Can you believe that I have survived 1/4 of my mission already? Man, time flies when you are working hard! Letter from Nov. 4

Hola hola!!
So, this week will mark the last week of my 2nd transfer in the field and my 3rd transfer in total meaning that I have completed 3 of the 12 transfers of my mission. Isn’t that nuts??? I just cannot believe it! Thank you thank you thank you EVERYONE for the emails this week. I have ever felt so much love though printed type before in my life. I have spent the last hour here in the library crying tears of joy. so many amazing things are happening here and at home and I just feel like Heavenly Father loves sending us miracles. There really are so many miracles, often times we just have to take the time to realize that they are miracles. so again, my brain is so jumbled that I am going to just do some bullet points of the highlights for the week.

First, we have shared 1 nephi 3:7 with almost everyone we talked to this week and that has been awesome! I have talked about how I never wanted to be a missionary and sometimes there are days here when I dont want to be a missionary but I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that God will strengthen us as we try to keep His commandments and follow His will. I know I am supposed to be a missionary. I know that is what He wants and I know that He will strengthen me as I try to do what He wants. I know that He gives us the strength we need. It may not always come in the manner or way that we think but God provides a way. He provides a way for us to do it. We may not succeed on the first try (Nephi didn’t) but we will not fail with God on our side. I love it! I love it!
Last monday I learned how to make flour tortillas. It was really awesome and fun and relaxing and I am totally going to make them for everyone when I get home! It was soo cool! I love the Bugarins!
We are still putting together christmas trees as part of our weekly service at the thrift store but this week, while we were doing it, Firework by Katy Perry came on and I just smiled and felt so good. It was silly but it really was a nice little tender mercy
We have been teaching Eli (Ellie) for awhile now and we were thinking about dropping her. Last week though, she asked us to help her clean out her storage shed. We willingly agreed, got some elders to help with the heavy stuff and went to work. She is in her 60s and she was so very grateful for the help. It was really nice to be able to help her and then, yesterday, she came to church!!!! We didn’t remind her, we didn’t think she would come but SHE DID!!!!! It was amazing! I love that service opens so many doors.
This week, we also visited a less active. She has essentially been less active her whole life and she is 23 with 3 kids. About a month ago, she and her sister decided to start coming back to church. They have been coming every week since. She has a “husband” but they have never legally been married. they have been together for about 10 years though. We encouraged her to meet with the branch president and then, this week, she did and she told us she is going to get married!!!!! She talked to her “husband” and he said he was willing to do it and she just said that she wanted to recieve the blessings from God that come as we do what is right! It was the most amazing thing ever. I love that her testimony is growing! She is such an awesome woman! I really hope I am here for another transfer so I can see her wedding. She told us she wants to prepare for the temple and it was awesome!!!
This week we also ate Pasole. I dont think that is how it is spelled but it is essentially pig feet soup. It wasn’t too bad. Wasn’t my favorite mexican food either though. While the elders weren’t looking, Sister Vargha and I dumped about half of our portions into their bowls. The food was good but there was just too much. The branch members always serve us too much food and we dont want to be mean but we just cant eat it all. That is one blessing of having elders in the branch too. They eat our leftovers. We have gotten pretty good at sneaking the food off our plate. It is pretty.
So, for Halloween, we had to be home by 6pm because it isn’t super smart for missionaries to go tracting while people are trick or treating. It was actually a pretty nice break. We made the trader joes pumpkin bread mix that Tiff sent me and we just wrote in our journals and studied a bit and went to bed early. It was a really calm and nice and relaxing halloween.
We also got to do some flood clean up this weekend. That was awesome! after clean up, we went to a sketchy chinese place called “$1.50 scoop” because you just ask for a scoop of whatever you want and every scoop is $1.50. Anyway, it was great and we didn’t get sick and we loved it!
We also had 80 people in the branch this week. If we get 90 then we can start meeting in the chapel! We are sooo close! We also had some semi active families that didnt come last week. If we could just get everyone to come on the same day then we would totally get to meet in the chapel! It is really exciting and we are going to work hard to try and accomplish this goal!
Tambien, we taught 16 lessons this week. We had a goal for every companionship in the zone to teach 15 lessons this week. That sounds low but when you have one investigator, that is really hard. Anyway, we visited a lot of members but we ended up getting 16 lessons!! We were so happy and the zone got 300 lessons!!! We met out goal! It was totally awesome!
It was really great to be able to visit with some more members this week. I think we really helped a lot of them. I love that we got to do that this week because we are building up the trust the members have in us. They already have a lot of trust in us but it is great to try and develop more relationships with the members. It is really awesome to be able to learn and grow from the members too.
This week has been really good. I love being able to see the Lord work through us to be able to help others. It has been really awesome. I love being a missionary. I love just being able to visit people and just tell them that God loves them. It is the greatest job in the whole world!
So family, thanks for all the inspiring emails and support. Yall are great! Friends, the same goes to you. Thanks to Haylie and Steven for their letter. Also, Thank you sincerely for the love! I really appreciate it. Today was just awesome!!! I have truly felt such an overwhelming love as I read the emails from everyone today. Thank you for your prayers. I really can feel them all the time. I love you all so much! Oh, and Caleb- congrats, also you should write me!!!
So, I might be transfered next week. Also, next monday the library is closed so expect an email next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on if I get transfered.
Oh, also I am reading and studying Jesus the Christ right now. It is brilliant!!! I have started to develop such a love for the Savior and His miracles lately because of this book. It is just amazing!! Anyway, I love you all so so much! Have an awesome week!

Con Carino,
Hermana Mehner


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