And her PS:

Okay, so it didn’t end up being an hour but I just have a few more things to say. First, shout out to Sharon Giovanni for sending me the biggest box of candies and goodies I have ever seen. So much candy and now I have Paxton the Train to go with Thomas the Train. It was such an awesome surprise!! Also, Thank you to Haylie McDonald for sending me a fabulous letter this week! I loved it! Keep the letters coming if you can. Thanks to Dad, Tiff, Ben, Britt, Sharon, Sister Webber, Sister Ku and Sister Reeve for their emails this week. They were awesome. Some Talks and Scriptures that I loved this week:
“Teaching after the Manner of the Spirit by Matthew O. Richardson
“The Power of Scripture” By Richard G. Scott
“In His Own Time, In His Own Way” By Elder Dallin H. Oaks
“Missionary Work and the Atonement” By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I don’t  have any specific scriptures that we used with our teaching this week but I know the Scriptures are soso so so so awesome!! and I love them so much! My advice for everyone with anyone problem is to read the scriptures. Also, The Ensign is so amazing too! I love it!


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