24 LESSONS! Yep, thats right. Personal best! –Letter from March 10

Hola hola hola familia y amigos!
Como estan ustedes? Espero que todo esta bien! Estoy muy muy feliz para estar aqui con la hermana mangum!
Okay this week has been chalk full of miracles and I am so so so happy to be here this week. I love serving here with Sister Mangum in Fort Morgan. It is just wonderful. I will do bullet points to try and keep it all clear.
  • Thanks to Zach and Hermana Cropper for the letters this week. They were awesome!
  • Last monday, we found catching fire nail polish and flame stickers for our fingers at walmart. It was 3 dollars and since we were pretty bummed we still cant watch catching fire, we now have catching fire toe nails. It is so fun! It is all about the little things. 🙂
  • We had exchanges this week with our sister training leaders as well. Sister Seaborn came up here and worked with me. She gave me some great ideas to help put together a group here. We are really excited to try and put them into play.
  • Okay, Roxy. She is a miracle. She is such an awesome woman. I love her so much. This week, we taught our investigator Roxy the stop smoking program. She grew up in the church but is not currently a member. We also asked a sister in the ward to join us for the lesson. When Sister Korf got there (our member) she told us she had used this very program to quit smoking. We had no idea. We both just felt this member would be a good match for Roxy. It was such a miracle. We taught her the stop smoking program. It is an awesome program by the way! It was probably the most spiritually uplifting lesson I have ever been in. At one point, She had to break all her cigarettes and put them in the dumpster. It was the coolest thing ever. I just really felt so much love for Roxy. I know the Lord loves her so so much. At the end of the lesson, we asked to end with a prayer. She asked Sister Korf to say it and Sis Korf turned around and asked her to say it. We had a quiet moment and then she said she thought she wasnt allowed to pray at the church because she wasn’t a member. It was the greatest thing in the world to be able to testify to her that God loves her and she can ALWAYS PRAY! GOD WILL ALWAYS LISTEN TO PRAYERS. She offered a simple and sincere prayer. It was so wonderful. I can see the spirit testifying to her. I feel so happy to be able to work with her. It is the best blessing ever. I love her so much.
  • We had dinner at Sister Korby’s on Thursday. It was legitimately 15 courses of awesome german food. I nearly threw up I was so full but it was so fun! She is such an awesome member. She is so great. She realized when we were there that my last name is german so she got excited and I think she likes us even more now. It was so awesome. I love sweet members.
  • We are still teaching english at cargill. On Thursday, we worked with the highest english class. They are getting closer and closer to fluency. We had never worked with them before so we had to explain why we are called Sister and we told them we were missiarionaries. Two of the students specifically asked for our phone numbers so we could teach them about the church. One is from Sudan and the other is from Ethiopia. We really hope we can start to teach them. We are so excited. We just love our students so so much! Who knew volunteering at the beef plant would be such a rewarding experience. I love love love it!
  • By the end of the day on Thursday, we had 10 lessons. That is pretty good. We didnt know if we could get 20 by the end of the week though and we still had talks to finish and a gospel principles lesson to complete. We were a little stressed. However, we planned our day on Friday and realized we could get four lessons. Then we decided to make a goal to have 20 lessons by the end of the day Saturday. That meant we needed to get 6 lessons on Saturday. We planned and confirmed 6 lessons and we were so excited. On saturday morning, we were so ready to teach. Then 2 of our investigators cancelled on us. The first 2 lessons of the day were suddenly gone and we were close to losing hope to reach our goal. Sis Korf was at the church with us when one investigator cancelled. She called and said she was sick. So, kindly, Sis Korf allowed us to teach her a lesson. Then we tried to contact a potential and a less-active member with no luck. So we called Sister West. She is an active member but she is elderly and lives alone. She said we should come over right then and help her finish up a puzzle. We said, why not? and headed over.
  • After Sister West, we had lunch with Maria (less-active, spanish speaking member) and she brought a former investigator over so we got to teach both of them. It was awesome! We were so pumped! Then the rest of our lessons for the day worked out and we got 20 lessons by the end of the day on Saturday! It was awesome! The Lord really does provide a way when you have a righteous goal and are willing to work hard. It was so great!
  • On Sunday, both Sister Mangum and I spoke in church. It went well I think. We talked about Hastening of the work. I actually used most of Deidre’s letter to me at the beginning of my mission. It was really cool to share her story.
  • Also, Roxy and Simon and….. GRANDMA NICHOLS came to church. She hasn’t been to church in a long time but we told her we were speaking and her grandson was speaking and she just couldn’t say no. It was so awesome! we were so happy to see her there.
  • At church, we also finally set up an appointment with Brittany. She is a young woman who is not a member but has been coming to church and actively participating for the last 2 months. She was hesitant to meet with us but she has since agreed and we are teaching her this coming weekend. We are so excited!
  • So, in the end- We got 24 LESSONS! We are really really proud of ourselves and yes, the lessons are important but really I am mostly proud this week because we can see that our efforts really are helping others come to Christ and that is the greatest feeling in the whole world. I could not be happier. I really feel like I am meant to be here and to learn and grow with these people.
  • Just a few more things, Transfers are a week from tomorrow. That means we need everyone to pray really hard that Sister Mangum and I will stay here together. We both just feel that our work here is not done. I will accept whatever the Lord has in store for me but I would absolutely be ecstatic if I got to stay here with Sister Mangum one more transfer. Also, because of transfers, if you are going to send anything. Send it through the mission office or just wait until next week when I know where I am going. That would be awesome! keep us in your prayers!
  • As we were driving home last night, we got a voicemail from Roxy’s sister. She is in the ward. She just wanted to tell us how grateful she was for us and our efforts to help her sister. We could hear her get emotional on the phone and it was the most humbling feeling. I just know this is God’s work. He wants families to be together forever and that is why we are here. We are here so we can help people prepare for those ordinances. It was the most wonderful end to the week. I am so grateful to be here. I am so grateful to be able to work hard and see miracles as one of God’s servants.
  • Miracles are real. People can change. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is powerful. GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN!
love you all so so so much! Alma 7:11-13
Con Carino,
La Hermana MehnerIMG_0339 IMG_0695 P1010655

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