Letter Sept. 9!

Hola Mi Amores,
Como estan?? Guess what?? I got my package from Tiffany and all the letters in there and then the next day, I got letters from Adelheid, Sister Reeve, Emily, and Sister Webber!!! I felt like it was Christmas! It was the greatest thing in the whole world. Anyway, thank you so so so much for the letters and the love. It was so great this week. I just felt like the most loved human being in the whole world. Please please keep them coming. Letters and emails are the greatest thing a missionary could ever ask for (also treats are good too but you know). Anyway, just thanks a million. Yall are the wonderful. How is everyone at home? How is Grandma? How is Aunt Betty?
Things here are great! Jesus is progressing and we really think he will be ready for baptism on september 21st. We are so excited for him and you can see the changes in him as he better understands and loves the gospel. He is such a nice old man, we just love him. Funny thing about Jesus. We taught him the law of chastity a few days ago and I was really struggling with my spanish. Anyway, I was trying to explain the blessings of living the law of chastity when he interrupted with a question. I didn’t totally understand the question and replied with “NUNCA!!” in a loud, proud voice which means never. Then my companion and the member that was with us start talking a whole lot and say no no no and trying to explain. Turns out Jesus asked if we (us sister missionaries) are ever getting married. My companion and I laughed about that for a long time. I should probably be a little more careful and try to listen a little better in our lessons.
Ellie (spelled Eli but pronouced Ellie) came to church this week. She has also been an investigator for quite awhile but she agreed to come to church and a member in the branch brought her and it was really great. She seems to be learning and we hope to commit her to a baptism date soon. She has a lot of questions, which can be hard but I really appreciate her curiosity. I like that she is open with her questions too. It is really great. She is really sweet.
We also worked with a lot of less active members this week. I know it sounds cheesy but I just want to say how glad I am to understand that I am a Daughter of God and that I have been taught to live the law of chastity and that people have always treated me with love. A lot of the women in our branch haven’t always been treated well. They just haven’t always been told that they are worth a lot and it just breaks my heart so so much. I have just come to understand how important living the law of chastity is and knowing and remembering that we are all children of a divine being. We deserve to be loved and cherised. I told my companion that I wanted to make a confidence stick and go hit people with it. I think a better way to go about helping these people is by reminding and teaching them that they are divine children of a divine creator. That God and Jesus Christ love them infinitely. I just think how great that blessing is in my life and how wonderful my job is as I get to teach these people that they are loved. Through the nature of my calling, I get to feel God’s love for so many people just instances after I meet them. It is the most amazing feeling in the world. I know know know, with all my heart and soul, that GOD LOVES US AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU!!! He loves us all so so much. I know that JESUS CHRIST LOVES US TOO!! I think it is such a wonderful blessing to know of and feel that love for myself and for others every single day.
Saturday, we decided to go tracting at 2 in the afternoon. (That was not a smart choice, it was literally 100 degress outside) We knocked like 10 or 15 doors and only one person opened the door. It was a little frustrating. Then, just as I was ready to quit and thinking I might have had heat stroke. We knocked on one more door and this little old woman from Texas invited us in. She was probably in her 70s and her name was Gladys. She had the tiniest dog I have ever seen in my life. She reminded me quite a bit of Mimi. She was such a gem. She invited us in and told us about her sons and Aibeleen, Texas where she lived. She told us that she was a Baptist and couldn’t imagine her live without Jesus Christ. She told us that she keeps a gun in her car so she feels more safe if she is ever driving. The greatest thing about Gladys is that she had a small problem with her short-term memory so she repearted herself very often. She was just the most fun person to talk to I have ever met. It was actually really amazing though. We taught her the first lesson and asked her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if our message was true. She told us that she didn’t need to pray, she knew that if we were sacrificing our time and energy and doing this then it must be true. She told us that she knew that we were very sincere and teaching truth. It was really nice to hear that. Before we left, she prayed and she starting crying in the prayer. She just thanked God for letting us come and stop by. She thanked Him for our message and asked that we would have safety and success. She seemed so very sincere and kind-hearted. I was just so humbled by it. I know that Heavenly Father was giving us a blessing through Gladys. He knew that we would be tired and hot and frustrated from the day so He sent us to her house. I think we helped her too. She seemed a little lonely. We had to pass her to the english elders in the area but we hope to check up on her and hope that she will be doing well. I just loved her!
Oh, my eye is almost entirely white again! I am so excited! It is such a blessing to not have red eyes. They are just so scary.
Oh, also I have to teach a training to my whole district next week on effective study. So, if you happen to find anything about effective study- let me know. I love you all!!!
Here are some scriptures I have loved this week:
1 Peter 3:15
Alma 5:45-46
3 Nephi 13:33
James 1:27
D&C 58:21
Moroni 10:32
D&C 50:40-42
Love you all. Thanks for the prayers and the letters and pictures and emails. I really can feel your support all the time.
Con Carino!
-Hermana Mehner

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