First week down

okay, so this thing will be riddled with typos becauser i have like kno time to write but i am so excited to write that my hands are shaking. anyway, this week has been awesome and really challenging and such a testament that I am supposed to be here. I have already taught 3 lessons, spoke in church, bore testimony a zillions times and pray all in spanish!!!! Our first lesson was on our 3rd day.I sobbed after the lesson. It was really hard, but then my and my companion ( who is the bes person ever because she kills all the busgs in our apartment. Also, she is kim moncreif´s niece, and we are best friends) Anywzay, after the frist lesson, We prayed about having a better lesson the next day and we studied and prepared and decided to teach all about the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for his children. We brought pictures of our families and talked about how God loves us because we are His children and we are all apart of His family. I bore my testimony and told her that w knew God lvoed her and that I can feel God{s love for her. I bore my testimoy to her in spanish and my campanion started crying because the spirirt was so strong. It was one of the coolest experiences ever and I realized that that is why I am on a mission. I want people to know how muych God loves them and I want to teach and help people. The language is a little rough, but I am have two natuive spanish speaking roommates so they help us in the evening. The food is… interesting. corndogs for breakfast interesting. IT is an odd mix of mexican and american foods. Lets just say, I look forwad to rice and beans during each meal. Also, they try to tell us what we are eating but I am cannot understand them ebcause it is all in spanish so I think I have been eating mostly chicken but I have no idea. Mostly, it is fine although we have been heavily encouraged to pray before every meal. I thought it was to bring the spirit but I think it is also to bless the food so we won}t get sick. I am really happy. I hope that is translating okay. It is hard work but I am really happy. Today, I went to the temple and couldnt really understand anythign because it was in spanish but I still felt the spirit so strong!!!! And there have been so many miracles each day that make me so happy to be here and that remind me that  God is good and he wants me to be here. We wathed a devotional from tyhe provo MTC on sunday. It was Elder Richard G Scott and he gave us an apaostolic blessing that we would master  the language we needed to learn. He also told us that the Lord called us on these missions to succeed, not to fail. The Lord will strengthen us as we give all our effort anf faith to Him. I know that to be true because I feel it each and every day. Even today, I realized i had left my temple recommend at home and was told I wouldnt be able to go  then someone told me to go to the mission presidents house and ask for an interview. It was scary but I did and he gave me one and I got to go!!! It was so awesome. Oh by the way, Tell Diane that Hannah{s pday is Wednesday and DO NOT SEND ANY MAIL!!! So, I guess it takes 6 weeks, even by pouch to get here and even then it probably eont get here so write those letters but save them and send them to colorado in 5 weeks. Also, when Bro Grossen comes, can you have huim bring a backpack for me because I wont have enough room in my suitcases for all my books and stuff. Oh, by tghe way it rains ALOT here. We got caught in a storm and had a meeting across the campus so we ran it and after lss than 3 minutes in the rain, I looked like I had just gone swimming. Seriously, it was torrential and I hadnt brought my umbrella that day. Then the power went out in the building we were in but we sang in spanish and then it came back on. IT  was soo funny.


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