ally’s first letter

Hola Mi Familia,
I AM HERE!!!! I AM ALIVE!!! I got to the MTC or really the CCM. There were lik 25 missionaries on my flight. 6 sisters. We ate dinner on a bus and drove for an hour from the airport to the CCM. Then we dumped our luggage and found our keys. The 6 sisters proceeded to try to find our casas on our own. We got lost and then a teacher showed us but he refused to speak in english. got my nametag tonight. no companion yet. Hopefully that will come tomorrow. I loved the letters on the plane!! So good to have them. Getting here now is quite overwhelming. I am sure tomorrow will be challenging but I will be up for the challenge after some sleep. I love you all. Please keep me in your prayers. I am going to need them to help me learn spanish and the lessons. They are very nice to the sisters here. I have noticed that already. Shan will know but I am pretty sure that is a big part of their culture. It is great but an adjustment. It seems like the ccm is still getting things together but I am excited for a new day!
pray for me
– Hermana Mehner

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