letter from Feb 18

Okay, I will try to focus a bit on the miracles of this week so you all can at least now how this week went. I feel like you all kind of deserve an update, even though I am a crazy mess of tears of joy for my brother right now. Okay, first off- we did not get 30 lessons this week. We got 14. It wasn’t great but both sister Mangum and I got really sick this week. I think it was a lesson for me that sometimes we just must submit to the Lord’s will and have to let go of our desires, even if they are good. The good news, we are both feel good again now and are ready to work hard this week.
  • We got our truck taken away on Tuesday. We were told we should not plan on getting a new vehicle any time soon. We were told that the truck was needed elsewhere. 5 hours later. Our truck was driven back to us. There was very little explanation. I think it was a test of faith. I also think maybe my Mom and Matt on the other side pulled some strings for me. I am now even more grateful for a functioning vehicle.
  • We met with Roxy. She is a gem. She has a great desire to improve her life and we are really excited to work with her. She is so sweet and we couldn’t be happier to get to know her a bit better.
  • We met Michael. We had a 3 hour discussion with Michael in His restaurant. We happened to want soup one day and his place was the only place in all of brush that had hot soup. Michael is a very religious man and we had a funny and rather different conversation with him but we did get to teach him a bit. I was really grateful for that. It was a funny and fun and odd experience but I think it was a miracle.
  • We had dinner on February 15th at a member’s house. They decorated the whole dining room for us and gave us marshmallow roses. They had heart shaped plates and streamers and cups with hearts on them. It was so sweet. We really loved it. Those simple acts of kindness really leave such an impact.
  • Sister Penn, because she is golden, gave us flowers on valentines day. It was awesome! She is so wonderful. She also took great care of us this week, while we were sick. I have an even stronger testimony of prayer, also of doterra essential oils. They work awesome!
  • We went to the Somali store here in town yesterday. Somali women wear long, beautiful skirts so we figured we would try to find some fun new clothes. They seemed a little shocked when we walked in the store but we found some awesome stuff. It was so fun. Sometimes even finding a new skirt can seem like a miracle or tender mercy of the Lord.
  • Last night (Monday), we got to start off a new week with 4 awesome lessons. 4 lessons on a p-day is very challenging to get, like near impossible. We had dinner and then visited with 3 different less-active women. They are so awesome and we truly enjoyed our lessons. Each of them needed something different and particular and I really do feel that we were able to help and support each of these women. I am so grateful for the guidance of the spirit. It is such a blessing in my life. It is so real!
anyway, I know we had many more miracles this week but I am not really focused enough to remember them. I love you all so so so so much though! you are such a wonderful support to me and I couldn’t be more grateful to you! I love you!

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