Happy Thanksgiving! Letter from Dec. 2

This week, I have been thinking a lot about what I am thankful for. I have been thinking about how the gospel has blessed my life and how amazing and blessed I am to get to be a missionary and associate with the people around me. They are truly wonderful! They are so amazing and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. I am so grateful for the Gospel and for the love I have from my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for my family and for the knowledge that it can be eternal. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and for the priesthood and so many other things. I am grateful for all of you too.
So highlights of this week:
  • Mel and Stephen came to church!!! Mel came last week and she and her husband came this week. We have also been committing them to read chapters out of the book of mormon and they have been! I have been working with Mel for such a long time and it is so awesome to be able to see her and Stephen progress this week. I am so excited for them!
  • We got to teach Martin again. He is doing well and seems to have a sincere interest in the Gospel. We were able to give his daughter a blessing this week and that was really amazing too.
  • I went on an exchange this week with Sister Hoer in the Glenmere ward (It is the ward where sister mangum usually serves). I went on an exchange and I learned so much! I felt so blessed to learn from Sister Hoer and the members and investigators in her area. The gospel truly changes lives and I really got to see that firsthand this week. It was so very humbling.
  • The bummer thing about this week is that all 4 of us in the apartment got sick during this week. However, in the attitude of grattitude, we were grateful that we got to enjoy all 4 thanksgiving dinners that we attended. (2 thurs, 2 fri). Sidenote, the elders in our zon had a competition to see who could gain the most weight on thanksgiving. The winner gained 8.7 lbs in one day. I was both impressed and disgusted.
  • Thanksgiving really was awesome! That morning we got up and all 4 sisters decided to make thank you cards for essentially every active or semi-active family in the branch. That is about 80 people. Probably like 40 or 50 cards, handmade, in spanish. It was a feat. Also, sister soto and sister wilson were sick so that meant sister stratford and I had to deliver all of them. It was a challenge but we did it. Some of them we didn’t get to deliver until Sunday but we did it. It was really awesome and I was really grateful to be able to show our gratitude to the people in the branch. They are so awesome and a lot of people invited us in to share a message with them. It was such an awesome experience! I loved Thanksgiving. I missed my family but I loved being able to drive all over Greeley Colorado all day just telling people how great they are. I wish that was a major at BYU. I just want to tell people how awesome and loved they are for the rest of my life. It would be great!
  • I am also grateful for mail. Thanks for the package Tiff. It was awesome! The Jojos have come in handy this week.
  • I am also really really grateful for the priesthood this week. Yesterday, I was feeling pretty sick. In fact, I went home after sacrament because I was feeling so sick but we had to come back to church because we had correlation meeting. We came back and after the meeting, the elders in the branch gave me a blessing. It was both a blessing of Health and a blessing of comfort. It was not the first blessing I have recieved on my mission but it was just really awesome. I just felt like Heavenly Father was telling me how much He loved me.
  • Later that evening, the 2 elders came over to the apartment to give some of the other sisters a blessing. They gave the blessings and then we felt a little nervous as they were leaving. I asked one of them to say a prayer that we would all be safe and at peace in the apartment that evening. The prayer was so sincere and so humble and after the elders left, I knew we would be fine. I just realized that I need to have more faith in God’s plan and have more of a come what may attitude. It was a really cool experience though.
  • I am also grateful that we get to do so much service. At Habitat this week, we got to decorate Christmas trees which made me happy because we wont have a christmas tree in the apartment. It was fun to get to decorate and get in the Christmas spirit. I love this season. We are going to go caroling this month as a way of findnig new investigators. I am really excited.
  • Things are going good here. It is supposed to get below zero this week so pray for me to have warmth and to be healthy because I have already been pretty under the weather.
  • Scriptures this week: D&C 61:38, D&C 78:19
  • Alma 38- I read this chapter this morning and it is amazing!!! It is so awesome! You should all read it this morning! I felt like It was written just for me. It is alma talking to his son Shiblom. I love verse two. I love that Alma talks about having joy in his son. I hope that as I return home from my mission in 13ish months that my parents and my Heavenly Parents will have joy in me. I hope that I can grow the faith, patience, and longsuffering of Shiblom. He was awesome. I am so grateful for the amazing examples of missionaries in the scriptures. It is so cool! The scriptures are such amazing books! There is so much power in scripture study. I find so much joy in the scriptures as I study them each day. I am also reading Jesus The Christ right now. I am trying to finish it by Christmas and I am about half way there so it is looking good. I love that book. I just feel that Heavenly Father has blessed me so much to be able to have an intense desire to study the scriptures. I truly love learning and studying from them. It is such an amazing miracle. Never before in my life have I wished to be able to read the scriptures all day long but I really do now. I really have such a desire to just study all day. We might be having snow days as the weather gets bad (which means we can’t drive). If we do, I think I will just spend as much of the day studying as possible. (We could try to do missionary work on foot but our area is so big it would be near impossible).
  • Lastly, I am really grateful for Caleb, my big brother. I am grateful for his example to me and his love and determination to choose the right. I am grateful that he is choosing to serve a mission and I am grateful that the Lord called him to Bangkok Thailand. I am grateful for the miracles I see in my family. I am grateful for their constant love and support. My family really is the bomb! I could not imagine doing this whole mission thing without them. I couldnt imagine not having their prayers and their love and their letters of support. They are truly one of the greatest blessings in my life. So Mehner Roush Clan, this goes out to you. Thanks for being who you are. I know we have had our crazy moments but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am grateful that we make music videos on thanksgiving and that someone gets injured every time we play a sport together. I am grateful that we love each other enough to sometimes fight and then get over it. I am grateful for those Christmas morning memories and for the lessons I have learned from each of you. Brooke’s energy, Heber’s hard work, Shannon’s creative spirit, Nick’s tranquility, Ben’s protective nature, Diedre’s kindness, Didi’s trailblazing, Kasey’s happy attitude, Eli’s humor, Caleb’s determination, Madison’s passion, Brittany’s diligence, Sam’s sweetness, Tiff’s unending love and Glenbron’s sacrifice for us all. I am also grateful for Elsie’s laughter, Henry’s sweet face and Phineas’ amazing smile. I love you all tons. Miss you. See you in 13 months.
  • To everyone else, I love you too. a whole lot. I just don’t have time in an email to tell you why. If you write me, I will definitely tell you why you are great! Love you to pieces!
Con Carino,
Hermana Ally Mehner

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