Ally’s letter from Dec 9



Hola Familia y Amigos,
So, this week winter came and it doesnt look like it is going away any time soon. The coldest is has been is -6 degrees farenheit with an average of about 8 degrees. It is cold. i have taken to wearing: tights, leggings, socks, boots, a sweater, a scarf (a veces), my coat and gloves before I leave the house and the thing is, I am still cold. My poor California body is not quite adjusted to this whole colorado winter thing. The good news is that I have not yet slipped and fell on the ice. I am very cautious. I have a feeling the winter would be even harder on crutches and we all know how clumsy I am.
So this week, with the weather, and then I am still sick, and then my companion got sick, we haven’t been able to do as much as we would have liked. We did still see miracles and worked as hard as the weather and our bodies allowed.
We did help build a Habitat for Humanity house. That was before the snow came. It was somewhat ironic because we helped put the heating system in and it was FREEZING as we did it, but never underestimate a bunch of determined missionaries. We finished the job. My fingers hurt for awhile but we finished and I was glad we got to give service.
We also did service this week at the food bank and did english class and worked at ARC (a good-will type place). It was fun and we try to make friends everywhere we serve. It has been really fun to get to know new people.
Other miracles of the week
  • I got a letter from Haylie, Steven and Sister Ku!!! They certainly brightened my day.
  • We visited Maria. She is a less-active that loves our visits but is near impossible to contact. We visited her this week and she was so excited to see us. She needed a blessing, and so did her 4 month old son. We brought the elders with us later that week to give a blessing and it was awesome! She said it really helped her. Again, the power of the priesthood. It never ceases to amaze me. I know it is real and I know it is powerful! We had another experience with the priesthood this week and I just know how powerful it really is. God is aware of each of us personally. I know He is. I feel it and I see it in other people every day. I know He loves you and is aware of you.
  • We visted Mel a lot this week. She had been feeling especially lonely this week and so we went over there 3 times this week. She was really open and honest with us. She has a 3 year old daughter and a 4 month old daughter, neither of which ever got their baby blessings. She told us that she wants them to be blessed and we are probably going to make it happen at the beginning of january. I am so excited for her! She is really changing and growning. During our second visit of the week, I asked her if she wanted to prepare for the temple. I got to bear my testimony of the power of the temple. I told her about how it is the most peaceful and happiest place. I really want that for her, not just because I am a missionary who wants to see people active, but because Mel is my friend and I want to see her happy. I told her that I think she is really seriously considering it. She said she wanted to come to church regularly first and then start working on that. It was so awesome! I just love her. She also offered to have us over for Christmas. She is so awesome! I really hope I am here so I can be here for Christmas.
  • We visited a few other less actives this week. I just love them all so much. I feel so blessed to be around these people so often. They are really wonderful people and I love seeing how their growing in the gospel is helping them to be happier. It is such an amazing miracle. I love it.
  • I think it is also a miracle that we have been so safe in the snow. It can be pretty scary sometimes but I know God protects His missionaries.
  • We had mission conference this week and got to hear from President Christensen of the presidency of the seventy. We also got to hear from our area seventy. It was such an awesome meeting! So many questions were answered and I felt like I learned a lot. I just love the Gospel! I love how we can all grow and become better every day through our knowledge of the gospel.
  • This week I also gave a training to my district. I went a little off topic but just tried to say and talk about what the spirit was telling me. Later, a sister told me that she had very specific questions and she had been praying for answers and my training really helped me. It was so humbling. I feel so blessed to be able to a mouthpiece for God sometimes. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. It is so amazing!
  • I am still studying Jesus the Christ. I am trying to finish it by Christmas. I have quite a bit to go so I might have to goal for new years instead. I love it so much! I really encourage you all to read it. I am also studying the Book of Mormon every day and man, there is so much power in that book! I feel that my understanding of it is so much greater because my study is so much more focused. I love it. I know the Book of Mormon is a book from God. I know there is power in its pages. I know that people can receive whatever guidance they need from this book. I love it.
  • Not much else happened this week. We are just chugging along. I might be transferred next week so I am just trying to enjoy this week and work hard. The cold can certainly make it inconvenient but it will not stop God’s work from progressing. I know that!
  • Loved the Christmas Devotional too. It was awesome! I love Christmas!
  • This week we are going to have the Christmas party for the branch and we have a Christmas Zone Conference. We are also going to try caroling to find more people to teach and share chistmas cheere. I think there is some truth in what Buddy the Elf said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheere is singing loud for all to hear” even when your voice sounds like mine. I know there is a power in music. I love this season and in all honesty, I am pretty excited to have my first white Christmas!
Creo que eso es total! Love you all so so so much! Have the most wonderful week! Knowing that I am praying for all of you and I feel so blessed to have your prayers and support. Love you!
Con Carino
Hermana Mehner

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