Yay service! Letter from Oct 21

Hola Everyone!
This week has been challenging but good (as always). I want to say thank you to Haylie for her letter and that I miss you all! Not a lot happened this week that I feel is interesting.
Last Monday, we helped a less-active member in the branch glue extensions in her hair. It was so funny. I never thought that would be part of my life as a missionary. She ended up taking them out later in the week but it was a fun experience.
Tuesday, we put together a lot of Christmas trees at habitat restore. They are preparing to sell them as soon as halloween is over. Also, Sister Vargha and I both had a moment when we realized how much we love the people here. We were talking and just started crynig. We just realized that we love these people more than we can even comprehend. It is the craziest and most amazing feeling to love these people so much, people who in many ways are so different from me.
Wednesday, we visited a lot of less active members and tried to help them. A Lot of them have really hard lives because of the choices they made. One girl ( I think she is around Didi’s age) is trying to leave her second husband and come back to church. She comes pretty frequently to church but I know that she has had a really hard time with her spouse. He is not making it any easier for her to make the choices she needs to make. We went over on Wednesday and just cried with her. This week has been really focused on helping women in really difficult situations. It has helped me strengthen my testimony of the family proclamation. I know that men and women are meant to be equal. I know that they are meant to love and respect each other. I know that God loves his daughters and I have felt Him weep with us as we have wept with these sisters.
Thursday, After a district meeting and the food bank, I went on an exchange with Sister Loux. She is one of the sister training leaders in my zone. She is awesome. Being in an english area was so so weird. I really felt like I was in culture shock. I met some really awesome people there though. I love the church. I love how kind members are to missionaries. It is so wonderful. I love sharing messages with members, although most of the time, I feel like they are teaching me. I feel like so many of these members are so wise and so faithful. They all boost me up all the time.
Friday, IT SNOWED!!! LIke really snow, not frost and it was FREEZING!!! Friday was awesome though because all the missionaries in this area volunteered with project connect. It is this giant event here in weld county where people can get haircuts and flu shots, birth certificates, library card, etc. all for free. They have a navigator guide people, one by one, where they need to go and it was so awesome! There were so many people there helping and volunteering and so many people who were getting the help they needed and it was awesome. I loved being there and being able to help. It was just awesome! I loved it!
Saturday, We had to do a lot of weekly planning and such so we didnt get to go out and work with people very much. We did get to have lunch with a recent convert. She is the coolest woman ever and we also visted another less active. She was so excited to see us. It was really awesome. I love being able to make people’s day and help them.
Sunday, Church was awesome. Everyone that spoke talked about missionary work and Gerardo came again, even though we couldn’t have a lesson this week. We had roughly 75 people at church. The Relief Society room was near bursting. It was so exciting. The branch president told us that if we get 90 people to sacrament meeting one sunday, we can start to meet in the chapel!!! We are going to work really hard as missionaries to try to make that happen. That would be the most amazing thing ever! I mean, I know you can feel the spirit in any sacrament meeting but it would just be amazing to meet in the chapel. There is such a spirit in the chapel. It is so wonderful.
We are still working with a lot of the same investigators. We have a lot of potential investigators but we havent been able to meet with them. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of appointments fall through. That is a big part of the work. But we keep trying to help others and to encourage them to meet with us. We hope that many of them just forget that we had a lesson planned.
Not much else happened this week. It was really busy but mostly with service and such. I hope everyone is doing well. I am praying for you all, all the time. I encourage you to share the gospel with your friends and family. It is such a glorious gift! It is the greatest thing in the whole world. I know God loves you. Be kind. I know that everyone is a child of God and deserves to be loved.
Love you all,
Hermana Mehner

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