Letter from Jan 21

Primero, SIMON CAME TO CHURCH! He came to church in a shirt and tie. He called us to cancel his appointment on saturday and we were so bummed and then he said he was going to come to church and then we waited for him and he didnt show and we were so bummed and then our ward mission leader comes and sits next to us for a second and says “Simon came!” in an excited whispered voice and I whip my head around and my red hair is flying everywhere as I am trying to spot him and there he is, sitting next to the elders. Simon came to church. He is awesome. I love being a missionary.
Segunda, I want to share my testimony of why I am here in Fort Morgan. Fort Morgan is so very different from Ladera Ranch. Fort Morgan is tiny and smelly and very country and sometimes I am so surprised that the Lord sent me here. But, this week I learned one reason that I am here. We were visiting a less-active member. She has tons of faith but she has to work every Sunday and she really misses church and wants to come but is supporting herself and her kids so she needs this job. She is biligual and I love her. Her mom is teaching me how to crochet. (it is a slow process because her mom only knows spanish and I dont know the spanish or english crochet terms). Anyway, we went and visited her last thursday and she told us that she prayed us here. She said she knows that we are here for her. To help her. She said that she doesnt feel quite as comfortable talking to the elders and they cannot often be in her home. (she is a single mom). she just kept telling us how grateful she was that we were here and I felt like my heart my burst with all the love I have for her. I love her. I love her a lot and I know I am supposed to know her and learn from her. I love her.
Third, (I dont remember how to spell that in spanish right now) We had an awesome mega lesson with the Cruz family. He is a member and she is not. She wants to be baptized but they have had some challenges they have to overcome first before she gets baptized. They are an awesome family. The elders in this area have been visiting them for months and the ward decided that we should visit them too. We decided to have a mega lesson to start this transition with the elders, us and our ward mission leader (Bro Boyer). He is so awesome! Anyway, we talked about baptism and how the gospel blessed families. The husband asked us if we (as life-time members of the church and women) ever felt forced into living the gospel standards. I honestly replied no. I talked about the blessing of the gospel and how I wouldnt have survived losing my mom if I hadnt had the belief that I would see her again and we could have an eternal family. I talked about how I am a missionary because I want others to know their families can be eternal and I want to help others work towards that. I was really honest and I hope the spirit was there. The lesson as a whole was really cool. There was so much power and love in the room. It was one of the coolest lessons I have ever been in. Our ward mission leader is so awesome too and he shared his testimony about eternal families. It was so wonderful. Please pray for them. We are hoping their family will be ready for her baptism this saturday. We fasted for them on Sunday and we hope to see miracles happen this week.
Fourth, we didn’t get to teach Renaldo last week because we need a sister to go with us and no one was available. However, we texted him a few days ago to see when he was free. He replied “To talk about God, I always have time” It was so awesome. He is reading in the Book of Mormon and has a sincere desire to learn. It is so amazing.
Fifth, we had a ward potluck on Friday evening. Not a lot of people came but we met a less-active sister who we have been trying to contact for weeks now. We introduced ourselves to her and asked if we could come by. She gladly accepted and we are so excited to start teaching her more.
6th, please keep sister roth in your prayers. She is an amzing sister we visit. (She is 80 and is strong. She reminds me of mimi). She is pretty sick right now and could use some prayers of health.
7th, My companion got a blessing yesterday. She felt she needed one. Her blessing was so awesom and it actually was an answer to my prayers. Go priesthood. I love that Heavenly Father so often answers our prayers through others. It is such a blessing.
8th, We keep doing lots of service too. I love it. I love the place we volunteer at. It is such an amazing organization and I just love it. Oh, also- a little miracle for me this week. I saw a sign for Relay for Life here and I was super bummed that I couldnt get involved. The relay isnt until June and it is pretty unlikely that I will still be here around then. However, Hilda (the woman that works every sunday) told me that she is super involved with it. I was so excited! I know I probably won’t be here but it made me excited that I could at least buy some of her tamales and the money would go to ACS. I miss relay a lot so I felt so blessed to be able to get connected with it a little bit.
9th, So we didnt get a lot of lessons this week. Both my companion and I got a little sick so that was rough but the work progressed and we still saw miracles. The ward we work in is amazing and I love being in this area. I feel like I am learning every day and my testimony is growing every day too. I love being a missionary. I love you all so much. Thanks Sister Cropper for the letter this week. Also thanks Tiff, I got the makeup. The weather has been pretty nice (well, for Colorado) and I am so happy to be here. I hope you all have a great week. Remember that God loves you a whole lot and so do I. I miss you all tons and miracles exist today. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and the Gospel does indeed bless families.
10th, I wasn’t going to put a 10th but I would feel very ungrateful if I didn’t. I just wanted to say that I am grateful that myself and my family has been so blessed by this mission. I don’t mean to say that to brag or say that I am wonderful. I just want to share my testimony that when we do God’s will and serve Him, we are blessed. We are blessed because He knows what we are supposed to do. He has the master plan. Sometimes trusting in His plan is downright terrifying but I know personally that is blesses us because it has blessed me and my family so tremendously. I am so grateful for their support, for God’s support and for your support. Thanks for all the prayers and notes and emails. I love you all.

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