Necessitamos tener fe y patiencia. eso es my leccion esta semana Letter from Nov. 18

Hola Families,
So we started a new transfer. Sister Wilson is my new companion and she is awesome. She has been in an english ward for the last 6 months so I have been learning to take the lead on sharing messages and teaching in spanish. It isnt easy but I am learning. It is helping me grow so I am grateful for the opportunity. Hermana Wilson is great! She is really calm and doesnt get stressed or anything too easily which is really good for me to be around. Also, Thanks to Haylie, Grandma and Grandpa, and Sharon for the letters this last week. That was so wonderful!
This week, we didnt have a car so we have been sharing with the other spanish sisters. They have been really sweet and we have just been trying to work together and help one another with our appointments. Unfortunately, we didnt get to do any finding because we didnt have a car but we made a game plan and we are goaling to do an hour of finding every day this week. I know I have been saying that for weeks but it is going to happen. I am sure of it! We are going to make it happen.
This week we got to meet with Sarah. She is the investigator that lives above us. That was really exciting because we hardly ever get to meet with her. We also visited a less active member and her boyfriend told us he wants to take the lessons. We are so excited for that opportunity! He is really kind and seems very open so we are excited to work on strengthening both their faith and help them become more solidly rooted in the gospel.
We also had an awesome Zone meeting this week. Our zone got split so it is now really tiny. Well, not really but it seems really tiny. It was really exciting though to hear about our goals as a zone and how we are going to work hard and be unified and help each other with the work.
After the Zone meeting, we had a sister meeting for the greeley east zone and the greeley zone. We had sister Brown come and the sister training leaders spoke and it was just awesome. I really feel like their is such a power in sister missionaries. I am so grateful to have the example of faithful sisters here in the mission and at home. I know I wouldnt be here is it wasnt for the strong women that I have been surrounded by since birth. Thank you for all your love and examples. I really couldn’t imagine my life without all of you. you are all so so wonderful.
We also had a baptism this weekend. It wasn’t for our investigator. It was for the other hermanas in the branch. They baptized a mom and her two kids. Well, really the priesthood holders baptized them but the sisters taught them. It was really great to help them and see the changes that come into someone’s life as they choose to follow Jesus Christ. It was such an amazing blessing! I love the gospel so so so much!
We visited with our less-actives a lot this week. We also did a lot of service. It really is my very favorite thing to do. There is one less-active in particular that we are trying so hard to get to come to church. She hasn’t been since easter. It is really interesting because no matter what message we share with her, she says that it always makes her think about sundays and why she hasnt been going and why she should be going. I know she is so close to coming. It is amazing to see the spirit work with her. It is so amazing because our messages are always different but the spirit keeps telling her one thing- she needs to come back to church and she recognizes that. I know she will be so blessed as she chooses to follow the spirit. I have a lot of faith in her. I know she is learning and growing and changing a lot, even if she cant quite see it yet.
Maybe the highlight of my week was that I GOT TO BE COMPANIONS WITH SISTER MANGUM FOR AN HOUR!!!!!! Sister Wilson wanted to talk to the sister training leaders (her companions- she is in a tripanionship) and we had an appointment but they were free right then so we went on a little exchange and sister mangum when with me to a less-actives house for a visit. It was in spanish and she was a champ! She said the prayer and the whole lesson I was just so so so happy! I just want to be her real companion so so bad! I know it will happen one day but it was so fun! I almost felt like I was home again! It was really awesome too because we were planning on visiting with the less-active and her nonmember friend who was at church yesterday. So, we planned a lesson about the Book of Mormon. However, when our member answered the door, she said her friend was not their so during the opening prayer I was haping and praying to know what to share with this member. It was amazing because a scripture came to mind that I had been studying a lot that week. We shared Hebrews 11:6 with her and she was more open and talkative than she has ever been before. I feel so blessed that I was able to recieve the revelation I needed in the very moment I needed it for this member. I really think the spirit was there and I really do believe the lesson helped her. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost to guide us in this work each and every day. It was just great and so fun to have Hermana Mangum by my side!! I feel so blessed to have her in my zone. We get to see each other mutiple times every week this transfer. It is so amazing and I know Heavenly Father sent us to this mission together so we could help and strengthen one another. It is so awesome! I love her. She is so great!
This week some scriptures and talks that I loved were:
Hebrews 11
You Can do it Now by Elder Euchtdorf
You Never Walk Alone by President Monson
Sorry I havent been doing the scriptures and stuff so much lately. Thank you all for the prayers and support! Know that I love you all so much and you all keep me giong. I really can feel your prayers strengthening me. les amo muchisimo! The church is true! The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know He is helping me do this work all day every day! Lately, I have really beeen trying so hard to listen to the promptings of the spirit. They dont always make a lot of sense but I want my Heavenly Father to understand that I value and treasure His guidance so I am trying to follow it. I think I am starting to become better at doing that. Love you all so much!
Con Carino!
Hermana Mehner

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