful for the temple and for the chance to become closer to God through this service.
I love you all and so greatly appreciate your support and prayers! Thanks for all you do! Please keep our investigators in your prayers and also, please pray that Sister Mangum and I might get one more transfer together. (We still got 2 weeks of this one but we are really hoping for one more and it continues to seem more and more possible).
Tengan una bonita semana!
Les quiero mucho!
La Hermana Mehner P1010708 IMG_0954 IMG_0949 IMG_0847 P1010655

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