Ally’s Letter from This Week

Hola Familia and Amigos,
First off, Shout outs to Sister Webber (i got your dear elder last wednesday) and Didi, Brooke, Mama Tiff, Adelheid, and Sister Ku. I loved your letters. Oh and Elsie too, that was so wonderful. Also, Prayers for Grammy Mehner. I will be keeping her in my prayers and I know my district will as well. We are such a family now, it is the coolest thing ever. Keep Grammy Mehner in your prayers too please everyone.
I feel so much love from so many of you. I am glad that those who I sent letters recieved them. I will try to continue to send some but i know it takes awhile for them to get there and unfortutatnely I dont have many american stamps. anyway, all is well here at the CCM! I have been learning a lot and the work is challenging but so good.
I feel like I am learning so much about the Atonement. It is becoming so much more real in my life. I am striving every day to become more like Jesus and it is hard work but so wonderful. I love the Atonement because everyday I come up short, everyday I could have worked harder or prayed harder or been more diligent but the God and Jesus Christ still love me so much anyway. I felt that love a lot this week. I have also gained a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon. Funny thing, this Sunday we got to watch the resoration movie, which Tiff and all the youth conference people watched this week too but it helped to to have such a deeper appreciation for the Book of Mormon. I know it is the Word of God. Joseph and Hyrum Smith gave their lives because of that book, people walked thousands of miles because of that book. People sacrificed their lives in ancient and modern times for that book. I just cant imagine people doing such things unless they knew this book was important and was the word of God.
This week I am also grateful for Elder Holland. He doesnt know it but we hear him speak every few days. We have been watching a bunch of his devotionals to the provo MTC and we listened to his talk called Safety for the Soul from OCT 2009 conference. It is about the book of mormon. It is really amazing!! I love Elder Holland. I love that he gets intense from the pulpit. He always speaks with so much passion and it kind of makes you feel like you ae going to cry from joy and fear all at the same time. I love him. If you get a chance, you should watch the MTC devotional from Jan 2011 by Elder Holland. It is so good. He talks about the apostle Peter, and how Peter went back to fishing after Christ died. He talks about how the resurected Christ comes to Peter and asks him 3 times, Peter Do you love me? and tells Him then to feed his sheep. Elder Holland talked about how we need to forsake our fishing and our boats and everything. We have to leave our past lives behind and dedicate ourselves to feeding the Lord´s sheep. IT was so powerful. He also talked about hwo this mission should change the missionaries forever!!! We need to although the gospel to totally and completely change us and I really do want to. Don´t get me wrong, I will come home after 18 months but I hope that my mission changes me totally and completely to become more like the Savior.
Just like Elder Holland, we talked a lot this week about teaching with emotion. We need to be happy and we need to speak from the Heart. While we were talking about this. I thought about Didi´s insight into the verse Jesus Wept and then I started crying. I love it because Christ was real. Christ turned tables and he wept with people. Christ taught with emotion so I feel like that means that I can too. I can weep with my investigators or laugh with them. I can act in the way that I feel. that is comforting to hear because I AM AN EMOTIONAL CREATURE!!! and if i wasnt before, I sure am now. I love it here though. even though I cry often, i also laugh often and I have started killing bugs myself too. hahaha
I love my district by the way. They are totally amazing!!! Last wednesday, we had matching miercoles and we all wore navy and black. The elders even did it too. They are really some amazing people. I think I better understand now why the Lord entrusts 18 year olds to do His work. I mean, dont get me wrong, sometimes we are all really stupid but it makes me emotional to understand that people my age and younger have such a complete and total devotion to God and serving His people. It makes me feel so humble. Oh, we also played volleyball together ysterday during gym. Volleyball is not my sport but they were patient with me and we all had a good laugh.
This week, we also got a new investigator. He is a 17 year old from Peru and he loves to laugh. The problem is, he laughs during the prayers and the lessons and everything which makes me and my companion laugh too. Anyway, when we first met him he wouldnt let us in the door and we didnt know how to get him to let us in and this was all in broken spanish and then finally, my companion said “we need a table. can we borrow your table because we want to share with you a scripture and we can´t do it without a table” He laughed and I laughed but it worked because he let us in. Then during the lesson, he told us he was a carpenter and my companion excitedly said, “Jesus was a carpenter too” We are still laughing at that one but hey, it got him more interested in Christ so it did its job. We are struggling a bit with teaching Him but we are learning a lot and i am grateful that we are able to teach him.
I love the Lord. I love this Gospel. I finished “Man´s search for Happiness” this week. Everyone, please read it. It is brilliant!!! I love the Book of Mormon. I know it is the word of God and I know you can know it is the word of God too. Read it. Study it. Study Moroni´s promise. act upon it. Pray about it. I love you all. Here are some scriptures that I loved this wee¨k:
Alma 32
Mosiah 8:18
3 Nephi 21:21
Please study those. oh, and I bore my testimony entirely in spanish this last fast sunday. It was so amazing!! I love singing in spanish too. It brings the spirit so quickly!!! love you all!! Email me lots!!
Hermana Mehner



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