Ally’s letter Oct. 7

Hello Family,
Well, this week has been an adventure in every sense of the word. But first, THANK YOUS to Tiffany for the biggest box of trader joes goodies I have ever seen, Didi and Shan for the fun scarf and letters and thanks to Elder Webber and Hayden Blanchard for their letters. Also to the fam and sister webber, sister mangum, sister reeve, elder hamilton, haylie and sharon for the emails! They were great!  I am doing great and really happy but man, this week has been interesting. Sister Smith got transfered. Not far but she is in a neighboring english area. However, she broke out in a rash last week and then called us after going to the doctor. She got scabies. She had been living with us and had been borrowing my clothes. Needless to say, wednesday (when we found out) was not a very effective day for missionary work. We had to disinfect our entire apartment and I had to clean most of my clothes because it is very very contagious. The good news is, none of us living there now currently have it. The bad news is, it can take up to 4 weeks to show up on your skin so I might have a great, ready made halloween costume. I will let you know. Hahaha. Sister Soto is training and her greenie straight from the CCM was a little freaked out by all this but so far, so good.
Then, also on wednesday, we recieved a call from the assitants to the president that we would be getting our car taken away and would be sharing with the other spanish sisters for awhile. He told us we would get a car soon. Another elder told us the end of the month, another said the end of the transfer. So, we did what any diligent missionaries would do. We borrowed some bikes and tried to keep working. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I have also never felt like such a dork in my life. I will send you some pictures of it. Man, it is interesting. I haven’t ridden a bike in many years, and neither had my companion. The skirt thing made it especially difficult. Unfortunately, my skirt didnt make it. I was wearing my grey one and it got caught in the wheel and the hem got destroyed. I think there are so women in my branch that might be willing to fix it for me. So, there was lots of wind that day so our skirts kept flying up as we biking. In an effort to stay modest, we stopped by a dollar store to by some safety pins. It was then when we realized the bikes had no locks and no kickstands. Anyway, we safety pinned our skirts to make makeshift pants but that did not help as much as we wanted it to. We biked 25 blocks each way to visit a less active member. We were then a bit late for dinner but we survived. I have never laughed so hard. I just kept praying that Heavenly Father would help us do this and He just made it so funny, which made the whole thing a lot easier. Anyway, the next morming my bum hurt like it has never hurt before in my life.
Also, thursday moring, IT WAS SNOWING!!!! I was shocked. Thankfully it did not stick but it was pretty cold on thursday. I got my winter package on friday, just in time. Everyone tells us to plan on real and lasting snow by halloween. My inner california girl is terrrified but I am pretty sure I can survive. The snowing limited the biking abilities so thankfully, the other hermanas were nice and we were able to share the car.
On tuesday, (I know I am going out of order) We did some service at habitat restore where we put together donated fake Christmas trees. There are a million of them. Seriously, if you need one- go to a thrift store. It was a humbling moment though when we realized that fake christmas trees had outsmarted 2 pretty well educated young adults. It took us an hour to do one, but after that first hour- we became pro. I am pretty sure my companion and I could assemble one in 3 minutes flat now.
This week, we also had a lesson with Eli (Ellie). She is the friend of a member in the branch and she is really sweet. She has always had a lot of questions prepared for us. We always tried to be really prepared for her lessons. This week we watched the restoration video with her and shared some scriptures. We both bore testimony and then asked her to take a leap of faith and have a goal to be baptized on october 26. She said she would think about it. It was a really awesome moment though because I was terrified to ask her. I am not sure why, but I was really nervous and she has always said no before but this time she didn’t. I think she is started to understand when the spirit is testifying to her. Anyway, that was a really neat blessing this week. We didn’t get to meet with Sarah this week. She has been sick but we are hoping to meet with her this coming week. We also worked a lot with our less asctive members. We have one family in particular that I just love! They are the Taylors and every time we go over there, they feed us. She is a convert to the church and he was raised in the church I think. She told us this week though that she wanted to prepare to go to the temple again. They were sealed a few years ago. We got so excited and we are really pumped to be able to help her prepare for that goal. Their family is awesome. They have 3 young kids that remind me a lot of Elsie, Henry and Phinny. I think that is part of the reason why I love going over there. haha.
We also had general conference this week! Wasn’t it AMAZING!!!!!??? I just loved it! We watched it in our stake center. It was about 10 companionships of missionaries and maybe one or 2 other people for each session but I loved it! I took lots of notes and I want to print out all the talks and study and reread them again. I feel like I learned so much. I love how we can all listen to the same talks and learn different things. I love that the spirit can work to testify of truths we each individually need to hear. If you didn’t get to watch it, I would definitely encourage you to do so. Watch it or read or or listen to it while doing the dishes.
I believe so much in personal revelation. It is the only way missionaries can do their job. We need the spirit with us all the time. We have to work to have the spirit with us all the time so we can know the needs of the people we teach. I am so grateful for the hour of personal study we get each day too. It is such a blessing! I have never delighted in the scriptures more in my life. They are such gold mines of knowledge and the spirit. I love it. I am trying to really focus on the book of mormon lately. It is such an amazing book! I I love love love it! The mission is really hard. It is a challenge every day but I love that I have the opportunity to grow and learn from the Savior. I love that I have the opportunity to demonstrate my love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through serving and teaching the people in this area. I love love love it! I hope everything is going well. Please keep the letters coming. They are always such a joy in my day. I love you all! Be strong! Be safe. Study the scriptures and of course, pray. I love prayer! It is the coolest thing in the whole world. I love that we are able to communicate with the most powerful being in the universe whenever we want and He has promised to listen.
Con Carino,
Hermana Mehner
Allyson Mehner
Oct 7

to Glenn, Tiffany, Brooke, Meredith, me, Sharon
Here are some pictures from this week:
Also I forgot scriptures and talks:
– General Conference (of course)
-Romans 8:38-39
-Alma 31:34-25
-2 Corinthians 13:1
-Galations 5:21-22
-Alma 36
-John 7:17
-A Time for Faith and Not Fear
This is me in the scarf from Shan and Deeds

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