Letter from Jan. 13

Alrighty, This email is going to be a mess because there is so so much to stay. I will try to keep it all straight. First off, Thank you Sharon for the AMAZING PACKAGE!!! Especially for the reminders of the play. That was such a fun treat and really gave me a boost. Also, the hats and leggings are definitely being used. Also thanks to Hermana Snow, the family, and Elder Webber for the letters this week. They were wonderful! Alrighty everyone, are you ready to read about some amazing miracles and my testimony that God is hastening His work!!!???
Alright, so you all know that this last week we wanted to get 20 lessons. I have never been able to teach 20 lessons in one week in my whole mission because it is dang hard. You have to manage your time really well and hope that people dont bail on you and typically you need a miracle. Between studies and service and meetings and planning and everything, it seems like there doesnt always end up being a lot of time for finding and teaching. We did our planning super well last week and had more than 20 schedule appointments. We were pumped because we were excited to see that happen. However, by Friday we only had 8 lessons and I was nervous it wasn’t going to happen. A few people bailed on us and Sister Luke was kind of sick so we didnt have as much time and we had a big meeting and more service than was planned and everything. However, on Saturday, we did an exchange with our sister training leaders (Sister Hoer and Sister Jarvis). They both came up here so we had 2 sets of sisters up here for the day. On Saturday, we got 6 lessons and another 3 set up for Sunday. So by the end of the night saturday night, we had 17 lessons. We were so excited and really wanted to accomplish our goal. Our Sunday, we literally left our apartment at 7:45 (ward council) and didnt get home until 8:50 at night but WE GOT 21 LESSONS! We worked so hard all day Sunday and a few appointments fell through but we had referrals to contact and lists to update. We were literally working so hard until we got home. It was the most awesome feeling! We were so pumped. We also got all 10 hours of service in so nothing else really suffered so that we could have 21 lessons. It was so wonderful! We both felt so accomplished!
Now, I am going to tell you about the miracle of Referrals. All of you should do it!
Okay, so our current progressing investigator in Renaldo. He is a referral from a spanish speaking member. He is reading in the Book of Mormon and is really interested. He is our only spanish investigator but he is a gem! He wants to know the right path for him. We had 2 awesome lessons with him this week. One was with Hermana Jarvis and I. It was AMAZING! (I certainly wasnt amazing but the spirit was strong and that is what I mean when I say, it was amazing). He asked questions about the Book of Mormon about specific passages (meaning he understood). He is awesome. Our goal this week is to set him with a date to prepare for baptism. Pray for him, will you?
Our Second investigator, Marina (?) Sister Luke and Sister Hoer found while tracting. They taught her the first lesson and she wants us to come back. I have never met her but Sister Luke is so excited about her. She sounds awesome and I feel so blessed that we were able to have the help our leaders this week. It was so awesome. They left her with a Book of Mormon and we will be going back tomorrow to answer her questions.
Our 3rd investigator (Yes, we indeed found 3 investigators this week! Can you believe it?!?) His name is Simon. He was a referral from Church Headquarters. We tried contacting him a few days ago with no luck. On saturday, Sister Jarvis and I contacted him. He was outside talking on his phone. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and asked if we could come back. We went back yesterday with our ward mission leader. Simon had questions about specific passages throughout the whole Book of Mormon. I dont know if He just randomly read chapters or what but it looked like he had read through most of the book in one evening. I was really nervous about his lesson at first. On Saturday, I got the impression that he was going to be someone that just invited us over to tell us how wrong we were. In reality, I totally and completely misjudged him. He has been a a search to find a church for years. He asked the most insightful questions, is well versed in the bible and has the sweetest heart. We shared the first lesson with him and he really seemed to understand and agree with the principles. It was AMAZING! The spirit was so strong! At the end of our lesson, he thanked us for coming. He said: “I want to tell you two things. First, I am really impressed by you two missionaries. You are far from home and missions are hard. I am really impressed.” He also said “Someone once told me to judge a church by its people. You can know the truth by the actions of the people and I know there are good people in this church. I mean, just look at how nicely you are dressed, especially the girls, I can just… smell the holiness.” Yep, Simon has a great nose and can smell our holiness. I hope others can smell our holiness. I would imagine it might be a little difficult here in Fort Morgan because everything smell like dead cow and sugarbeets. Anyway, Simon is wonderful. He is so excited to learn and so eager for the truth. I feel so blessed to be able to be here and share it with him and others.
Entonses Hermanos y Hermanas, the work is progressing. We had a few slow weeks but we have started to get the hang of it and with the help of some AMAZING miracles, we were also able to teach 11 Less-active members this week. I have a testimony of referrals. It is the very best way to help the missionaries accomplish their work. We have a few more referrals that we couldnt contact last week and I am excited to contact them this week. I feel so blessed to be in this ward. It is such a missionary minded ward and they are truly helping us and strenghtening us and supporting us in the work. It is such a wonderful blessing. Also, the weather was a lot warmer after last monday. Today, it is like 35 degrees outside and the sun is shining. I still have to wear my coat but the sun reminds me of home and that is nice.
Oh, also congratulations to me, Sister Luke, Sister Mangum, Sister Cropper, and Sister Snow. We have officially survived 6 months of our mission. Our 6th month mark was January 9th. That day was really challenging but It was also fun to think about how far we have come and how much we have changed. I know that the Lord is working miracles in each of us too. It is such a blessing to be able to be a full-time representative of Christ. I love it. I love love love love love it! Please support the missionaries in your area and give them referrals. People who might be struggling, need service, or just need a message of hope. I know everyone can benefit from coming closer to Christ. I know He is real.
This email is way tooo long. Sorry about that all. Anyway, I love you all so so so so much! Oh, one last quick miracle. Prayer is real. I accidently misplaced our area book last night. (That book has EVERYTHING in it). All the records of everything and I was freaking out this morning. I decided to pray after searching for 20 minutes and not knowing where it was. I prayed and 5 minutes later, I found it. I knew exactly where it was. I love prayer!
Love you all. Have the most wonderful week. Thank you for all your support and love. I know I wouldnt be here without it. Love you!
Hermana Mehner

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