Snow, exchanges, car problems, oh my!! Letter from Nov. 25

Hola Familia,

okay so this week. Man, this week. I think I am cursed when it comes to cars. So, this week SIster Wilson and I got our car back on wednesday. At 5 in the evening. We had been without a car for 1 week and a half and the others sisters were very helpful. Anyway, we finally got it back wednesday evening. We were late for our appointments because it was supposed to be ready at 4 but it wasnt until 5 and it was a little stressful but finally, we got it and we were on our way. That night, Sister Mangum joined us for an exchange! It was so fun having her as one of my companions for 24 hours. I just love love loved it! Anyway, Wednesday night it snowed. Thursday morning, the 3 of us went out to visit a less-active. It wasnt a schedule appointment but we figured we would stop by. Anyway, we drive to her house and sister mangum’s car door gets locked on childlock so I opened it for her and she flips something on the car door to undo the childlock. Then she tries to shut the door and it wouldn’t close. She tried again. I tried. Sister Wilson tried. Then we realized the car doo was not going to shut. It was 19 degrees outside and there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Initially, we did not panic. We figured it would be an easy fix. Well, after 45 minutes of standing in the cold, trying to figure this out. We called our zone leaders. WE sat in our car, trying to warm up the car and ourselves in the snow with a door open. We were just laughing in confusion and despair. Then, our heroic zone leaders show up and they dont know what to do either. They fiddled with the car for abbout 15 minutes and then miracle of miracles, elder spring fixed it. He doesnt know how. None of us do but it was amazing!!! So, after sitting, freezing, in the snow for an hour, with people staring at us through the windows of their houses, I realized that life throws you for a loop. The good thing was all 3 of us could have a good laugh about it. I am glad Hermana Mangum was there. I love her so much! That was a funny moment of the week. We both thought about calling Tiff and Diane. WE knew they wouldnt know what to do but that they would get a good laugh out of all of it. 3 girls in skirts in the snow trying to fix a car. I think I have a curse with the cars but thankfully this time, we didnt have to take it back in.
Other fun things that happened this week
  • We got to help one of our former investigators move. She is a friend of a member and she needed some help so she asked the member to call us. We gladly went over and helped her. It was a really awesome experience because we got to share a message with her and I think she realized that we really do just want to help her. We want to just serve people in any way we can. I am really grateful that we are still on really good terms with her and that she still has a positive view of the church.
  • SNOW!!! Lots of it. for 3 days it snowed. It is starting to melt now but lets say Hello winter and good bye flats. I will now be wearing my boots every day from now until april. Good thing they are really comfortable. The cold is hard for me but I am trying to be positive and keep working hard. It is really pretty so that helps.
  • MEL CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! She is a less-active that we have visited essentially every week since I got here. She is super sweet and hasnt been to church since april. She used to be really active and just somewhat randomly stopped going. Anyway, she has been telling us for quite some time that she feels like she is supposed to go to church on sunday and the spirit has been working on her a lot and then she came!!! She came to the relief society acitivity the day before and then she came to church!! She stayed all 3 hours!!! WE stopped by her house last night to talk to her about it and she said she liked it a lot and it felt good to go back! I was so excited for her!! Also, we commited her husband to come to church the following week and to read in the Book of Mormon. He is a less-active and he hasnt come to church in a long time but we are working with him and so is Mel and most importantly, so is the spirit!! I love love love it!
  • We also started teaching Martin this week. He is a less-actives boyfriend. He is really nice and somewhat timid but we got him to start reading the book of mormon and he is coming regularly to church with his girlfriend who is starting to become more active again. It is so awesome!
  • Also, another less-actives husband came to church for the first time. We have been working with her for a long time and now we want to start teaching her husband. He is not a member and has never really liked the missionaries but he has started to be more comfortable with us lately and then he came to church!!! We are really working hard to reactivate these families. This gospel is all about families and I love love love helping and working with these families. It is such a blessing!
  • I have been really studying Jesus the Christ lately. For personal study, I try to read at least a chapter from the book of mormon every day and then I have been studying Jesus the Christ because I want to finish it before Christmas. I was reading it one day this week and I had such a break through moment. There is a section that talks about when Christ called his apostles on missions during his ministry. Maybe I am the only one but I never really knew that. I never knew that they taught while he was ministering as well. ANyway, I was reading it and I had this grand epiphany. THIS CHURCH IS CHRIST’S CHURCH RESTORED ON THE EARTH!!!! The apostles were called to do the EXACT same work that I am doing. They were called to invite people to come unto Christ and to teach the gospel of repentance. They were told by Christ to not worry about being rejected. They were told to not worry about their families but to just have faith and work hard. They were told to preach the gospel to everyone that would listen. I was called to literally do the exact same thing. I was called to invite others to come unto Christ and to teach the gospel of repentance. I was called to not have fear, to not worry about rejection or the things that I am missing at home. I was instructed to not worry about family but to focus on the work. I am literally doing what Peter, James and John did about 2000 years ago. I love that!! How great is my calling!!! I get to do what Christ’s apostles did. I get to follow the advice that Christ gave his closest human confidants. Isn’t that amazing!!!!!??? I am so grateful to be a missionary. I just had one of those moments when I realized that I really do want to teach this gospel to every people in all of Greeley. I really do just want everyone to understand how much God loves them and I want everyone to have this happiness in their lives.
  • This week, my companion and I also had a really good talk about Gratitude. It started with a discussion during companion study about the talk “The windows of Heaven” by David A. Bednar and about how as we are more aware of the blessings we recieve and try to identify them and show gratitude for them then we can reieve more blessings. That discussion was the birth of the blessing wall. We have absolutely nothing on our walls in the apartment so we decided to buy a bunch of sticky notes and have a blessings board. Each day, when we come home, we have to put at least one thing we are grateful for that day. and we stick it on the wall. The goal is to have the wall very very fully by the time we leave and when other sisters come to live in the apartment, they can remember some of the blessings they have. I encourage you all to do the same as you go about your thanksgiving week.
  • This week we are also starting a new program in the branch. The branch council is responsible for filling our schedules from 6-9pm every night. This is an opportunity for us to have more member present lessons and to have more interaction with the branch and the less-actives. It is also a great opportunity to recieve referals from members and have them help us in the teaching process. It is really exciting! It still has some kinks in it but we are really excited for this new program!
  • Also, for thanksgiving, I think I am having pasole (pig feet soup). It may not be traditional but I am sure it will be really fun. 🙂
  • I am grateful for all of you. I am grateful for this chance to be a missionary and to learn and feel closer to my Father in Heaven. I am grateful for the priesthood. I am graetful for the church and the strength and comfort that comes as we study the scriptures and rely on the Lord. Also, I am grateful that I will get to skype my family on Christmas. You read that right. We are allowed to Skype. So family, you better all be together so I can see all your lovely faces.
  • I love you all so much! The church is so so so true. Keep the letters and emails coming! Thanks to Elder Webber, Sister Vargha, Didi and Shan for the letters/ packages. They are so awesome and such a highlight during the week.
  • Caleb Dillon Roush, you are going to be called to the Colorado Fort Collins mission, spanish speaking. (okay, that might be a stretch but you will definitely be called stateside spanish speaking. It is a family tradition). Congrats brother! I am so excited and proud of you! l love love love love love you tons!

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