I am officially a truck driver! letter from jan 27

Hola hola hola!
Familia y Amigos. Gracias por todo de su amor y apoya. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!!! I AM SO SORRY I AM A WEEK LATE! I LOVE YOU! I need to know where to send your birthday card and then it will be on the way. Maybe I will send it to Ben. anyway, Happy birthday to a wonderful brother! This week, thanks to Sharon and Zachary for sending me letters. They were great! The responses should be in the mail today. Thanks for all the emails too.
Okay so first off, blessings come to the patient. We had given up on the idea of us getting our own car to use. In fact, the poor elders have been having to walk a lot lately and I felt terrible about it but there wasn’t much we could do about it UNTIL, we got a call from Elder Jensen and WE GOT A NEW TRUCK!!!!! We got a Nissan frontier and I am the designated driver. Yep, I am driving a giant truck. It is big like the armada and I love it. Driving in the snow has been a new challenge for me but I love it. I love that it has 4 wheel drive and it has been really fun.
We got to have a good lesson with Simon this week. That was another blessing.
Also, we found 2 new investigators this week. One is 80 years old but she is so sweet. Her name is Barbara. The other is named Sharon. She is a champ and kind of reminds me of my Sharon (Sharon Giovanni) so naturally, I love her. She is really cool. It seems like all of our investigators are genuinely searching for truth. It is the neatest thing. Also, 4 of the 5 of them were referrals from member. Members make great missionaries. Everyone, get to know your missionaries. Talk to your friends. Be bold okay!? Keep your missionaries busy because the worst feeling in the world for missionaries is not feeling busy. Anyway, the 2 new investigators were probably the biggest miracle this week. They are just wonderful people.
Some funny things, one less-active we visit told us that her two brothers are crushing on us hard core. (They always seemed nice when they answered the door). We are called their girlfriends when we are not around. I thought that was funny. She is so awesome though and we love her. I feel so grateful to be in this area. It is so awesome!
We had a great district meeting this week. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how it can help us. I have continued to gain a testimony of how vital it is in missionary work. Without a testimony of the book of Mormon, people cannot gain a testimony of the church. We have really tried to encourage people to read and study it. I feel so blessed that I get to read it and study it every day.
We also had stake conference this week. It was all about Hastening the Work of Salvation and it was awesome. I loved it. I love being a missionary. A few interesting goals that the stake president shared:
pray as a family twice daily
have fhe weekly
have personal and family scripture study daily
Okay, they are not all that new or interesting but I know they are powerful. I know that pray is how we communicate with our Heavenly Father. I know He will listen, no matter what, no matter who, no matter when. There is nothing that can separate us from God’s love. I know that too. I want these to be goals in my future family. I encourage all who can to try and implement them now.
Not much else happened, Transfers are coming up a week from tomorrow. I will find out Saturday if I am staying or leaving. I am content either way. I know I just need to follow God’s plan for my life. Anyway, I love you all so much! The church is true and real and wonderful! It is such a blessing in my life and I am seeing it bless the lives of others. Have the most wonderful week. Please pray for me driving in the snow. Also remember, I promise to write back anyone who writes me a letter. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, but I do promise to do it. Letters are such a wonderful encouragement. I LOVE hearing about you and your lives and everything.
Love you tons!
Hermana Mehner


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