Letter from Jan. 6

That was not an exageration. It really is -5 degrees today. That is really cold. Good thing my companion is a champ and knows how to handle cold weather. I just wore 2 pairs of tights and 2 pairs of socks and wrap my scarf around my head and put my hood up. I am pretty sure that there is approximately 2 inches of skin exposed when I go outside. I look ridiculous but I dont really care. I just like being warm. haha. Also, my hot chocolate consumption has sky rocketed but it is wonderful because the woman we live with has tons of fancy hot chocolate that she doesnt drink so we get to have it every day!
Anyway, this week was awesome!
Last monday, we went out in the evening with a member. He brought us over to a family that isnt really active but that loves having the missionaries over. They are also native spanish speakers. They are awesome and we are really excited to get to visit with them more and more. They seem really sweet. Later that evening, the same member went with us to another less-active member’s house. She is almost 70 and has had a lot of health problems. She asked us last time we were there, if she could get a blessing. We hadnt scheduled this but we were in the area and happened to have a few minutes We stop by and Bro. Nichols gave Olivia a blessing. It was very short and very simple but so awesome! She told me that she really needed the blessing and that it brought her a lot of comfort. Another round of applause for the priesthood. I love how much blessings help us to feel the comfort we need at the moment. I think often time the miracles are not as obvious. Sometimes our ailments dont got away, but we have the comfort and strength from the blessings to continue in our trials.
On Tuesday, we went tracting and it was probably the most pleasent tracting experience I have ever had. It was pretty warm and everyone was really nice. Well, everyone in this town is just really nice and we found some potential investigators, some of which speak spanish! (YES!!) Then we moved into Sister Penn’s house that evening and had dinner with our warm mission leader and his family. They are awesome! So, on new years eve, we had to be in our house by 7pm so we had time to move in and President Brown let us watch Ephraim’s rescue! It is kind of like a sequel to 17 miracles, and it is even better in my opinion. It was super good and just made Sister Luke and I think a lot. I am really glad we got to watch it. We didnt stay up until midnight, but I was fine with that. I was tired.
On New years day, we went down to greeley for a district meeting. We talked about the book of mormon and it was so good! I really love our district.
On Thursday and Friday, we did some service at Caring ministries here in town. It was really fun and we got a lot done. They seem to really like us there and we love getting to learn more about other faiths and talk with different people and stuff. It was so great!
On Friday, a miracle happened. We got a call from a member in the ward. He is essentially bilingual but he prefers spanish. He has really had a hard time understanding everything from church in english but he still comes a lot and it is awesome. We visited him on Thursday and on friday, we got a call from him. His friend, who stopped by the house when we were there, is interested in learning more about the church. His friend speaks spanish (really struggles in english) and was so excited to find out we knew spanish! We are meeting with him tongiht. We have been praying and trying our best to find spanish investigators and then we just got a miracle. Heavenly Father sent us this contact and our member and his friend both seem really excited! We are beyond pumped!
Also, we got to visit and get to know more members in the ward (both active and not) and we reached 15 lessons for the week. We were pumped because the average typically for missionaries is between 15-20. We were excited to finally be able to see enough people to get a bit of a schedule in.
On Saturday, we planned for next week and got 16 lessons schedulede for and another 5  or 6 people we want to contact. We are hoping to goal for 20 lessons this week. I have never in my mission been able to get 20 lessons. Not for lacking of trying, but I have a really good feeling about this week and I am really excited!
Also on saturday, our dinner canceled, which was a bummer but then I opened a letter from auntie kim and it had a $10 gift card to subway, which both my companion and I love. We had subway for dinner. It was so great! Thanks Auntie Kim!
On Sunday, we had a great fast and testimony meeting. Both my companion and I felt we should get up and bear our testimonies. It was just a great and really spiritual meeting. I love fasting. Then we visited some people with this really sweet member. She is so dedicated and so helpful. She told  us she felt bad because there were no other names of people she could give us to go contact, then later that evening, she called us with a name. She said she was digging through her purse and a piece of paper slipped out with a contact of a member here in fort morgan who hasnt been to church in years. She called them up right away and they said they would love to meet us. I love the little miracles, the Lord puts in our lives. It is so awesome!
We also met with Sister Emmerson. She is an amazing sister. We really clicked with her. She has a little girl that is 18 months and she is 24. We just talked and it was so natural and she was so sweet. I feel like I already have such a friend in her. I am so grateful for her and we are going to go visit her again next week. We are both so excited to have her in this area. She said she was really excited to have sisters in the ward too. We love her so much!
Overall, things are good. It is cold but it gives me an opportunity to learn to drive in the snow. Sister Luke is very patient with me. Dont worry though, we are staying as warm as we can and the more appointments we have, the less time we are outside. It is such a win win situation.
Also, Thanks to Haylie, Sister Reeve, Sister Webber, and The Shields family for their letters this week. It was awesome! I love you all so much! the church is true. I know it, I live it, I love it!
You are all such great examples to me and I love having all of you in my live.
Estoy muy agradecida por todos de mis bendicions y estoy orando por todos de ustedes. Tegan una beuna semana!
Con Carino,
Hermana Mehner

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