This week’s letter

Hola Familia y amigos!!!
Man, I am feeling the love this week. It has been such a blessing to hear from all of you!! Thank you for your words of encouragement and love. Shout outs to Dian and Lennon, Sam, Shanny, Brooke, Tiff, Glenbron bubba, Deedpeed, Sam, Sharon, Haylie and Elder Webber!! I loved getting your emails. they are really such a blessing. I wish I could respond invidually to all of you but I just have so little time. Anyway, This week I feel like prayer and the atonement have been on my midn a lot. A few days ago, one of my teachers sat us all down outside and shared a scrpiture in moroni 7. He talked about having righteous desires and that we need to be obedient with our whole heart. He talked about how we need to be better about not complaining and learning to love the blessings that we can recieve from obedience. He basically told us that we needed to step it up. It was a little hard to hear but I am so glad that I did. I feel like it was such a blessing. My companion and I were initially both really hurt by the message and we went off on our own and talked and then another one of our teachers cames and spoke with us for awhile. She has been our practice investigator and she told us that she could feeel the love we have for God and for her when we teach. She told us that she couldn´t always understand what we were trying to say but she could feel the spirit in the lessons. It was the coolest experience!!! Then My companion and I decided to pray on our own. It was the first prayer I have said entirely in english in 3 weeks and it was, truly, I believe the most sincere prayer I have ever offered. I poured out my soul and my compnaions soul to the Lord. I told Him that I knew we could not be good missionaries without His help. I asked Him to strengthen our faith and help us to more fully use the atonemnet in our lives. I told Him that I knew that I would not be here and I would not be able to do anything without Him in my life. It was such an awesome experience. My companion and I were both just sobbing and then after the prayer, we came back with our district for awhile and just talked. Then Hma Vasquez (our investigator) said a prayer in spanish before we all left. I don´t know what she said. I truly did not understand a single word but I truly felt a warmth and a peace come over me from the Lord. I felt like that was my answer. That was the peace from Heavenly Father telling me that I could do this and He would help me. I know I wont be the perfect missionary. I know I may not convert a single soul. I know that I will struggle a lot on my mission but I also know that Heavenly Father is blessing me and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can be mroe fully converted and so can the people I teach.
Okay, My other experience with prayer is a little more comical. So, a few days ago we had a big rainstorm during our service activity. It was like a monsoon. It was so crazy and we all ran home desperate to be warm and change. When we got home, the power was out. It came back on after a few minutes and then we left. When we came back, Hma Snow (a fc colorado girl) decided to take a shower. She didnt realize it until mid shower but the water was brown!!!! My companion realized then that she was brushing her teeeth in brown watter!! Okay, so after some screaming and a very confusing conversation with a native spanish speaker, we were all fairly certain we were going to get an infection in our mouths and Hma Snow, an infection everywhere I guess. Anyway, we decided to pray. Again, I prayed msotly in english. I prayed that we would all be okay and that none of us would get sick and that we would be able to be healthy. funny thing is, all 4 of us got sick but it wasn´t from the brown water!!! yay!!! The Lord truly does answer our prayers, especially when we have righteous desires!!! It was such a blessing!! Oh, and all of us are fine and healthy now. The hard thing about having a companion is that when she gets sick, you know that would will too because we are always together. haha. but I just got a little cold and now I am feeling much better. Oh, there are lots of massive cockroaches too! They are the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in my life. I literally scream every time I seen them. Thankfully, they are not too common.
Oh also, look from stuff about the CCM in between conference sessions in october and on the church´s newsroom website. There was a crew here this week filming and taking pictues and stuff. The guy said they work for Newsroom. So, dearelder may not get here before I leave too. Maybe write one there but don´t worry if you are busy. turns out they are printing them in salt lake and sending them here so it may take some time. The work is hard but I cannot express the joy that I feel in being here. Seriously, I wish I could but there are not enough words. I love it!!! It is really hard and I have to give my whole strength in everything thing I do every day but I love it! I just feel like I am seeing so many miracles every day. I see myself changing and I am feeling connected to all of you and so happy. I love you all!!! Thank you for your love and prayers!!! Yall are awesome!!! After august 20th, I will be in FC CO and you are welcome and encouraged to write me tangible letters. I know they are a pain but then I can write more of you.
ps- Tiff, Shann, Deeds, Brooke watch out from a real letter. They should be getting there soon. Tiff, I sent one for Haylie to you. I can give you her email. I couldn´t remember her real address. Can you either forward it to her or have her pick it up? oh and also, can you make sure that Grammy and GRandpa are getting these and that I know I love them and that I get complimented on my skirts from grandma every time I wear them. I really do wear my grandma´s clothes. I look incredible. hahah. love ya!!
Te amo!! (I think that is I love you)
Oh, read D&C 122:8 and 2 Nephi 25:26,28 They are awesome!!
Hermana Mehner



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